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  1. Only picking up from the experiences of others and from good people like yourself. If I hadnt had found this site I would not even know about the problems with Welcome etc... Certainly opened my eyes a bit!!
  2. i think the £299 is for guardex paint protection which they probably never did. The £8595 will most likely be made up of the price of the car, the cost of the insurances and the paint protection. They way they worked the part ex was to take it off the value of the car at source and only show £1 for VAT purposes. Also the amount that allows you to Terminate the agreement only relates to half the car value, or it should as this is what it does on my agreement. however in your case it does not seem to add up. I can under stand they asking for £500 for the goods as in theory if the agreement is over 48 months, then you would have to pay 24 months to meet the 50%. best thing to do is use photobucket, scan the agreements and all paperwork (black out the car details and all personal details, but leave figures) and post them into this thread. That way we can have a nosey and make sure it all adds up and someone with more knowledge and give you some better advice. Also, did you get any documents for the insurances? I bet you will find that the shortfall covers the period of the agreement, but the mech breakdown will only cover 24 months!!! this is mis-sold im my opinion as this happened to me so im trying to reclaim them. best of luck!
  3. usual crap from them. as this is out of your hands and someone else is dealing with it, what I would do is next time someone comes round, pass them the details of Ratio Money and get them to sign something to say they had it. That way they cant wriggle out of it and you can show them the signed paper if they dispute. if they do dispute, they cant charge you £25 for the home visit as I bet they try too.
  4. They cant stop your self employed wages as you dont actually have any wages. you just have your profits to spend after all your business income and expenditure! Plus being self employed you can always do some creative accounting just like welcome do heh heh from those profits they would have to assess your living needs and then take a part of what is left. but I doubt it would get that far.
  5. As long as you can prove it left your account and wasnt refunded, welcome wont have a leg to stand on.
  6. well yes there is a point to reclaiming mis-sold PPI as there is a good chance you will win. They should not be discussing your loans with anyone except yourself. hang tight and someone with dealings with this will help you.
  7. hmm, but the commission will have to be paid to the provider, ie Aviva / Norwich Union as they would have paid it out the total premium rec'd. even if it is paid to welcome elite brokers, they will have to pay to Aviva / Norwich union. The question is, will they have to pay it all or take a % as profit?
  8. I cant see any possible way that they can get out of this without any extra money. They would need to cut staff and reduce overheads by a vast amount in order to run at a level which will make any money. With these cuts and reductions in cost, it would be impossible to service the existing customers to a satisfactory level and on top of that, the more people that find out their agreements and insurance are (In Posts words) A Load of Rollocks, the worse it will get for them. I can see the rats jumping ship big time in the near future.
  9. fortunately one of my clients is an IFA so I know a bit about how the insurances work. If Welcome pay the lump sum at the start of the policy, which the wording of the insurance T&C that I have for mine indicate, then Welcome will get a refund which should then be passed to the customer. Welcome will also have a clawback of commission paid on the policy proportionate to the premium refunded or to the % as determined by the provider. Therefore if Welcome are trying to impose the balance of the insurances on the customer, this is wrong and they are lining their pockets!! Seeing as Welcome take money of the customer on a monthly basis, then no extra monies are due as Welcome get the refund to that they are not out of pocket except for the commission reclaimed! hope that makes sense
  10. Hold on a sec, why should you be liable for the rest of the insurance? if you cancel a normal insurance policy such as car or even PPI, you may lose a month or two but should not be liable for the rest. The VT amount figure is usually half the Goods value. The insurance should not come into play at all. plus I would defo make a claim for mis-sold insurances and claim back what you have already paid to them, defo for the PPI. if need be, do this and offer to offset the outstanding amount. But dont do anything until you have done what Post says....hes the smart one on Welcome!!
  11. has anyone applied for a loan with RBS for debt consolidation and found that the reason for the loan was put down as home improvements to get it cleared by the computer? to make this worse, I was living with parents at the time the loan was taken out, 3-4 years ago so how the hell would I take out a home improvement loan (lost all paperwork unfortunately). Due to a rough period in my life and my ex sucking me dry, I struggled to keep up repayments and it wasn't until I got some forms from the Courts that I realised the loan was classed as home improvement loan. I sent the forms back about 2 years ago to the court disputing the loan and have heard nothing since.
  12. heh heh, what makes me laugh is how the hell do they expect people on very little income, or have financial difficulty (hence why they leant to them in the first place) to be able to increase there payments? seems these guys do not operate in the real world.
  13. search round the internet and you will see how much Welcomes Parent Company "Cattles Plc" are in the Doo Doo
  14. doubt it, I'm sure some other institution will buy the debt off them for a substantially reduced price and continue to chase. just a shame they dont know the full extent of Welcomes negligence and other mal-practice when drawing up the loan agreements.
  15. sorry heh heh, its my nature! they mess us around so why cant we mess them about. they deserve all they get! will behave from now on though!
  16. oooh could be a good thing for your from what I have gathered from other threads on here. What was the total length of the agreement? 48 months? Had you paid at least a 3rd of the value? Also, did they issue you with a court order to repossess the car? need a bit more info regarding how many payments and if possible, can you scan and upload your agreement minus your personal and car details? That way someone with more knowledge than me can have a nosey at it.
  17. interesting emmilou, I never signed a disclaimer or any documentation declaring that I had the £1000 part ex (although it may have been explained verbally) or that I agreed to offset the £250 cash back of the price of the car. I do know that I verbally agreed with the Rep that I would get a cheque sent out to me within a few weeks of the taking the car. this never happened. has anyone challenged this and got a result?
  18. Ok, seems like you have got a hold of the situation. just make sure you get confirmation on what is happening before they take the car! Also confirm with them who is picking the car up as I read somewhere that a car was picked up but welcome did not have any knowledge of it.
  19. the whole agreement looks a bit dodgy in my opinion, 3% monthly interest equates to 45.5% APR? i dont think so. also, estimated repayment period 30? why estimated? also it does not show the interest amount. Also the Agreement is headed up with "Monthly Paid" but your partner was paying weekly. you may also be able to claim back the insurances too. Im no expert, so wait for someone with a lot more knowledge than me.
  20. looks like they sold you a dodgy car that wasn't fit for purpose! depends on how you want to play this, if they accept to take the car back with no questions asked and no further liability on your part then make sure you get it in writing. there are stories on here about people having the car taken back and then still being chased for the balance. also i suspect there are alternate routes to claim back not only the insurance, but the rest of the monies paid as the car was not fit for purpose and your repair costs, but you will need someone with more knowledge of this area and no doubt it would be a lengthy process.
  21. is this normal working days? as in Monday to Friday? because Welcome work weekends too so I guess we could imply its their working days!! just like to put a little spanner in their works heh heh
  22. the £250 cashback was not supposed to be reflected in the price of the Car, it should of been in the form of a cheque direct to you! I was promised this when I got my car back in March 2008, but to date have never received it. I gave up on chasing it! If anyone has any links to the original adverts it would be a blessing to those of us that haven't received it. Also, I recall a price list at my local branch of Welcome being on an A4 sized paper tucked away in the corner of the showroom area. This price list was out of date as half the cars were not even on their.
  23. aah heh, thats more like it then. just a thought! what insurances did you take out with Welcome? Also, did you get any insurance documentation like the policy certificate? How did you find out that the parts were not covered on the mechanical breakdown insurance? Im currently trying to claim back the insurance paid for both Mechanical Breakdown and Shortfall Insurance under their 30 day rule as I never received any paperwork until I requested it in October 2009. I got my car in March 2008.
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