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  1. Multiple agreements the main website is very interesting!
  2. well if the interest is variable, then its not a fixed term loan is it? If you pay x amount per month for the fixed term, then how do they expect it to be paid off in the term? do they change your payments to reflect the change in interest? they should do if that is what game they are playing.
  3. Hi dawny, They ignored my letter regarding the reclaim of insurances too, so sent them a final one last week giving them til the 26th Jan to resolve it or the whole account goes into dispute. hopefully this will kick them into gear!
  4. ok no rush. would be helpful for others as it seems lots of people have this issue.
  5. dont give them your card details. ask them for the Bank account details so you can pay by standing order.
  6. chase letter re: insurances refund posted the 6th Jan 10. Received and signed for by welcome on the 7th Jan 10. I have given them til 26th Jan 10 to resolve this or the whole account goes into dispute. Post, did you find any legislation regarding the £1 option fee included in the "amount of credit for good" box and whether someone had one a case on this point alone? Cheers dibbo.
  7. As far as im aware, you would only be liable for any outstanding amounts up to the 50% limited, but they will also try to get you on the charges they would of no doubt added to to your account on the late or reduced payments, plus the letters and phone calls they would have sent you. Firstly, I would check whether you have your insurance documents for the Mech breakdown and shortfall. did you get them when you purchased the car? Also might be worth reclaiming the Mech breakdown if you havent used it as in my opinion it is mis sold. 24 mths cover on a 48 month agreement? in addition ask them for an up to date statement too. I would be interested to see if they accept VT as I may do mine in 3 months when I have reached 24 mths.
  8. the "New Thread" Button is to the left above all the annoucements on the main welcome page.
  9. Same with the £250 cash back. I was promised a cheque in a few weeks after buying the car and it never came. several phone calls later I gave up! will just pay £250 less on the last payment heh heh. loads of people had this problem.
  10. it never actually happens, they inflate the prices to suit and the £1000 part ex is never taken into account but we are told it is. i spend several hours trying to get them to explain when I bought my car. still didnt get it at the time.
  11. apparently, welcome say the £1000 is reflected the cost of the goods. this is done to avoid paying VAT on their overly priced vehicles. the problem is that you never know the price of the car your buying unless you can find a price list tucked away in a corner somewhere, if they have one at all.
  12. we for a start 48 x £191.?? pence = £9168 ish, not £9310 so there is a difference some where. seems that the APR rate includes the additional costs such as acceptance fee and option fee.
  13. that took me to a page that says "index of welcome" clicked parent directory and it took me to Fresh edged web and graphics deisgn from Northern Ireland
  14. ok great. how do I go about doing anything about this? should I wait until they have resolved my insurance refund claim?
  15. Well using Loan & APR Calculator the interest on £7946 @ 19.1 APR = £3179.74 which is £1.34 more than box (T)
  16. yes I have noticed all that Post. But it seems that Boxes D,E & F are notional as the amount credited to my account was £12412.32 as per my statement which is the correct amount based on the repayments. but seeing as the agreement does not tell me exactly what I am paying, ie does not show that I am repaying £12412.32, it does not tell me I have to pay and extra £1 on the final payment at the end of the agreement in order to keep the car. all it does tell me is that im paying 48 x £258.59. So how do I know that I am paying the right amount?? I assume this means that the agreement has not been correctly executed?? but is there a case over £2?
  17. right, I sent my chase letter today for my insurance claim. I have given them 14 days from date of letter, dated yesterday, so will add a day on. (shhhh heh heh) anyways if they havent resolved it by XXth Jan as per letter, I will place the whole account into dispute and stop all payments as its a combined credit/hp agreement and they only quoted on repayment figure therefore they treat it as one and so do I. (laws are a guideline) They have had over 70 days now so as per Direct Group insurance T&C, they have gone over their 5 days and 20 day limits by a considerable amount so stuff em. wish me luck! Dibbo
  18. its all verbal so if they lifted the HPI then well thats tough. its their own fault. just say "what £1350?" they would do the same to you so dont worry. but if I would get some more info as per Postggj says. He hates them and he knows the score with them!
  19. thats what I thought. That means mine is total balls too heh heh as its the exact same layout. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-finance/223490-welcome-employee-told-my.html The problem is, im trying to reclaim the insurances first, so dont want to rock the boat about the agreement. Is there some concrete evidence that the option fee cannot be classed as a charge for credit and that the agreement is unenforceable or disputable. Any example where someone has used this arguement and won? would defo be helpful for some people to know.
  20. I dont think she is paying interest on it as they have added it to the amount of interest being paid. therefore it is on top of the cost of the goods The isssue is whether it should be classed as a "charge for credit for goods" IMO its not, it is basically a balloon payment at the end of the agreement payable to keep the car. I would of thought that this is to be listed in its own box out side of the main calculations and stated clearly that it is to be paid at the end of the agreed repayment period if you want to keep the car. not hide it away in the T&C. do you agree?
  21. http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/consumer_credit/oft144.pdf this might be of some help.
  22. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-knowledge/155636-section-127-meaning.html check this as a start post!
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