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  1. Hi Guys,


    Just want to confirm, I sent them a letter on the 5th saying that if they didnt finalise my claim for refund of insurances by the 26th Jan then I would put the whole account into dispute and stop paying them as the agreement is a combined agreement with only on repayment figure on it. even though there were 2 boxes to sign, one for hp and one for credit agreement on the insurances.


    I want to clarify that if no post comes tomorrow, then I am within my rights to stop payment and send a dispute letter.


    the agreement is posted up on first page if you wish to view it.





  2. well for a start I would claim the insurances back, all of it as its been miissold. contact Direct Group at www.directgroup.co.uk and quote your welcome agreement number.


    Now with the insurances, its my understanding (as per their T&C's for the insurances) that the premium is paid in one lump sum at the begining of the agreement. Welcome pay this and then make you pay over the 48 months and make money on the interest (as well extra on the inflated insurance prices).


    As I work within the insurance business, if you cancel a policy then normally you get a refund of the remainder, but may lose out by a month or so worth. no big deal. its the same as car insurance etc..


    so with this in mind, you cancel the policy, welcome then get a refund of X months and nothing further is due by you to welcome, but the cheeky sods still ask you to pay extra so they make more money!


    I also bet that on the agreement there is nothing saying you have to pay upto 50% of the insurances. the 50% threshold is for the car element only. So welcome can go take a running jump off a short pier!


    if they moan about the fact its in their T&C's then why werent they part of the agreement? and do you have a copy?


    just a few things to think about heh heh.

  3. ok well this could be good in your favour but we need more info inorder to help you further.


    did you fall into arrears?

    How much had you paid?

    did they issue you with a default notice?

    had you paid a 3rd before they issued the default notice?

    if you had paid a 3rd, did they issue you with a court order to repossess?


    also, can you scan your agreement and any letters etc.. from welcome and post them up on here (remove the personal details, car details and account numbers) using photobucket.


    important to remove details as Welcome are know to view these forums, so we dont want them to know who you are.



    once this info is up, then we can begin to give you appropriate advice.


    good luck.

  4. Hmm interesting, try giving them a ring again and ask how much the premium was and when that was paid, and how much was refunded when the policy was cancelled if any.


    worth a shot and this info will be dynamite in the fight against welcome if you can get it.

  5. well for the insurances you need to contact Direct Group. they administer all the insurances and will send out documents to you if you quote them your welcome agreement reference number. just say you have lost them. They may say it had been cancelled, but if they do just say that you still need the info.


    Direct Group - Where Insurance and Innovation Combine - Home Page is their website with phone numbers.


    There is a Subject Access Report letter somewhere in the forum so check other threads of hopefulyl someone else will come along and post it on here for you. This will cost you £10 though. use a postal order for this and what ever you do, do not sign any letters you send out! just print your name. most important.

  6. no no no, this seems all wrong to me. what they are telling you is a load of rubbish.


    If you have confirmation in writing that you have VT'd and that they will collect the car, then its up to them and their problem if they dont collect.


    go tell them to play on the motorway!


    I would also question whether what they told you about the warranty and gap insurance is correct because my understanding is that when a policy is cancelled, a refund is paid back, give or take a month or so.


    I would certainly look into this and perhaps someone else can offer more advice. but the general jist is that Welcome pay the premium upfront, then charge you over the term of your agreement for it. now the way I see it, is that Welcome cancelled the polices, took the refund and then asked you to still pay the rest. So basically they are doubling their money.


    and I also bet ya that the Warranty was over 24 months only, but if you had a 48 month agreement, you would be paying for it over 48 months. thereofre paying more interest than you should.


    I would do a subject access request to get all the info they hold for your agreements with them. I bet it turns up some interesting information.

  7. Thats alright then, if they say they havent received it. Tell him you never received the hand delivered letter so they can cry about their £25 fee!!


    just record the calls if they continue, if you answer then don't answer any of the security questions or say you have forgotten them.


    just be ready to fight the all the call charges and then when you finally dispute them all, show them the proof of postage and the acknowledgement letter of the SAR, this proves they must of had it and that someone deliberately destroyed or lost it.


    on the other hand, just send another one on its own and charge send em an invoice along with it for £25 pounds for postage and your time.

  8. to be honest, Welcome use that fact that they allegedly sent letters out as being enough for them to say you have had it. I had this problem with the local council, they basically said because they had a record of it being sent, whether or not I receive it isnt their problem.


    so as long as you have proof your letters have been sent, that's more than enough proof you need in my eyes.

  9. Well under normal circumstances yes. But Welcome / cattles are not a normal company as they are a loan provider so they run a little differently. The company itself is not trading any more but is remaining open to collect outstanding debt, and because they are part of a group it makes it all the more difficult to see if they are supposed to report to the general public.


    Its very unlikely we shall see any sort of accounts, but there maybe releases of info to shareholders etc.. so hopefully we shall find out that way.


    I dont know lol, its all very complicated. I guess we all just want to know when these guys will disappear from the face of this earth. Sooner the better.

  10. The "deposit" was my old car. What I did not know was that they only gave us £1 for it! God if I knew that I wouldn't of bothered at all cos it was worth a lot more! At the time they advertised on TV to say they were gving £1000 PX so as far as I knew that is what we were getting for it. As far as figures not adding up it states that the final payment inclues an option fee which is £1. The interest is ONLY on the credit as it states - Rate of interest on credit (per annum).


    Are they not allowed to charge for phone calls etc as it is written in agreement? I know that banks are allowed to charge now as it is written in agreement when you sign.


    The trick with the Deposit, is that they allegedly reduce the price of the car by £1000 and put £1 in the deposit box in order to avoid paying VAT in the true price of the car.


    for example True car costs £9000, they would pay VAT of £1340. Car Price per agreement £8000 VAT would be £1191, therefore Welcome save £149 which is a lot if you consider the number of cars they have probably sold.


    Now the problem is, did you know what the true cost of the vehicle you got was? I certainly didn't when I got mine. I also didnt get my £250 cash back cheque as per their adverts and I have read somewhere that they also reduce the price of the car by this amount.


    Whole thing is a con if you ask me.

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