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  1. Thanks Mikey. Income support don't pay for my child I get that through CTC. The reason I get Income support is because of the carer premium as I get carers allowance.
  2. Evening after a little advice if I may It is probably a really dense question but I'm stuck with the answer:( I got a letter in the post the other day from the Income support dept, I get carers allowance and the carer premium in Income support. The letter states: I am writing to you because we need details of all the children that you get Income support for and who are already, or soon will be, 16 years of age. Please let us have the information asked for on the page called Information we need. Do not forget to sign the page before you send it back to us. Information w
  3. Just to up date tribunal was yesterday. Child support arrears are taken into account! Blah blah blah waiting for IS to get in touch now regarding the overpayment that happened in December apparently the tribunal couldn't discuss this bit yeaterday they could only discuss the child support side aye that took all of 10 minutes.
  4. Your updates are visible to anyone who has an internet connection! You don't have to be a member of CAG to read posts, anyone could be reading them
  5. Can I reclaim benefits if my job stops? Yes. If you are thinking about working, find out if you will be able to reclaim any of the benefits you currently get if your job does not work out. A number of schemes provide protection, including: • 104-week benefit protection • the two-year linking rules • rapid reclaim. 104-week benefit protection If you have been on benefits because you are incapable of work, and you stop claiming to take up work or training, you may qualify for 104-week benefit protection. This means that if you stop work or trai
  6. The benefits of the person you care for If you claim Carer's Allowance, it could affect the amount of benefit the person you care for receives. The person you care for could lose the severe disability premium in their income-related benefit or the addition for severe disability in their Pension Credit. If you only have an underlying entitlement to Carer's Allowance and are not actually paid it, this will not affect the benefits of the person you care for.
  7. 12. What if my Local Housing Allowance is more than my rent? You can keep up to £15 per week excess that you are paid. This excess will not normally be taken into account when deciding other benefits.
  8. Just phoned Income support dept to ask if they had received my letter asking for them to re look at my claim :D nice lady told me they have indeed looked at my claim again and as you said Mikey the rapid reclaim was wrong they have sent out the arrears and they have amended my claim to only take £53.10 as income. No word whatsoever on the CSA overpayment as of yet.
  9. Bob, I honestly don't think you get a choice whether you can keep your DLA claim open, i suspect it would be closed down as you are now receiving WDP.
  10. A one bed property, so you will be sharing the same room?
  11. Have Income support sent you a letter yet telling you that they have stopped your payments? When was the last time Income support went into your bank or post office account?
  12. Before I had to do a rapid reclaim payments were: Income support 2008/2009 £60.50 for me + £27.75 carer premium Total £88.25 less £50.55 Carers allowance = £37.70 pw (they were paying this) Carers allowance 2008/2009 £237.20 every 4 weeks (was paid) = £59.30 pw Carers Rates 2008/2009 = £50.55 + £11.35 for child dependant (reduction for an eldest/only child where CB payable) = £61.90 - £59.30 = £2.60 (CB reduction) Income support 2009/2010 £64.30 for me + £29.50 carer premium Total £93.80 less £53.10 Carers allowance = £40.70 pw (they were
  13. Mikey I owe you big time I thought my whole world ended on Friday after that phonecall with Income support. I have gone through all my bank statements well I say all, all that I have since 2004. I wasn't claiming Income support until 2008. I was getting carers allowance and child support was in payment it was in April 2008 that child support for some reason or another stopped and I started to claim Income support so there certainly isn't an eight year overpayment. Tax credits were in payment in 2004 also (I assume it was called tax credits rather than child tax credits back in 2004 as chan
  14. Letter re appeal in the post already Mikey christ I'm going to be on first name terms soon with the appeals dept and the tribunal panel soon. When you say if IS are not paying for children do you mean the old way the use to pay, where you would get a child element on your IS for kids? Cos I no longer get this we were transferred over to child tax credits a while ago. May I also say Mikey I am very grateful to you for taking the time to help me with this very difficult situation I find myself in at the moment.
  15. If you and your ex can agree on child support ditch these numpties asap! Tell them to close the case and not to persue any arrears. You can do something, do a private agreement.
  16. :eek::eek: It get's worse before it get better right Saga update! Had to do a rapid reclaim for Income Support as yes you guessed it child support failed again. Anyway to the point. Apparently in yonder years gone by about 2002 you got an extra premium with your Carers' allowance if the person you were caring for was a child (news to me). Since my rapid reclaim has been processed they have calculated my income from carers' as £63.10 an extra £8.20 from the normal carers' amount of £53.10 which now equates that my Income support entitlement is £31.80 per week not £40.70 per
  17. Yes you can, template letters here: Letter Templates I also believe there is a £10 fee.
  18. Nice try JCP at the blackmailing, not gonna work! Just had a call from the BDC to ask why I'm appealing the decision told them that arrears from child support shouldn't be taken into account which they weren't in July and August but were in December. They say they have looked over my appeal and they are still not going to change their decision, she openly admits they made a mistake in July and August and if I go to appeal they will request this paid back, but if I let things drop now and not go to appeal they will forget about the overpayment pmsl! That's good of them. Told her jus
  19. Apply for employment and support allowance.
  20. I appreciate all your help Mikey thank you. Now to sort out housing benefit and council tax benefit as the DWP informed them I am no longer entitled to Income support oh the joys!
  21. I have put in an appeal however I'm not very hopeful after speaking to the CAB yesterday. CAB states: If the claimant receives a lump sum of maintenance instead of periodic payments, the lump sum is counted in full as income. This may mean that the claimant is disqualified from Income support or Income based JSA for the number of weeks covered by the lump sum. The number of weks is worked out according to a formula which involves the amount of benefit the claimant would otherwise receive, and also depends on whether the maintenance is paid in respect of the claimant and her/his children o
  22. List everything and price it also imho.
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