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  1. aybesea, whilst waiting for letters, try getting your credit file info to see how this shows.


    Just been on Noodle and im all clear no judgments etc just info on Credit cards etc and bank accounts.

    Is Noodle reliable for info same as Experien?


    noodle is part of CALLCREDIT. noodle offer a free credit report. IS IT REALLY . never ever sign up to these free offers:mad2:

  2. well sent again to albion collections and got a nice letter back but on bank of scotland paper ?????


    hi, have a poop scoop handy, after albion , who are indeed in house bos agents. you will get threatograms from blair oliver scott B.O.S sigend by the famous D.HOOD.

    by the way is the letter from albion sigend , matt ball?

  3. As I see it, DCAs are ****, pure and simple and should be treated as such. Call centre members should be treated with the utmost contempt because they deserve it, or better still, not dealt with at all. If you have to deal with them, be abusive, be sarcastic, question their integrity and parentage and generally, be as aggressive and nasty as you can. Shout them down, don't let them get a word in. They won't hesitate to do it to you, so get your revenge in first. Threaten them with legal action - make something up if you have to - again, they do, so don't be ashamed to do it yourself.


    The key to all this, as has been mentioned a couple of times, is not to deal with these **** on the telephone and to make life as awkward as possible. Question everything they do, challenge everything they say, be awkward, be obtuse but whatever you do don't deal with them any other way than in writing. It slows them down, it costs them money, it frustrates them, it disarms them, it takes away their only weapon and above all it is really, really hurting them now.


    I think we have the perfect opportunity here, because I've dealt with a number of DCAs who seem to be quite willing to accept email but will not respond by it. I'm talking here of Moorcroft, Wescot, Cabot, Iqor and probably others. Why they don't use email I don't know, but it does mean that we can correspond with them without paying but they have to pay to write back. Lovely!


    hi fred totally agree with you. i got fed up of playing letter tennis with the likes of [email protected] the muppet show at wescot etc. in my final letters to these idiots i gave them my valid e.mail address

    not had a single e.mail from them.

  4. Hi, im looking for advice please. I am in a big mess with my overdraft from Halifax, since they changed the interest on overdraft to a daily fee. The have passed my account onto Wescot, who are now asking me for the money. I had agreed £5 per week with them and they were meant to set up a standing order for this back in Feb of this year. No order was set up, and these 35 have now mounted to £75. Today I had a visit from my mum, with a letter in my married name, to her address, where I have not lived for over 11 years. The letter is :




    Our latest enquiries have now confirmed that you are still resident at this address but we have not received a reply to our previous correspondence.


    Unless you contact us to agree repayment of £[details removed] within the next 10 days [now only 4], further collection activity will be taken to recover the full outstanding balance.


    Please do not ignore this letter as this could result in either us or our client taking further action to recover the debt, which may include:


    1. Legal action against you through the Courts. If legal proceedings are issued and a judgment or Decree is obtained against you, court fees and legal costs could increase the amount you owe.


    2. Referring your debt to a Door Step Collection Agency to carry out a Collections Visit at your home.


    It is very important that you take IMMEDIATE action to resolve this issue. You can do this by contacting us 7 days a week on 0844 824 1151, writing to us at the above address or making a payment via our website

    Yours sincerely,


    [original unsigned]


    Now what worries me is how the hell did they trace me to an adress where I have not lived for so long, when I still have active accounts with Halifax, so sirely they know my correct details.


    So does my mum give them a forwarding address for me, or if theyre so good at making enquiries, just tell them Im not at that address? I have never been on the electrol roll there due to moving out at 17.


    Thanks in advance.


    hi, dont worry yourself about this pathetic threatogram, dcas have many ways of tracing pepole. the key word in the final notice letter is MAY.

    NEVER EVER PHONE A DCA. if you must converse with them THEN ONLY IN WRITING

  5. Once bitten twice shy , so you had your ears chewed off by a charming DCA at your expense ( your phone bill ) you soon wise up. Thank the heavens for this site.. As I posted earlier are we are supposed to sympathize with them ? Like fxxxx


    DCAS are nothing but vultures in the human world, they like you to think its a CRIME to having debts. well IT IS NOT!!

  6. The increase in stamp prices must have something to do with it. Are we now supposed to sympathize

    with DCAs? The debts bought from creditors for a minimal fee must make them money. Its the debts they have to pursue on behalf of creditors that are the problem. What they will do in future is chase the larger debts , the ones with equity involved. not chase people who owe £10 to a catologue company.

    A change in attitude from them, do not treat people like **** on the phone would be a start .

    There is a recession on, as each day passes some one is made redundant some one is falling behind with payments. The longer the recession goes on the DCAs will become overwhelmed with debtors to chase. It could put smaller DCAs with limited resources out of business hopefully. rant over


    what! no more threatograms , pay now or else! happy days are coming:-D

  7. My Doorstep would like to take this opportunity to thank MacKenzie Hall for their intented Door Step assessment!! My Doorstep has already been assessed by a qualified tradesman and doesn't need or want to be assessed by you. What a bunch or reprobates, haven't they got anything better to do than go around assessing doorsteps??


    Seriously though, they are being tedious to say the least. they have stopped 'phoning after I told the girl that the person they were looking for didn't live here.


    They are crafty beggars, I'll give them that. How on earth do they get an Ex-directory phone number???


    Then they call me twice a day for a week. Send letters etc etc. I call them 'love letters', they must really like me, 'cos they keep writing sayin how much they'd like to get in touch. They've bought five statute barred debts, good luck with those then....


    Maybe I'll let them waste more time and money, or I could always send them the statute barred letter.


    But then they'll just sell them on to another bottom feeder.


    muckhall are indeed the bottom feeder in the dca ocean, let them waste their time money

  8. Sorry one wuestion, Capital One told me when they originally passed the debt to FTC / CapQuest that this company was nothing to do with them at all, but the addresses seem similar and I think Capquest are some sort of subsidary to Capital One. Am I right in thinking that do you know?


    indeed you are correct, same office, just a few desks down!!

  9. Another thing to add is that it states on the original letter that they are collecting the debt on behalf of MBNA, not sure what difference this makes.


    as wetcloths are only collecting on behalf of their clients, MBNA just ignore the fools they can ineed do NOTHING TO YOU!!!

  10. "we will allow you 14 days to contact us... (etc) If you do nothing then our preaction checks will be completed which may result in your account being sent to our solicitors for a claim to be issued in the county court. the issue of a claim will involve expenditure on court fees and solicitors costs which we will seek to recover from you"


    i had one of these treat-o-grams from the capquest idiots, many moons ago. i did indeed not contact them in 14 days. not herd from the fools in 3 years. maybe their PREACTION CHECKS are still ongoing:madgrin:

  11. The fact is that the DCA may well have

    been given ''authority'' not only to collect

    but enforce as they see fit on behalf of thr



    oh ok so robbersway had the "authority" from their clients, however on their clients behalf they have now as they see fit passed this to westclots to enforce? no doubt another dca will indeed will be along to enforce, on their ":madgrin: CLIENTS BEHALF"

  12. Just be aware although the advice now

    is to wait and see, the way debt collection

    has become somewhat unpredictable now

    care is needed, one cannot assume all

    responses or lack of will be the same.




    what indeed can a dca do! they are indeed acting on behalf of their client in this case wescott.. can demand payment and send threat-o-grams. and in deed one can assume that is in fact all wetclots can do:madgrin:

  13. Hi, after a very long gap between now and the last letter I have now today received a letter from another debt collection agency called Wescott. Has anybody had any dealings with them? I am still waiting for Lloyds to get back to me about the PPI.


    Thank you for any help


    so robbers way have given up, no doubt westcolts will do the same ignore any threats from any dca, who are indeed acting on behalf of their CLIENTS!:madgrin:

  14. Ok,

    Reconstitued agreements have to be like for like of the original agreement,right or wrong?

    If they don't provide the original or have the original how can they say this is what it would have been when you signed it.Is not a case of "what we think" and how can this be passed off as an agreement.?


    judge bingo , when my turn comes i will indeed ask the c/c judge many questions! BEING IN DEBT IS INDEED NOT A CRIME!! and NEVER EVER PAY A DCA!!!:madgrin:

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