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  1. yes dx it seems so i did indeed phone carters today , with regard to this letter from them and was told that a letter will be sent requesting a payment of£1 per month .
  2. hi, dx 100 , i think sometime in 2009. as lloyds defalted the account in may 2010 heard nothing from them, not even a annual statement, had a few letters from lowells a few months ago wanting payment? and now a letter of claim from carters?
  3. hi, no not a court claim , a letter of claim from bryan carter, soliciters , asking for payment or court proceedings will follow. the account has been defalted by lloyds, in 2010. and now by lowells in 2015.
  4. had a letter of claim from b/c on behalf of lowells. should i ignore. this is for a lloyds loan from 2007. lloyds defalted this account in 2010. and lowells have now added a defalt on 4/5/15 ??
  5. brig you should know. a dca is what it is. ****.
  6. HI, the vat will be on the petrol receipt. you dont pay it working links will claim it back.
  7. who did you send the sar to. a sar must be sent to the original creditor. a dca wont have all the correct info.
  8. noodle is part of CALLCREDIT. noodle offer a free credit report. IS IT REALLY . never ever sign up to these free offers:mad2:
  9. hi, you need to send a SAR to the bank, company, you took the loan out with it will cost £10.00 but you should get all the info needed. and most of all you can do this yourself no need for a claims company!!. a simple letter of formal complaint to the original lender re- mis selling of ppi is all you need to do.
  10. hi, have a poop scoop handy, after albion , who are indeed in house bos agents. you will get threatograms from blair oliver scott B.O.S sigend by the famous D.HOOD. by the way is the letter from albion sigend , matt ball?
  11. hi fred totally agree with you. i got fed up of playing letter tennis with the likes of [email protected] the muppet show at wescot etc. in my final letters to these idiots i gave them my valid e.mail address not had a single e.mail from them.
  12. hi, dont worry yourself about this pathetic threatogram, dcas have many ways of tracing pepole. the key word in the final notice letter is MAY. NEVER EVER PHONE A DCA. if you must converse with them THEN ONLY IN WRITING
  13. DCAS are nothing but vultures in the human world, they like you to think its a CRIME to having debts. well IT IS NOT!!
  14. what! no more threatograms , pay now or else! happy days are coming:-D
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