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  1. Thanks for responding, how would I go about doing that? Maybe when I am in a better place I could maybe think about taking on my debts they are all DCA now, and off my credit file I think.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some advice, my husband and I have been a dmp with payplan for around 12 years, my husband died suddenly just under 2 years ago, it took me a long time to start sorting this out as I was so worried about the debts, with help from family I continued paying up until 20 months in when I notified Payplan of his death. I was advised that we both had this cover which i was unaware of, and that they would notify the creditors. I then filled in a form, and it was decided as there was high blood pressure registered 3 months prior to c
  3. Hi all, I'm in a payment plan with payplan and have been for over a year now, cahoot now Santander were creditors but for the past few months they have been returning the payment to payplan, and won't speak to them to tell them why. I haven't had any correspondance from them, and wouldn't know where to call does anyone have any info as to if their payment details have changed, or something else may be going on... Thanks.
  4. I wasn't too sure really, i said to my GM when I was leaving yesterday that it was too much for me to stay for the day, but I never said anymore, sounds like they are assuming I'll be back. One day at a time:|
  5. I know but you all gave me the strength, and I thank you for that. I'm not sure how to interpret it really, I'm thimking as I know the CEO well, that he asked them to do this, but asked them to follow procedure, and they didn't bother finding out what it is, so they tried to throw a bit of mud in the hope it would stick and he is furious it didn't work. The GM who I report into and classes me "as his backbone" is really not in agreement with this, and knows potentially how much of a mindfield this is tried to tell them they were wrong, but they haven't listened, i think they will contact the H
  6. Thank you all for your support I couldn't have done this without you, and you gave me the kick up the backside I needed to say you can't treat me like this! I heard through the grapevine that things really kicked off and a emergency meeting was called, loads of shouting was heard from the video conference and the CEO is livid... It apparently sounded like he had told them to follow procedure and consult our HR Consultant which they hadn't done, they went through all my evidence and discussed them in full at the very end it sounded like the GM said "you still want to go ahead with this after sh
  7. Oh well I cracked today, I hope I didn't let myself down The prospect of my Discplinary Hearing today and the CEO arriving tomorrow sent me over the edge! I prepared my response the allegations and factually proved each one of them to be incorrect, copied all the supporting evidence, responded along with a greivance letter telling them that they had not used the correct procedure supplied a copy of the correct procedure, and made a grievance about the fact it was not factual, and as they had brought up that they want discuss my allegations of harrassment, I told them I had informally
  8. Thank you all so much for the support, it really has been appreciated, I haven't seen it until now as I never had a chance to get onto the computer as it's been a heavy week, I returned Tuesday to compliants of wok not done given to me friday after six and not completed Monday... Bank holiday and all of that! I asked for a follow up on the replacement staff I was waiting to be authorised, and overnight my department was rearranged, and a decision made to place a ad to get a senior Accountant to "help me out" but funnily enough it's more or less my job they advertised.... This sent me over the
  9. cannot wait until my spell check is working again, and my fingers aren't soooooo fast!
  10. i just joined Unite, fingers crossed! and boy was today hard, i took a managers complaint from o a US office as they felt the US HR was vindictive and wanted to see where they go from there, it was a change to employee deductions which hadn't been managed correctly and a admin employee had found out through instruction and had told all employees, the managers had walked into grievance about what was happening, and idin't have a clue themselves so bad practice on our behalf. I stated i don't know much about any of this but how did this happen, HR person said oh I made a blunder, the CEO said a
  11. Thanks Papa Smurf, no unfortunatly it was ectopic and not only did I lose the babay it caused serious problems hence the follow up operation, my CEO doesn't know my only option is IVF now, but I think he is doing this as he is worried I will be trying to get pregnant again and go on maternity leave, and yes he does have some serious issues, I actually found a email today where they are discussing me before I joing the Company and the GM who will have been told by the CEO asking if they could ask me in interview what my family plans are, unbeleivable!
  12. Can anyone point me in the direction of a template? and also can i request access to any interoffice documentation concerning me and performance and attendance for the period of March onwards, it is not in the Uk files but there should be something in the US files, but they are more than likely going to doctor it...
  13. As suspected this took a uturn, last week I heard nothing on this, Monday it started again, my GM was called into a video conference with The Controller and Global HR to discuss how this warning could go in place, My Manager told them he did not agree to this warning and that he does not have any issues with me in terms of negligence or performance, but if there is a problem then it is the amount of work, he also told HR that they should be neutral in these issues and be sure they are valid before proceeding. This did not go down well and he told me he had never seen such unprofessional behavi
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