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  1. yes 2 lots. edit an early post whilst you were replying. sorry lol check back 2 posts or so.
  2. Ok. Is my best approach saying I want to cancel it within the 30 days period of receiving the Docs, or should I claim they are missold? Also, are the insurance paid over the 48 months term as the interest has been calculated over 48 months (used an online apr calc) or are the insurances front loaded and paid at the beginning of the agreement?
  3. Per the agreement, Mech Breakdown was £500 for 24 months with a max limited of £1000. The Shortfall was £420 over 48 months. Yes I have 9 pages of T&C for Mech and 6 pages for Shortfall.
  4. Ok, the stuff from Direct Group about the insurances has arrived. Just a policy Schedule and a set of policy terms and conditions by the looks of it for each of the insurance. I have posted the Schedule up for the time being as the others are several pages long. A couple of observations, firstly , seems im paying over 48 months for mech breakdown that is only for 24 months!! mis-sold I think! secondly, I think I can cancel the whole lot of insurances as the paperwork I have received is the first time I have ever seen them, so I have 30 days to cancel it and reclaim all my premiums paid todate. What you reckon?
  5. well, I didn't expect much from Direct group!! So much for posting out same day! After speaking to them last Thursday, Documents still haven't arrived. I know 5 days is a bit too short and with possibility of the postal strikes on the way, I may never get the paperwork on my insurances before xmas at this rate. I think I will write to them and say that as I have not received the Insurance documents at all, I shall exercise my right to cancel as per Emmilou1 wording above. That would kick them into gear!! Will report back later!! wish me luck!
  6. I agree with sunshine. although the figures look a little confusing. Sunshine's figures do add up.
  7. Right, just spoke to Direct Group about my insurances for breakdown and gap, I expalined I have never received any documentation about the insurances but they couldnt tell me anything over the phone as the relevant department was busy (called at 9.05am guess us caggers were on the phone to them as well heh heh), but have agreed to send copy paperwork out in the post which according to them will be same day so should have it all early next week. will have a look when i get it and post it up for you. the lady seemed quite helpful!!
  8. Brilliant emmilou1, thanks for the tip. will keep that in mind when I call them. wont let on tho!!
  9. very good points Postggj. will give Direct Group a ring and find out what I can. will update once I have something. thanks. Dibbo
  10. not sure about the mis-selling, but the guy put me under a lot of pressure to take some out so to keep him happy I went with the shortfall and breakdown cover. to my knowledge I haven't had any paperwork about the insurance from anyone so no idea whether it covers the term of the agreement or what the exact details of it are. I understand the option fee as the amount on my statement does seem to exclude the option fee and deposit. The actual agreement is very misleading but surely if the amount charged per statement is different to the agreement, then the agreement I have signed isn't the correct one? your thoughts??
  11. JonCris I appreciate that. I have no intention to stop paying at the moment as I can still afford to pay it. What I would like to know is the next steps to ensure that everything is above board from their end. Does anyone think it is worth doing a SAR and perhaps contacting Direct Group about the insurance as a first instance?? Your comments are appreciated! Thanks Dibbo
  12. ok I have uploaded pics of my agreement. Page 1 & 2 Also a statement I rec'd please bear in mind everything is paid up to date. I visited on the 8th March 2008 and drove away on the same day I was promised a phone call to arrange to go back in and have various chips in the paint work touched up, this never happened. I was also promised by the sales guy £250 cashback to follow by cheque in a few weeks. after 2 phones calls chasing it, it hasnt materialised. They were offering the deal at the time I purchased the car. 1st payment was 1st May 2008. nearly 2 months after it was all signed up. I have currently made 18 payments totalling £4654.62 to date, including october 2009. one thing i have noticed is that the agreement states total payable of £12414.40, yet on the statement it says the amount provided is £12412.40. a difference of £2 which I think is the PX allowance and the Option fee. The option fee is included in the total amout for credit also, even though it is only £1, I understand that this is a big no no!! I just need to know where I stand if I was to VT the car back in once I have paid the £5562.7 per the agreement or if I can just stop paying due to an unenforceable agreement. If I need to take more steps by getting a CCA or SAR then so be it. Many thanks in advance. Dibbo
  13. thanks for the welcome (no pun intended) Been reading your posts with interest for a while now. funnily enough the story is true, bit confusing I Know. anyway, Im actually at work at the moment so cant give too many details as I cant remember them all. I do know I visited them in March 2008 (sorry I put march 07 before), not sure what day and signed up there and then and drove my car out 5 hours later! Still haven't had my £250 cash back that was promised as part of there promotion, although I don't have that in writing. Im not in arrears, all payment made on time. Would like to VT as possibility of getting another car on the cheap, but obviously if I can screw them over and keep the car as payback for having to pay them so much, then all the better. No PPI was taken out or so the agreement I have says, just gap insurance and maintenance cover. The first Payment left my account at the beginning of May 08. I will post a copy of my paperwork up via photobucket when I get home around 6pm for your perusal. Back Later. Dibbo.
  14. Not sure what use this is, but might be worth knowing... My mate works for an Estate Agent as manager and not so long ago a young chap came to work for him who my mate recognised. It turned out that this chap worked for Welcome Car Finance. My mate recognised him because he was the same guy that sold me my car back in March 2007 as my mate came with me. Talk about a stroke of luck!! Well, this chap proceeded to inform my mate that the car he was driving was given to him by his friend who he had sold too, but he had left the country and gave the car to him, passed on his number to welcome and told them to contact him if they wish to take the car back as the payments had been stopped. (hope your still following) 6 months later, he has heard nothing from welcome or any of their representatives and declared that welcome / cattles etc... are so skint they cant afford to pay anyone to chase up the outstanding amounts or collect the car. After having been told this by my mate, I stumbled across this site looking for help with my car hp/loan (not sure which) agreement and seeing whether i can return the car after paying half due or even get the whole agreement cancelled as it coudl be unenforceable. (will sort paper work out and upload when I get a chance) Anyway, after a few months this chap was sacked by my mate as he was crap at his job!!! Just thought I would share that little bit of info with you all. Dibbo.
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