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  1. did you claim the PPI back due to not being able to claim on it and also it was 100% mis sold?
  2. forgive my ignorance, but shouldnt you only be liable up to 50% of the total HP? Can someone clear that up for me please.
  3. I would compare their payment list to your bank account to see if they are correct or not. They could be making it up for all you know. Just make sure that all you payments have been paid on the due date first so you have the info to hand if you challenge their figure. The fact they have not sent out a statement, i believe is a big no no, but someone will have to confirm that. Might be worth asking them when the first statement should have been due and fight the fact that if you had a statement you could have rectified it earlier and then dispute all charges passed the statement date, if you see what I mean???
  4. first off, I would be prepared to claim back the insurances before you VT the car. The PPI was mis-sold anyway, plus the mech breakdown will most likely be for half of your agreement term but you are paying over the whole term for it. As Post & DX say, get your agreement on here so they can go over the figures.
  5. We have just been informed that the Hotel where we have booked our honeymoon will have Building works and a refurb of part of the hotel when we are due to go there next Sunday (16th May). I understand that due to the nature of the building works, A pool and the pool bar will be out of order along with half the resort. there are other pools available. Where do I stand if I wish to cancel the holiday? We have contacted the holiday broker mediatravel.co.uk and they have tried to offer us alternative accommodation but want us to pay extra. We refused and want a full refund, but they say there is a cancellation charge. I understand that if alternative accommodation cannot be found, we are entitled to a full refund. Is this correct and can anyone point me to some legislation to back it up? Many thanks.
  6. Slowly Welcome is going under. Would be useful to know how many staff and branches are left as well as the size of their loan book.
  7. There are several websites that you can sign up to for hiring out your driveway. might be worth an enquiry to see what your spot would be worth and then send em an invoice. Parking Spaces, Driveways and Garages for Rent | Rent out Parking for a start. sorry for links!
  8. erm just a quick point, you left your name in there in those docs and Welcome have been known to view these forums so they will figure out who you are and what your up to and will probably play more dirty tricks if they know you are on this forum.
  9. Shopacheck is the only viable business Cattles have I think. They have about 700k customer or more, they dont make that much money and their main competitor is provident who are a little more bigger. Cattles will be pushing for more business with Shopacheck brand so just make sure you steer well clear!!
  10. ok fair enough, will wait till I get some proof, suppose I will just send out the letters asking for proof until I actually get something. Will leave it up to them to send me it too me or ask me to CCA them. thanks for the help.
  11. Thanks for the replies. No it wasn't a cca request. Just a template letter from this site saying it was unlawful for them to chase me if they are unsure whether I am the person who owes the debt and asking them to provide proof. I gave them in excess of 14 days excluding posting days and I need to Check if sent recorded.
  12. Hi all, Bit of a general question, had a couple of letter from Debt Collectors saying I owed XXX amount and I sent off a letter asking for proof of the debt and more details for example, a catalogue debt, I wanted to know what Item it was, delivery date and who signed for it etc so I could be certain the debt was mine. I stated I wanted proof of the debt by XX date, otherwise the matter is closed. I received no responses but then 2 weeks after the date had passed received letters from a different debt collector for the same amount. What do I do? refer them to my letter to the different DC? Any advice would be grateful. Thanks.
  13. well still no reply from WF. not sure what the hell is going on, but its been over 3 months now since account was put in dispute and not a word from them since my last letter informing them I haven't heard from the local office. Seems strange as others are getting replies but I guess they are at a loss. They probably waiting on the arrears to build up first then hit me with all sorts. Ha will put them out if I decide to VT it.
  14. Its theft, but the problem is proving the items were in the car! Going to be hard, but dont give up.
  15. **DONT** send a cheque as it will have your signature on it. Get 4 single postal orders and do 4 separate letters for each account and attach the each postal order to each letter and I guess you can put all in same envelope. Also send recorded so you know when and where it was delivered and signed for.
  16. Have you put your request in writing? Can you post up your agreement, minus personal and car details (just leave the numbers in)
  17. might be worth spending a couple of quid getting full details on MKDP from Companies house to find out who the head honchos are.
  18. FYI from Companies House Website MKDP LLP TRADE PRO HOUSE SEEBECK PLACE KNOWLHILL MILTON KEYNES BUCKINGHAMSHIRE MK5 8FR Seems quite a few debt collectors reside here Under Tradepro name. search for Tradepro Finance Ltd and Tradepro Holdings Ltd etc.. etc.. also cdc Debt collections Ltd as well. Any of these ring a bell?
  19. Don't forget, Limited Liability does not 100% protect the Directors of a Ltd Co, or the partners of a LLP. They can be liable under certain circumstances. These guys are the custodians of the business and have to act within certain rules. If they don't and they get caught they can be held personally liable to certain debts and legal action can be taken if appropriate. I suppose its easier to set up an LLP than to become a director of a Ltd as I dont believe any past black marks against being a director apply to being a partner. Also, Companies can be partners too.
  20. probably to do with fudging the account figures and to reduce the bad debt on their books. (wouldn't put it past em seeing the mess they are in at the moment.) Seeing as how Welcome are currently trying to restructure (based on various rumours on the internet from the iii site) I bet they are cleaning up with a view to present a better company picture. I could be wrong though!
  21. dont forget, that the 50% amount to have been paid is only for the car. they might try and screw you on the insurances, although in theory if you have paid say 24 of 48 payments, you should have paid 50% of the car and 50% of the insurances, so no further payment should be due. but knowing welcome they will try and squeeze more out of you!
  22. well, im back, after a month of not hearing from them. still no replacement agreement, still no confirmation of anything as at yet. guess the employees are slowly giving up.
  23. Hi there, hope someone can help. I received a letter from dlc a while back in January 2010 regarding a debt to Hillesden Securities Ltd. I have never heard of Hillesden and sent dlc the letter regarding CPUTR 2008 and requesting proof and further details of the said debt owed. I gave them 14 days to respond after which if no reply was received then I would consider the matter closed. I posted the letter on the 16th Jan and the 14 days from Monday the 18th ran out on the 4th Feb 10, (allowed 14 working days). I have now received a letter dated 8th Feb 10 (4 days late) stating that they have received some new information regarding my financial situation which they need to discuss with me. Anyone got any ideas what the next step should be? should I ignore or send them a polite letter pointing them to my previous letter and enclose a copy of it? Many thanks in advance.
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