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  1. Further to my last post here, I was dismissed for Gross Misconduct in June 2010 after going through disciplinary proceedings in January 2010. I appealed against the dismissal in October 2010 but it was dismissed. I have sent an appeal to the Civil Service Appeal Board and have a hearing date in February 2011. I made an Employment Tribunal claim against my ex-employers for Unfair Dismissal and Discrimination. My ex-employers rejected the allegations in their ET3 submission. ACAS offered a mediation which I accepted (they are yet to get a mediation agreement from my ex-employers).
  2. Update: Since I was cleared by the Police in September my employers have not contacted me to inform me about whats happening.(I'm still on paid suspension). However, my Union Rep met the Director of my Department and was told that they are carrying out "internal investigations" against me.Its taking 3 months for them to conclude whether they have enough evidence against me to put me in for a disciplinary misconduct or not. The evidence they have is still the same evidence that the CPS deemed was insufficient. I am going through depression and have been assigned a Psychologist by my GP (he
  3. I wouldnt want to leave except I am heavily compensated.I'll get the reference clause inserted in any compromise agreement. The discriminatory angle of my case is similar to the case of Devaline Mckenzie vs Home Office (you can Google it).In that case, the Home Office was accused of institutionalised discrimination. Nothing much has changed since then.
  4. The Union rep was going to study the case with other full-time comrades in order to proffer an appropriate tactical approach to the situation. For now its like a game of cat and mouse or chess where both opponents are waiting for the next move without showing their hand. With my list of demands I have shown my hand. My employers may also want to play hard-ball and institute an internal disciplinary process based on the unfound allegations. In that case I would put in a grievance letter and refuse to take part in the investigations because I perecieve that details of my case has already ma
  5. Not everyone writes statements of explanation when their stamps go temporarily missing and found somewhere in the office later on. Why me? May be because I'm Black? They are being quite over-suspicious. Would I really need a reference since I'd still be working with the same organisation?
  6. I have been in contact with my local Trade Union and they are concerned that my employers have not contacted me since my case was discharged by the Police on 24/09/09. The Union have asked me to put in writing what exactly I want them to do for me. I have listed the following as a draft. 1) I am asking my employers to reinstate me on job 2) I am asking to be transfered to a different location (doing the same job description) due to a breach of mutual trust between the management and me and the stigma of being accused wrongly. 3) I am asking for compensation for a) false alle
  7. Try contacting www.tribunal-action.com . They seem to have a good pedrigree of dealing with Employment Tribunal cases at reasonable costs.
  8. Uptil now I have not been contacted by my employers since the CPS asked the Police to discontinue with my case. My colleagues were asked to cut communication with me when I was suspended so I have no idea whats happening. Any grounds for constructive dismisal yet ?
  9. @Scousegeezer, I am a Union member-my Rep did send me a letter that he was advised to stop contact with me during the investigation. However, another Rep did contact me if I needed advise. I was waiting for the outcome of the case before contacting the Rep again. My defense lawyer did state if my employers try to make conditions a bit tight for me either directly or indirectly that I could go for constructive dismissal. Its like a game of cat and mice-waiting for who is going to make the next move. I was not arrested in the office but at home-however a colleague of mine confided that
  10. I work for an enforcement agency within the Civil Service and when I joined I used to question so many decisions and in-house practices of refusing applications based on stereotype and assumptions. This did not go down with senior management but no one told me to my face. A minor incident happened in the office where my security stamp went missing but was later found in the toilet by a colleague. I was asked to write a statement about the incident, ut behind my back my employers cooked up a list of false allegations to the Police. I was arrested by the Police at my house under some f
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