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  1. Hi there, hope someone can help.


    I received a letter from dlc a while back in January 2010 regarding a debt to Hillesden Securities Ltd. I have never heard of Hillesden and sent dlc the letter regarding CPUTR 2008 and requesting proof and further details of the said debt owed. I gave them 14 days to respond after which if no reply was received then I would consider the matter closed.


    I posted the letter on the 16th Jan and the 14 days from Monday the 18th ran out on the 4th Feb 10, (allowed 14 working days).


    I have now received a letter dated 8th Feb 10 (4 days late) stating that they have received some new information regarding my financial situation which they need to discuss with me.


    Anyone got any ideas what the next step should be? should I ignore or send them a polite letter pointing them to my previous letter and enclose a copy of it?


    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Ok, it most probably dealt with by a company called Direct Group. They are part of Welcome and they do the administration of the all or most of Welcome Insurances that they sell along with loans and Hire Purchases.


    you can contact them here... Direct Group - Where Insurance and Innovation Combine - Home Page just give them your welcome agreement number and they can tell you what insurances you have and make sure you ask them for the policy documentation and just explain that you haven't received any and want them for you files.. dont mention you want to reclaim. you cant let them onto you.


    They normally send the docs out fairly quick like within a week.


    thats the first step. once you have those we can then go after them and get the PPI back and perhaps the Accident Insurance.

  3. I would first contact the FOS by phone to clarify the correct procedure to follow. As mentioned im sure there is a form to fill out for them to process and then perhaps is the time to send all the info once the complaint is in place.


    dont send anything just yet until FOS have informed you of the correct way to do it. its all about crossing the T's and dotting the I's now so its better to get it right.

  4. my question would be why has the clutch failed and needed to be replaced at only 93188 miles? is this normal? if it is expected for a clutch to be replaced at this mileage then fair enough, but if not and the engineer has stated not driven to excess then I would challenge it.


    perhaps more research is need on clutch lifetimes for you model.

  5. ha ha this is the same situation as me Dawny. same letters and everythings. just not received the new agreement they want me to sign.


    How they cant work out what they need to pay me is stupid as i notified them the account is now in dispute and not paid since thins month and they have acknowledged and upheld my dispute. although they only mention the MBI and not the GAP insurance so I have to write to them again.


    as far as im aware, they should refund the whole insurance premium plus the interest paid to date + 8% stat interest. I have the T&C for the insurance which states that they were both paid by single premium and not on a monthly payment basis even though I am paying welcome per month for it.


    Can someone double check that for me?

  6. Hmm received 2 more letters, one being a expanded version of the 1st reply and then another saying they are upholding my complaint...nice of em, but they still have got it wrong as still no mention of the GAP insurance refund.


    Oh and I also found out why I never got my £250 cashback cheque..They sent me a form which I have signed (dont remember it) with 2 options..one stating that I have received the cashback and another stating I have received a discount.


    Now the funny thing is, whilst my signature is on the form and looks like mine but looks like it was written a biro pen, the bit crossed out is the 1st section saying I had the cashback, was crossed out using a felt tip pen. me thinks that they have been a bit naughty here!!


    I never completed the top bit and certainly dont remember signing the form at all.


    will post everything up for you guys to look at later after the chelsea game!



  7. First off I would put together all proof of the landline not in use and no debit card or joint account etc... and get it all together so you have it filed and ready to pass to the FOS or even perhaps present at court.


    I would also ask for itemised record of the phone calls from their bills, just to freak them out a bit. After all if they didn't have anything to hide, they would prove that they made contact with you as the call number, date, time and length would show and back up their charges.


    As for the payment debits and credit, correspond the dates they said payment was taken and reversed and match it to your bank statements. you need to make sure you have an answer to counter all their charges.


    I would also ask your neighbour to provide a written statement that Welscum have discussed your account with them. perhaps offer a token gift as a gesture of good will.


    worth a try.


    I know its a pain but if it comes off, then this info that you put together will certainly be worth while.

  8. hmm received a letter in the post today from welcome in reply to my original letter in October 2009.


    I will scan it and upload later.


    The basic gist is that they are willing to refund MBI, no mention of GAP insurance though. but they want me to sign a new agreement to re-adjust the repayments as of day one of the agreement. They dont say how much will be refunded as they cant do based on what future payments I shall be making??? so I take it they wont be refunding the whole premium paid to me, just the monthly amounts that I have paid already with interest.


    they also mention PPI but I think they just not amended the letter correctly.


    seems like a load of balls to me and im certainly not resigning anything.

  9. i have read the ii forum for some time now looking for news on cattles and welcome. feel sorry for the shareholders, but having read the forums over the last 2 months, its only just coming to light what actually went on within Welcome. They still dont seem to grasp that loads of us consumers have been royally stitched up or they dont want to believe it. all they have to do is google cattles or welcome and they will find this forum.

  10. i 4th that. Post your help is very much appreciated. considering all the problems with ya knee and wot not, you still manage to find the time to wage war against welcome and their shady practices for the benefit of people who you have never even met.


    I take my hat off to you sir!

  11. fortunately they have signed for my dispute letter. I have cancelled the DD too heh heh. they must like ignoring letters. I haven't had a reply to any of my letters this year at all, yet all have been received.


    surely they should dealing with the ones who threaten not to pay as that's the only reason they are still open, to collect money.

  12. Draft dispute letter


    With regards to my letter dated , I am disappointed that you have failed to deal with my previous letter about me cancelling the insurance policies on the agreement mentioned above under your 30 day rule.


    I am also disappointed that you have failed to meet your own deadlines for dealing with complaints.


    From my 1st letter dated , you have had 14 weeks to deal with this matter and have failed to do so.


    As a result of your failure to deal with my request, I have no choice but to put my account into official dispute as I informed you I would if you did not resolve my request satisfactorily by the . As you have not bothered to reply at all, I have now cancelled my Direct Debit until this matter is resolved.


    I am also bringing to your attention that I did not receive my £250 cash-back cheque (as promised by your employee) as part of the deal when I purchased the car and request that this sent to me under separate cover by way of a cheque made payable to


    As my account is now officially in dispute, the following applies:


    * You may not demand any payment on the account, nor am I obliged to offer any payment to you.

    * You may not add further interest or any charges to the account.

    * You may not pass the account to a third party.

    * You may not register any information in respect of the account with any credit reference agency.

    * You may not issue a default notice related to the account.


    I reserve the right to report your actions to any such regulatory authorities as I see fit. You have 14 days from receiving this letter to contact me with your intentions to resolve this matter which is now a formal complaint. I therefore request a copy of your official complaints procedure which you are obliged to supply.

    I would appreciate your due diligence in this matter.


    I look forward to hearing from you in writing.

  13. no prob, ok so where do I stand on the insurance refund claim for MBI and GAP.


    They havent replied yet since my letter on the 5th, they have had since my original claim back in October 2009 and still no resolution. they have not remedied the issue within the their stated timelines and have not given my a date for when they will remedy it.


    They have had 19 days to reply to my last letter dated 5th Jan which they received on the 7th as per the recorded delivery proof of sig.


    I said in the letter that I would put the whole account into dispute if they did not refund me the monies due and I doubt I shall receive a letter from them tomorrow.


    I cant put the insurance part into dispute as I am only paying 1 amount for both HP and insurance so the whole lot has to.


    I guess I need to write them a letter putting it into dispute, but I just want to know if I am within my rights to do so.


    Dont want to do anything that would make me look daft if I have to go to the FOS.

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