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  1. was all this in writing? if it wasnt then tough luck to welcome. Taste of their own medicine. If it was in writing and you signed something to say you would give them the proceeds then thats a bit tricky and you will need to help from someone with more knowledge than me.
  2. just a thought, the option fee may be included on the agreement, but the amount actually credit to the account at the start maybe different by the £1. Check the amount at start on a statement and see if there is a difference to the agreement. This is what happened on mine. not sure if this makes a difference or not!
  3. Hi Post, My agreement is one of the combined ones as you mention, whereby the list the good and insurances separate, but add the totals together when telling me how much I must repay. I did some digging on the web (cant remember where) but I found a snippet that stated that in order for the agreement to be valid, a combined agreement must show both the APR and repayments amounts separately for the credit amount and HP amount. The only problem is, I cant find the bit I read. Will look when I get home later.
  4. after all the crap they have been though recently, they still havent learnt! it amazes me. Hold tight slim, get your agreemnt up on here via photobucket (minus personal details) and someone will be along to give u a hand.
  5. Good to hear! I suppose the Xmas booze helped heh heh
  6. Yes you have seen it post. its on the 1st page of this thread. as far as im aware the agreement is ok. But the insurances I feel have been mis sold as not only did I not receive any paperwork for them at the time of purchase, when I asked for them to send me copies, I found that the Mech Breakdown was only for 24 months yet my agreement for the HP is for 48 months. Had I had know this I would of cancelled anyway and found alternative cover. As I only received the copy Insurance documents in October 2009 when I asked for them, I wrote to them to cancel under the 30 day rule. They replied by sending me the questionaire about PPI which is irelevant as I didnt take PPI out. I then wrote to inform them of this and refered them back to my original letter. They then replied to a CCA request with a true signed copy of my agreement which appears to be ok and an up to date statement which is correct. They also mentioned that my previous claim for insurance refund is being investigated and looked at but no definate resolution date put on it. The only thing I havent done is spoke to aviva to see if I do infact have policies with them. I will do this next before writing to welcome to chase up my refund. PS... glad your back post. hows the knee?
  7. Do you think that nearly 80 days is long enough for them to process my request to have my insurances refunded? seems like they are dragging it out. I cant see what the issue is. think I will send them a reminder letter and give them 14 days to resolve it. I know they have other things on their minds but surely how hard can it be?
  8. The thing with insurances, is that if Welcome or welcome elite brokers did not receive commission, then they would not of received anything for brokering the deal of selling it. this meant that Aviva got free money for the insurance cover. With Welcome brokering so many of these deals, they would lose a very good income stream, so it would make sense for them to make some money out of it...the only way would be by commission as I certainly dont see any mention about fees included in my agreement. I think I shall make some enquires with my IFA client so see if there is a way of finding out how to get hold of commission details from a provider! Might be able to pull some strings at Aviva heh heh.
  9. well my agreement certainly does not have anything about commission being paid to anyone. Nor do the terms and conditions! does this mean by agreement is unenforceable by point of law? how could they fight this?
  10. interesting point steven. basically if we pay say £1000 for insurance, you are saying that if Direct Group and Welcome get commission say 10% that we dont know about, then the actual cost of the insurance £1000 less the commission 10% = £900, but our agreement show £1000 without mention of commission we have been stuffed?? is that correct?
  11. received today a reply to my CCA request. the letter somehow refered to a Subject Access Request so a bit miffed. They did sent a copy of the agreement, which is actually a copy of the one I signed and has been signed by them, they also sent me a statement upto Dec 2009 which is clean and correct. everything seems ok unless im missing something. But they still havent dealt with my insurance claim yet!!
  12. ok, today I received a letter thanking me for my original letter sent back in October and stating that it is still being investigated! guess they need time to fabricate fake letters and documents etc... anyway, no mention of my CCA request or my letter sent to them a week ago...guess they ignoring this one!
  13. I bet they will try too. but I dont think they could justify ringing someone on the day payment is due. I would get him to confirm when he goes in and get something in writing there and then.
  14. lol. Funny. according to the wording on their agreements, they can only charge if you are in default of the agreement. but we all know they dont pay any attention to it.
  15. ASA - ASA Non-broadcast Adjudication: Progressive Financial Services Ltd http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/34f4939633687eb6fc8f213d4952ee79/compdetails some info on PFS
  16. lol just send em an invoice for 4 visits of your own to their office at £30 a pop, but oh wait a sec, they were closed!!!! never minds eh. even better, send it to them in an xmas card heh heh
  17. ok, im beginning to wonder how far down the pile my CCA request letter has gone now that they are well and truely stuffed. plus, they signed for it on the 10th so in my calcs, that gives them til 4th Jan to reply. doubt they will thought. they prob cant be arsed any more. looks like Mrs Young will be dealing with it herself after all the staff desert the company!!!
  18. i dont blame the shareholders at all. at the end of they day they are getting nothing so why the hell should the banks get anything? Havent the banks had enough of our hard earnt cash already. Seeing as we all own most of the banks these days, lets petition the RBS to let them sink without a trace!!!
  19. lol don't think you can get away that easily Post....still a lot work to be done by the great people of this forum. but yeah least you can take a well earned break over xmas hehheh
  20. I bet Post is having a few stiff drinks at the moment!
  21. was worth a shot. so really all they will be doing is collecting repayments and paying out over reclaimed PPI and other issues heh heh. Makes you wonder if they will actually have any cash to repay their creditors! I wonder why they decided to continue to collect, but not sell the loans on? I bet they know something that we all know and are gambling that some people don't find out heh heh
  22. section 3) in the key notes on the back of my agreement state: "If the contract is not fulfilled, perhaps because the supplier has gone out of business, you may still be able to sue the creditor" might be of some use.
  23. just a thought, seeing as now the company are no longer able to honour their obligations under which our agreements were taken out under and offer a good service...are they in breach? (cant remember the exact wording on the paperwork I have, but will check it out later)
  24. serves them right for trying to rip people off, obviously i'm sorry for the well meaning employees who are now going to lose their jobs. Looks like I shall be making them an offer to settle my HP early heh heh. about 10p in the pound sounds about right!!
  25. I know another company that does this. Consumer Benefit Network. Mis-Sold PPI, Unfair Credit Card Charges, Credit Card Overturns I think the website is. Seems a few are popping up offering this service. I understand that they charge £295 + vat for the service, however if they have a low chance of winning they will not proceed and refund all of it bar £50 for the solicitors auditing fee.
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