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  1. iqor who are these bunch of muppets, i will tell them the same no cca. then no pay
  2. not heard a peep from halifax or the moorcroft muppets, since my last post:) i wonder what thier next move will be? i wonder if moorcroft have a pre what to do next division:D
  3. cheers bb will send this the moorcrap muppets, as i said these muppet dca will NOT get 1 penny from me, i wonder why the halifax have not taken me to court to settle this matter once and for all ? . another phone call today from moorcrap saying a doorknocker collector will be calling. big mistake for the moorcrap door knocker if they call at my door.
  4. hi, bb have not sent moorcroft a cca request, only the halifax only recived recon terms, not even recived an application form. i am not worried about moorcrap and their pre -divisions. i have even had a phonecall from moorcrap today offering to clear £700 off the amount if i can pay the rest in 7 days, i told them to p**s o*f . i will not pay moorcrap 1 penny. if they take me to court i will tell the mr judge i refuse to pay them anything. i would rather go to jail, i have not got any assets. they can not put any claim to my house as my local council own it. i have offerd halifax £xx per week but they wont accept it so sod them!
  5. hi tosh1 have you recived a pre court letter from moorcroft muppets, i was thinking of sending a cca request to them. maybe a waste of a stamp.
  6. HI, DOTTY50 i have not yet looked into reclaiming the charges and fees that have been added to this account! i an still waiting for them to send my cca.as per my request i have not even recived a application form (2001) only recon terms that they say is the original agreement. they have sent a letter saying court papers are in prosses , however i have recived a letter from moorcroft dca pre court division:-o . it seems i have been sent on the dca merry go round:). until i get the original cca no payment will be made unless the judge says otherwise:D
  7. yes indeed moorcroft are a bunch of clowns, there are many threads on cag about them. it seems that the halifax dont have the cca or why else would the pass this on to a dca, after all they send letters stating legal action is in place but they do not carry on. why? as i said no cca no payment.
  8. hi, sunflower 99, the letter you have recived today, i recived the same excact letter from blair& co, last month, no court papers have arrived, however i have recived today a letter from moorcroft dca pre court division, looks like its time for a go on the dca merry go round:)i will tell moorcroft the same as the smelifax no cca, no payment.
  9. why not take them up on their offer complain to the fsa, maybe they will get hbos to move a lot faster. good luck
  10. hi, i would go to the fos as they state in their letter at least it will cost n/rfor the fos to lookin to this . on the downside it may take a long time for the fos to get to the end result.
  11. send a formal letter of complaint to lloyds tsb, and demand a final response ,so that you can take up the matter with the fos, at least it will cost the piarates at lloyds £500:smile: for the fos to look into your complaint.good luck
  12. hi, i would def send a hardship letter to , capt daniels and his bunch of piarates at lloyds, make a formal complaint stateing that thes charges are causeing you hardship.
  13. hi, why not send a dispute letter to capt daniels and his bunch of piarates at lloyds tsb, and to the moorcroft mupppets. i would not worry about moorcroft and their idiotic letters . i gess you have had a PRE-COURT DIVISION letter from them. ignore them fools they are.
  14. have you got a copy of the loan agreement. i would not listen to what the bank manager says, if you feel this ppi has been mis-sold the claim it back, and dont forget to add the 8% stat interest.
  15. hi, welcome to cag what type of ppi is this .is it a single premium ppi ,lpi, ? have you tried to claim on this ppi, lpi.?
  16. hi i have the same problem with lloyds tsb, it seems that they will not stop the interest & charges, this i belive this is capt daniels & his bunch of piarates bouns fund pot!. however i now go to my local branch and pay £xx. per month off my loan and credit card, (only what i can afford each month) i demand to see the branch manager on each occasion to make this payment. i also tell him that i will pay off the outstanding amount i owe but i will NOT pay any extra fees. after a few months of this , i now only pay what i owe all fees and interest have been stopped:-). i also no longer receive any contact from the collections dept.i have added to mr daniels bouns fund pot. but i will NOT add anymore !!!
  17. HI, NO i would not invalidate the agreement, but you should def look into the ppi on this, if you were mis-sold this then claim it back, and dont forget the 8% stat interest.
  18. hi, is there anything on the back ? also there is ppi on this loan . has this ppi been mis-sold in anyway?
  19. hi i have had many letters saying that a doorstep collector is coming to visit, as of yet no body has called. if they do turn up i will indeed tell them to sod off:smile:
  20. , i bet you if you owed the money to the piarates at barclays they would soon find the lost account! send them a formal letter of complaint, make them look for this account.
  21. DSAR Unit, Lloyds TSB BANK PLC, Customer Service Recovery, Charlton Place, Andover, SP10 1RE HI this is the address i used to get my Subject access request from the piarates at lloyds. good luck.
  22. DSAR Unit, Lloyds TSB BANK PLC, Customer Service Recovery, Charlton Place, Andover, SP10 1RE HI this is the address i used to get my sar from the piarates at lloyds. good luck.
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