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  1. Having been on this site for a good month or so now and having read many threads detailing peoples problems with Welcome, Us consumers do seem to be the innocent party in what seems mass scale fraud and malpractice. Any Business will always have custom if there are trusted and provide good service. Unfortunately Welcome have failed to do both in the past and its time to put that right. Most of us had turned to Welcome as a last resort as they never said no to anyone, but what we didnt expect was to be taken advantage of. In light of that, having found out that Welcome / Cattles has gone through some major problems of their own and are up to their eyeballs in trouble, it seems to me that the only way out for them is to change and admit their failings and get them corrected. Now I dont like to see companies go under, people lose jobs etc.. and that aside I certainly wouldnt like Welcome or associated companies go under due to certain employees acting in their own interests instead of the company's or their customers. I started this thread because at the end of the day we are all human and I would like everyone of our problems solved but it seems that Welcome just dont know how to handle it all. As Welcome trawl this site to find out what we are doing, why dont we all put our 2p worth into some constructive ideas that would help Welcome sort our problems out and correct all the wrong doings of the past. Please refrain from flaming them as we can do that in out own threads!!! I will start by suggesting that they own up and correct all active and disputed agreements and repay everything that is due to be repaid within 3 months to get the accounts back on track so that people are more likely to repay what is owed.
  2. wow thats brilliant. certainly helps to know that it can be done.
  3. It wouldnt be so bad, but I didnt even mention PPI as I dont have it!! Seems like they didnt even read my original letter. looks like I shall be phoning them again this afternoon and writing a reply letter to them.
  4. Can you tell me if you were refund the whole premium plus interest per your agreement and how long did it take?
  5. Well im holding off calling them at the mo as I have reply letter that popped through the door just now! have updated my thread "Welcome Employee told my mate"
  6. wow, the post came this morning and I have a reply letter. The funny thing is they refer to an earlier letter that I havent received and have enclosed a questionaire about reclaiming PPI?? Im not even reclaiming PPI....... The letter is also unsigned!
  7. 08456187804 was the one i tried. will note the others and see.
  8. Phoned direct Group this morning, they cannot cancel the policies and was directed to call Welcome Compliance. get get through to them as it just rings and rings. anyway, I was told by Direct group that they couldnt cancel it as they only allow 45 days from the start of the contract. This totally contradicts their T&C's which says 30 days from day of purchase of contract or day on which documents are received, whichever is the later. I also have wording that the premuims are paid in one go at the start of the policy, therefore the insurances are paid upfront.
  9. I just spoke to Direct Group now and have been passed back to welcome. Was informed that it cannot be cancelled because they have a time period of 45 days from start of contract. that kinda contradicts the T&C's. not to try Welcome.
  10. seems nice and simple, maybe the monkeys will understand it this time. try chucking in a few bananas as a bribe!! Anyway, I am about to send of my second letter this morning and I am thinking of putting the whole account into dispute until they repay the insurances. they have had 31 days to reply now and nothing!!! I would think that 2 weeks a reasonable amount of time but a whole month is taking the mick a bit.
  11. Can they prove he has had the 30 days? If the Insurance paperwork was not received by the boyfriend then surely the 30 days still stands from the 1st day he actually receives them as stated in Welcomes insurance T&C forms.
  12. just sit tight and see what they send you. the guys on here are really great and very helpful so im sure they will sort you out once you have the documents back and posted up on here. just make sure you black out any personal info on any documents you post up on here as welcome do trawl this site.
  13. will give em a ring tomorrow lunch and see whats what. its been over 3 weeks now so should of had an acknowledgement. Thanks JonCris, will take note of that. At the moment I have just asked for the premiums paid ie all of it as its front loaded and the interest on it per the agreement. not added any extra interest yet, but I guess I should if I have to chase them.
  14. Just begining to understand how welscum work heh heh and being good with numbers help so £4k interest on a 17k loan over a short period would be a good return for them. just need Kerry to post up the orig loan details and then I can have a closer look at the figs. Never knew being an accountant would actually come in use heh heh
  15. Well done emmilou!!! I hope they will go for it. will save them time and hassle. If they dont respond to my request at all, I assume I can write to them to put the whole account in dispute and not pay a penny until its sorted? Maybe I could offer them my deal and if they dont accept, threaten to put the account in dispute as they havent kept their side of the agreement under CCA 1974 whereby I may sue them for unsatisfactory services paid for and that the contract is not fulfilled. might keep em on their toes heh heh
  16. As a stab in the dark, I bet the what they have done is taken the £17000 first loan + Interest and then re-done the loan for this total amount of £21748.45 + Interest. Basically stinging you for interest twice. I could be wrong tho. do you have the original figures of the 1st loan in Nov 07 that you took out and what APR% and number of months it was over? I may be able to work out how they got to the £21k
  17. Another point is that I never got my £250 cash back from them when I took the car and they never fixed the dents and chips etc... like they said they would. I know why they didnt sort the dents etc.. as the dozy sales rep didnt complete the after sales form correctly and therefore it was never put on the form, hence I never got a call to arrange it to go back in. I think if i mention this in the letter and say im willing to fore-go this with the view they agree to my offer then it should be a done deal.
  18. Well its not PPI im reclaiming, its mech breakdown and gap insurance that was both mis-sold ie 24 month mech cover payable over 48 months and also the fact that I never rec'd any insurance documentation when I initially took out the HP in March 2008. I received the documents on the 10th October 2009 after I requested them and now cancelling it all with the 30 day limited per their t&c's. I wrote to them in the 19th October 2009 informing them I want to cancel and they rec'd the letter on the 21st October 2009. I have heard form Direct group who said welcome will be contacting me within 5 working days. that was 3 weeks ago and still heard nothing. Thought this deal might sweeten the deal a bit and to get them to sort it out before I go to the FOS. Its easier for them to offset the £1300 against the account than have to wait for me to pay it plus they need all the money they can get so if they had the car back now and sold it they would get a bit more money instead of delaying it for 5 months before I VT'd it anyway as the £1300 equals just about 5 monthly payments.
  19. well a few developments have now happened. I have now gone self employed as my employer has cut my hours down. I am no longer employed by themn but now work self employed for them. As a result of this I may no longer be able to afford the repayments. I have currently paid 19 repayments out of 48 and have 5 left to make it to the halfway amount. Instead of reclaiming the insurances, im thinking of asking them to offset it against the balance to make the total payments up to halfway and this would leave me about £5 short which I would pay them by cheque or postal order. I can then VT the agreement and return the car to them ASAP. I am wondering if they would accept this as an alternative to having them pay me about £1300 for the insurances. least they can sell the car and get some more money. what you think?
  20. Ok Brilliant. WIll have a nosey and let you know what I do. Cheers
  21. ok thanks Post, I think I will do a reminder with 14 days to reply or else I will go to the Fos. That way I have given them at least 5 weeks to reply. Will then do a letter to the Fos on the 15th day. Could do with the money back as it will pay for the wedding next year heh heh.
  22. im about to do my second letter, but im doing my letters the dumb way to see what rubbish they come back with heh heh.
  23. ok, im just doing my chase letter to reclaim my insurance premiums. Just wondering if I should do a polite letter refering them to my 1st letter (copy enclosed) type thing and then give them 14 days to respond.. Or just give them 14 days to send me a cheque? what you think?
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