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  1. i am sure his "jag" costs more to run than does to insurue, do you also give him the petrol money ! tell him to use the bus , or get on his bike! maybe his mother could send, him a few quid from her flat in marbella !!
  2. His total debts must now be over £50,000 and rising. I can't see any other sensible path other than his bankruptcy. maybe gettin rid of his "latest " jaguar xjs would help ! i am in a lot of debt. but nobody wants my clapped out old ford fiesta
  3. Debt Collection - Welcome to ScotCall check out this link to thier website, Members adhere to a strict Code of Practice assuring quality and professionalism in the services members provide. The Code requires members to conduct business lawfully, conduct dealings with debtors in a fair and reasonable manner and maintain a high standard of business practice. crap! scot call live in dreamland
  4. Roxburghe Debt Collectors for PEN - bottom feeders in the chain, of dcas
  5. egg with egg on their face classic:lol::lol::lol:
  6. numsuklls , working for the muppets. classic:lol::lol:
  7. wescot dca , usally collect on behalf of utility companys, gas, water, electricity. they are total numskulls!!!
  8. hi, if she agreed to pay £5.00, then just pay £5.00. if that is to much then just pay the min £1.00 they cant do anything, they should be lucky there getting something!
  9. hi bazooka boo, well spoted, "MR BALL" does seem to get about, i wonder which dca he"ll bounce to next.
  10. hi sillygirl1 yes you right, it seems they lie about who they:evil: are to scare pepole! hbos stinks!!!!
  11. phoned crystal mark, and they confirmed this is a halifax crystal mark. and is used in there debt recovery dept. this confirms that albion are the hbos, and there is no missuse of the logo.
  12. hi, bazooka bo, thanks for the info. i have managed to get a phone no for crystal mark. i will give them a ring just to see to see .
  13. hi, sillygirl1. thanks for that. i have checked and yes they are not on there. but if they are part of hbos could they use it?
  14. thanks guys for all your help, i think i will phone them up, and take them up on there offer to call round , my dog will give them a lot of extras:D, plus a bit of intrest;)
  15. hi, pgh7447. are you saying, this is really the halifax , in there big bad wolf costume ? ( Halifax is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Albion Collections are one of their "in house" collection agencies/departments). thanks for the info. they dont scare me anymore:D..
  16. thanks, cerberusalert addvise taken. i will send the letter. and may i say what great help you are , thanks
  17. thankyou, cerberusalert for the quick reply. i have phoned them , and the nasty man said pay up or else:!: i explained my situation and mentioned i am seeking advise on this website, the nasty man them became quite nice, and offered me to pay each month, £5.00.. i said i will think about it. what should i do? accept there offer. or send the cca letter. many thanks fo your help.
  18. recived this letter today, are these debt collectors ? as i havent had a letter from halifax,to say they have passed it on. have missed payments on my hailfax cc but there is no way i can afford to pay this now:-x. if tey come to my door, i will let the dog have a chew on them:D. any addvise thanks.
  19. the halifax are" allways giving you extra" as thier logo says. well they can stick the £1 a day o/d fee right up thier ass!!!!!!!!!!
  20. hi, all and thanks for help with this, the orignal amout, was £1100, its now £1705!!! they keep chargin missed payment fees, and overlimt fees:mad: i have had the acc since 2001
  21. hi, sorry about the pic, the letter, says, ref no xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. dear mr xxxx. we have made attemps to contact you but your acc is in arrears, as a result of this you may receive a call at your home from a third party agent. THIS WILL RESULT IN A FEE OF £22.33 BEING APPLIED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. ( the rest is the standard contact us now)
  22. hi, new to all this.have missed payments on my cc. hade letters but this is a joke i think. can they charge this. any help thanks
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