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  1. Hi Can tell me how to calculate the contractual interest and the statuary interest?
  2. Good Morning Jan4a Yes ,I couldn't agree more with you. The agreement reads ppi £940.21. The ppi was on a life cover. As the loan was taken out in 2004 I really couldn't remember what I signed at the time.Thought my loan was for £25,000 and the rest was for ppi charges/ admin bringing it up to the £31,340.21. . What a surprise when I got all the paperwork from Citi. Yes, it looks like my signature.But is it? raymonda
  3. Hi everyone I did everything as advised .Citi have sent me all documents as requested. My loan was £30,OOO and not £25,000 as stated. Agreement. Amount of Loan 30,000 Arr Fee 400.00 ppi 940.21 Amt Financed 30340.21 Int Rate 1.281% per month No of monthly instalments 144 Amount of monthly instalments £477.84 Total Amount Repayable
  4. Thank you eveyone for your advice. Looking at the threads for an SAR they are not going to send me anything . Are they?? But I will continue to make the request for copies of my agreement and PPI If I don't receive a reply AFTER 40 DAYS then they are in default of my request watch this space !!
  5. I have for several years requested copies of the loan agreement and the ppi but to no avail. All paper work regarding the loan was in my shop when the landlord changed locks!As the loan was secured against my house I felt I could not default on it ! I haven't mentioned who the loan was with as I noticed solicitors from the company can monitor the site!! If I was to withhold the monthly repayments and pay into a seperate account with intent to pay if and when that they come up with the relevant paperwork. Do you think that may shift them?
  6. Thank you for the advice.It was August when they contacted me. Looking at the account I think this needs to be pursued from the credit agreement and the possible misselling of a ppi.So far I've paid £38,160.00 just another 60 payments to go !
  7. I had a secured loan for £25,000 in 2004 with a ppi. I was self employed then. Company phoned and told me that the ppi was no longer required. Looking at my monthly repayments I requested a copy of my credit agreement ,also my ppi! Company replied that they require another 42 days for them to look into it. What is going on!!
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