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  1. well low and behold, absolutely nothing from welcome regarding my request to cancel the insurance and reclaim all the premiums paid. Its been 3 1/2 weeks now and not even a letter saying they are looking into it. Think I will send a chase letter to compliance to find out what the hell is going on.
  2. "Seeing as im a tax payer like most who have loans with yourselves and that I now own part of RBS and various other banks and that RBS have a major stake in Cattles and Welcome etc... I would hereby like to instruct Cattles and Welcome and any other subsidery to void my HP agreement with immediate effect." I woulder how that would go down in a letter to Compliance at Nottingham? heh heh
  3. Im currently trying to reclaim my insurance premiums paid + interest. My Mech Breakdown was for 24 months yet my agreement is for 48 months. Plus they never sent me the insurance documents, so I requested them and using the "30 day cancellation from receipt of documents" clause in their agreement to cancel and reclaim everything I have paid for it. Still awaiting a reply.
  4. Just on Welcome I came across this on Google Finance. Google Finance: Cattles plc#
  5. I hope you have that in writing. They cant label you anything as all customers have to be treated fairly. to me that could be construed as Libel!
  6. Hmm having looked at the agreement, it seems the interest figure of £3158.40 in box T isnt quite correct (according to an online APR calc). It appears to be lower than it should be. using this Loan & APR Calculator it works out at £3409. Also, they havent added interest on the option fee or the acceptance fee. They have mearly added the 2 figures into the charge for credit on the agreement, but that isnt reflected in the monthly payment. if you take £183.30 x 48 = £8798.4 now do £9448.4 (Box F) - £8798.4 = £650 £650 - £100 Option Fee and £550 Deposit = 0. Therefore under the agreement you are not actually paying the Option fee over the 48 months. You are however paying the acceptance fee over 48 months, but there is no interest on this. Im sure that if you have a statement to hand, the statement will show a total loan amount of £8798 and not £9448.4. hope this is clear!
  7. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/businessnews/Law-firm-in-threat-to.5760273.jp
  8. has anyone read the news report about a law firm maybe suing cattles over the PPI fiasco?
  9. Ok, I have had a repy from Direct Group saying they have forward my letter to Welcome! That means Welcome should now have 2 copies of the letter. I have gotten the printed proof of delivery as I sent both letters recorded. Looking good so far, just waiting on Welcomes reply now, According to the Direct Group letter, someone should be contacting me within 5 working days. so next Friday!! fingers crossed.
  10. dont you worry Post!, will be pushing this all the way! I already expect all the usual crap from them " oh we posted it back in March 2008 blah blah blah" will turn round and ask them if they sent it recorded lol!!
  11. quick update! Letter are in the post to both welcome and Direct Group today!!!
  12. Hi Halloween and welcome to CAG Best thing to do is start an entirely new thread about your problem and use photobucket to upload scanned images of your documents. if you google photobucket you will find it. Also make sure you remove all personal details that could possibly identify you. In the meantime, hang tight and someone on here will be along to help you.
  13. I know they trawl the threads. Well as they have read it today, they can get a friggin move on sorting out my money back heh heh.
  14. why wont they have to read it? anything on here is draft and not final. How will they know its the same letter?
  15. Letter Just not sure if I should claim interest on top of the total cost?
  16. Ok will do. Posted up the draft letter below, will copy one to Direct Group and one to Welcome. Please feel free to amend accordingly.
  17. just double check the balance on the annual statement, at the top it might say a diff total figure to the one on the agreement. This happened on my HP agreement where they did the calcs including the option fee and deposit, but the actual statement showed an amount borrowed was less these 2 figures. Therefore Statement and agreement showed totally different figures!
  18. Just another Thought! Do the banks that will probably keep bailing them out realise that the mass majority of loans and HP's that welcome have sold are a crock of poop and that it would cost the a fortune once people catch on and start contesting their agreements for PPI and other insurances etc..? Wouldnt they be better off just writing it all off? (wishful thinking I know)
  19. Having explained my predicament to my boss at work (I work for a firm of Financial Advisers) he seems to think that I have a case for claiming all the insurance back under the 30 day rule of receiving the documentation. I shall be drafting a letter to this effect and will post it up before I send it so I can get your opinions. What I would like to know is who to address it too? Welcome or Direct Group? Thanks
  20. Evening all, Well I couldnt get anything out of Direct Group regarding the premiums paid...so whats the next step to reclaim the insurances? Also, how will this affect the agreement in place with regards to my regular monthly payments? just to point out, I understand I can still cancel my insurances under the 30 day rule as this is the first time I have been given the documents and therefore I am entitled to all premiums paid plus interest. Hope this is correct! Thanks
  21. Ok, will give em a ring and find out. looking at my agreement, the total premium is £920 for the both, then £368 interest at 19.10 apr, in total £1288, so my understanding is that if its front loaded I should of paid this already. So I should claim for £1288 + interest on top? Is that right?
  22. Aye, thought it might be, the crafty lil sods!! Do I need to confirm with Direct Group that the Insurances have been fully paid for before I start my claim?
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