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  1. No he just ordered the full amount Didn't mention anything about instalments £100 a month would of been the monthly payment for the original credit agreement
  2. Hi, tks for your reply it statrted April 2013 with a credit agreement for a kitchen from Band Q, which was cancelled 2 days after when i paid cash instead , CCJ was given in Nov and charging order in Jan 14, I took it back to court where their solicitors implied that anyone could make a bank statement to show a transaction and i should be able to show other proofm, judge let charging order stand Can not afford a legal battle,but i am very worried they will force the sale as they their solicitors seem to be very dodgy, so the only thing i can do is to try and offer a paym
  3. I have a charging order on a my property's disputed the debt, as I do I disputed the debt (another long story )took it back to court but judge decided to let it remain and could not afford to continue the fight, Anyway I am we're I am now,have not paid any of the debt as of yet ,but am worried they will force the sale, Can I offer to make the company payments without accepting liability for the debt ,if so does anyone have a template for this, The debt is for £6000 ,I can only afford small repayments as I'm on a very low income approx £900 a month, Also I have changed my name back to m
  4. They got the charging order but I have applied to have it set aside and the hearing is today, What will happen today also I asked for a true original copy of the agreement , bearing in mind that I have them both the customer copy and the store hitatchi copy as it was given back to me when I cancelled both unsigned and in dated, but they now seem to have 1 SIGNED !! but there is a row of number on the bottom that are different to on the forms I have so this can not not be the original ones I was given in store notice the service number on bottom of for of thee s
  5. Would it be possible for anyone to give me some direction on which course of action I should be taking first in respect of a CCJ and Charging order on my property issued by Hitatchi Capital via Addlestone Solicitors. I will start by briefing you on the situation, I purchased a kitchen from B&Q in April 2013 (unsure of the exact date as it is not actually quoted anywhere), I originally payed a deposit of £652.75 and opted to pay the rest on a fixed term loan agreement via Hitachi credit of £5400, A couple of days later I decided I would finalise the outstanding bal
  6. tks so much for all your help i will do that and wait and see what happens next tks so much
  7. so when they did statortory demand were they just bluffing then or can they still do this how can i find out if it is statue barred for sure when i asked them to send me the credit agreement even though i stated i did not acknoledge the dept has this put me in a bad position what shal i do now for best just ignore them or ??
  8. what is statue barred how would i know it is statue barred
  9. Cap Quest debt recovery thay are not now asking for the statortory demand they are now asking for some sort of payment and have put the account on hold untill 10 oct before it get sent to collections i thought after this amount of time from 2002 that they could not do all this though and also they did not send the aggreement within the legal time scale does non of this matter
  10. Hi ida i have allready sent the first letter asking for the original credit agreement giving the the 12 day time limit and yesterday they sent the agreement back 3 months after original request
  11. yes no payments or correspondace since 2002 tks
  12. my partner had a statutory demand sent back in july for a credit card debt in 2002 i sent them the quoted letter in the earlier forums not acknowledging the debt but asking to see the original credit agreement as stated giving them the 12 days by law they had to respond to the letter today 3 months later they have sent the agreement but no stat demand just asking for a pay ment agreement what is the best course of action now with this matter as i did no think they could legally chase us for this debt
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