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  1. the crafty lil gits! This agreement is the same as mine. They have also got me paying MBI over 48 months instead of 24. Hopefully they will repay my insurances but im not holding my breath.
  2. Least you wont get the £25 fee for hand delivered letters!! The Question is, do you want to fight it if the agreement if unenforceable (lots of time, energy and hassle, or do you want to offer a lower settlement and hope they accept it if you can afford it? Personally if I was in your situation I would offer as little as possible, get every thing in writing and be done with them.
  3. does anyone know how many offices are actually left open at the moment? Also, for those of us who have HP's, what will happen when they do go T*Ts up? will they try and take the cars back? will the HP's be lifted? Will the agreements become null and void if they dont sell them on?
  4. MIF only covers the lender, not the borrower. If you pay a MIF then you still have to pay the total amount borrowed. check this out for more guidance. Mortgage indemnity: a borrower's guide
  5. depends on how stubborn Direct Group are. Direct Group are the admins for the policy and they are the ones to contact. Direct Group - Where Insurance and Innovation Combine - Home Page They are the ones that should be sorting it. Like i said before, it should take no longer than a day to go from quote to authorisation to do it. Only other alternative is to get something in writing from them saying they decline the work to be done and then pay for it yourself and then sue the b'tards
  6. normally if there is a job to be done under warranty then all you do is phone welcome or Direct Group and they will direct you to the nearest approved garage to arrange repairs. alternatively you would send them a copy of the quote froim another garage and they will say yay or nay! should take no more than a day to get an answer from them.
  7. should be goods minus deposit.
  8. Right if you haven't received, you need to request some from Direct Group. Direct Group - Where Insurance and Innovation Combine - Home Page give them a a ring and quote your Welcome policy ref and request they send you copies of the insurance documents. make sure you state that you never received them and that is why your asking for them. Once you have them, you can then write to both Direct Group and Welcome to request they be cancelled under the "30 day rule" this should hopefully get back some money for you.
  9. try this website to calculate over 2 years instead of 4 at your APR rate Loan & APR Calculator
  10. Send the **** a copy of those letters with a big fat "losers" from all of us at cag stamped across the top. they have ballsed up and they prob dont know it, so take great joy from pointing it out to them and then enjoy watching them try to squirm out of it. but hold fire till Post or someone else catches on your thread. Unfortunately I know bugger all about the legal side, but I like to wind em up if I can.
  11. well seeing as they are supposed to do a 5000 point check (yeah right, sarcasm) before you buy, I would say you have a very good leg to stand on regarding the "unfit for purpose" line. How old is ther car? what reg? how many miles? Petrol or Diesel?
  12. no dont do that, it means giving card details which no doubt gets recorded. if you can, then go into the branch on the day payment is due and pay then what you can. if the branch has not been closed down. if it has, then contact them and get tha bank details...infact I theink someone posted them on this forum somewhere. then you can pay be standing order. Make sure you have the upper hand at all times. we dont want them dry ****ing you! (sorry cagbot)
  13. the additional monies owed for the insurances are a joke. they would of paid up front as usual and charged you interest by arranging for you to pay over the term of your agreement. if you VT and they cancelled it, they would get back part of the premium and perhaps have to pay back some commission, which no doubt you were not aware of (illegal). They should owe you for the insurances. Plus if you VT then im sure you would only be liable for the monies owed upto date of VT, they will have to adjust the agreement to take into account early settle ment so you would get an interest rebate of some sort. just a question, did you get any insurance documents after you purchased the vehicle? like policy documents?
  14. make sure you remind them of the date you put it into dispute and also confirm the date of your CCA request (which hasnt been rec'd yet??). They will be recording the phonecall so the more info you give about the actions you are taking, the more screwed they are if it goes to FOS and Courts. oh and make sure your add fees for visits (ahem) to their office (oh you werent in? oh well!) , letter , phonecalls and well because your P'eed off with em. play them at their own game.
  15. Well the PPI issue if definitely worth chasing up even if it takes months. Hopefully Post and a few others will pop by and give you some better advice and point you in the right direction to take. you seem fairly clued up, but are you willing to fight it through?
  16. well they certainly cant take it without the correct default notices and if you have paid over 1/3 of the agreed payments then they will also need a court order. get your agreement on here and any correspondence from welcome (delete personal details, account numbers and vehicle details) but leave the figures in. the more info the guys on here see, the easier it is to help you. Have you reclaimed the PPI yet?
  17. I doubt they would of sold it without log book and keys. but hey ho, knowing welcome!!
  18. may have been me post. was logged out when looked about 10 min ago
  19. need to find out from him how many payments he has made. I assume it was over a 4 year period. ie 48 months. what notice letters did he get from welcome? this is very important and need to be put on here so you can get the correct advice.
  20. ooh what was your previous thread on this? can you link it. has he paid over 1/3 of the agreement? did they send the correct notices? need to know all this before your mate can take action. I would suggest you link to previous thread and get together all the relevant info, letter etc.. together so they can be posted on here if not already done in previous thread
  21. might be worth seeing if they are still running if you have the old agreement number, Direct Group would be able to tell you if the insurances are still active. if they are then get it in writing and sit tight as the insurances are not tied to a specific agreement. if they are not running, im not sure what you would get back if you claimed for it.
  22. How long have you had the agreement and how long is left? if 2 to 3 years left then could be worth negotiating a lower payment, but with a higher option to purchase fee over the same term. seeing as Welcome said they will only be collecting the remainder of the loan book for the next 2-3 years before they go under, this might buy you some time so at least either save some money to buy a new car in a year or so, or hopefully your income may improve. but wait for some other advice from more knowledgeable people first. If you do have your agreement, then post it up as mentioned by razorc.
  23. Bingo Post?? I think Southern Pacific Personal Loans need more reading as may have been overturned on appeal.
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