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  1. i will work out the figures for you in the next few days, . why did lloyds refuse your claim? . lloyds should have sent or informend you of any information that you had the right to cancel this ppi. or indeed the loans within the legal time frame.
  2. Subject Access Request - Debt & DCA try this
  3. right i need the exact dates that payments were made for the ppi payments. ie the first payment on loan 1 12/05, loan 2 1/06. have you tried to claim on any of these ppi on these loans ? does the reduced payments include these ppi payments?. have you ever tried to cancel these ppi on the loans?1 last thing, over what period are these loans ie- 60 months -120 months
  4. ok 2 separate loans? or 1 loan re-financed? what was the monthly ppi payment for the original loan?. are the loans still running? and if so any arrears on them?
  5. tesco have offerd you a refund as a goodwill on their part . like i said simply write back to them ,state that you want the 8% stat intrest on each monthly ppi payment, form when you payed them till the date they settle. also demand a final response from them so that you can take up the matter with the fos. i bet you tesco will give you the 8%:grin:.
  6. it is easy to work it out is this a single premium ppi , lpi, added upfront on to the loan? when was the loan taken out?
  7. i would just send them the sar request. ha captain daniels and his bunch of piarates at lloyds wont be getting any treasure from you.
  8. hi, i would call this robbery only its legal for halifax to do it:mad: good luck to you and i hope you get every penny back that they have robbed from you.
  9. hi, i have had the same letter as you from blair&co, weeks ago have not recived any papers yet. however they will a job getting a charging order on my property as they state in the letter, as it is owned by the local council, i have not told the hbos muppets this
  10. hi, hope you have added the 8% stat intrest with your claim:-). dont let lloyds tsb fob you off. good luck.
  11. off to the fos i would go, at least it will cost egg £400-£500 for the fos to look into this:D. you have nothing to loose.
  12. i find the best way (now) is to go to the local branch, demand to see the branch manager, point out what the problem is and in fact the branch manager does reach the right dept. (not the machine dept).any problems i now have with lloyds, i just pass them onto the local branch manager! make them work for thier money! after all they had lots of my money!!
  13. THIS is good however you should write back to tesco saying you will accept the partial refund they have offered, but you still want the 8%. was this a final response from them?,
  14. BLOODY HELL what a rip off £ 164.45p X 300 is indeed £49335.00:eek:. i would sugest as ldg says look into getting this loan on a shorter period.
  15. i bet capquest recives 100s of account in dispute letters each week:lol::lol: maybe one day these muppets will get it right,
  16. get your complaint in now, go and get them and dont forget the the 8% stat interest:D good luck
  17. hi, on the loan that has been upheld by lloyds have they included the 8% stat intrest? the second if it is indeed thier final response then go to the fos, it will cost the piarates at lloyds least £ 500:D for the fos to look into this. however this will take time as the fos are indeed snowed under with mis-sold ppi complaints. dont take no for an answer .lol;)
  18. these claims companys claim 25% & vat on top.. mis -sold ppi is easy pickins for them . i would def tell them do one. you can do it yourself all the info you need is indeed here on the great cag site
  19. post the letter nice and early, poor capquest when will they learn, no cca no payment:D
  20. you do not have to send a cca reminder, send a account in dispute letter, as they have failed to respond with your legal request within the legal time scale.
  21. which dca has sent the threating letter? do they say pay now or we may do this , standard trash from a **** dca.
  22. as the fos have upheld your complaint i would contact them again, stating that the company has not complyed with the fos ruling, in your case.
  23. hi, this is total rubbish, they must keep all records of the loan, for six years after the loan ended. as this is thier final responce, complain to the fos. contact the fos explain the situation. i am sure they will take this on, it will also cost citifinancil. dont take no for an answer, they mis-sold this ppi now go and get your money back, and dont forget the stat 8% intrest:D
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