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  1. they didn't levy anything. They left nothing to say that they have levied anything anyway. Just phoned the Ministry of Justice Public Register of Bailiffs and they have no details of this bailiff on there system and also said they have had a few calls about this particular bailiff this week!
  2. i have written my letter to the councils chief executive and now about to start to write one for Jacob's but am sure i remember seeing a template letter to complain about unlawful fee's. Is there one? Thanks
  3. no i have never seen one of them before. never received one. so what can i do now that i know exactly what i have been charged?
  4. today i received a list of charges from Jacobs and they have added all sorts of van charges. I am going to scan the letter and post back letter on tonight.
  5. hey, just a little update here. I still have not recieved anything back from jacobs, the police or the council. i dont know what todo now :S i phoned my local police station today to see if the crime had been logged but it wasnt on the system. Any ideas what i should do now? do you think its an idea to phone jacobs and ask for a list of charges? Thanks
  6. hello all, The money i owe to the bailiffs is actually in my fathers name and he doesnt know anything about computers so i just sit and write everything for him. He is under alot of stress over this bailiff threatening to break in, he's been locking himself in, not opening any windows and is scared to leave the house on its own. on Christmas eve he was having chest pains and had to be rushed to hospital and he laster found out he had a stroke and lost the ability to talk for a good few hours. He is getting better now he can talk ok but stutters allot. The doctors says this was due t
  7. one more thing nintendo. I used the link which is given on a sticky on this forum which enables you to search for bailiffs who are certified. The bailiff who came to my home and dropped off this letter is not on this list. WHat does this mean? i thought he HAD to be certified? Jon
  8. The bailiff didnt give me a copy of a fee document. Should i phone jacobs and ask for one to be sent? or should i just send the first letter in your last post and wait the 7 days for them to give me one? Thanks nintendo
  9. phoned the councill and they have said the liability order was for £1323 and the bailiffs bill came upto £1673 which is £350 of fee's! unbelievable! Sorry nintendo but am still unsure what todo now :s
  10. what should i do when i find out they have swindled me with their fee's? i shall find out tomorrow morning when i give them a ring
  11. just a thought. Should i send a letter to the council also explain what has happened? as i am led to believe the council can be responsible for the bailiffs actions Jon
  12. sent the letter now thanks for you all help. ill keep you all posted about what happend
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