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  1. Back at the begining of August I was claiming jobseekers, which ended at the end of August when work started coming in. During this time I received housing benefit and council tax benefit. What I didn't realise until December when I got my rent statement, housing benefit was still being paid. I have now received a letter saying I must pay back over a £1000 because of the overpayment, and have also received a letter demanding repayment for council tax. When I called them to enquire why housing and council tax benefit hadn't ceased when I signed off, I was told it was because they hadn't been in
  2. Had a letter from council today, reads as follows: Please be advised that I have today been in contact with the Bailiffs and have confirmed with them that your case are not to be returned to this office. However I have instructed them to levy an agreement against the whole debt at the rate of £60.00 per month to start 1st November 2009. They have confirmed that this has been levied and that a giro book has also been sent today. I must state that failure to comply with this agreement will result in the debt being handed over to an enforcement bailiff. I can also confirm that I have asked t
  3. Yes, he posted a removal notice with that figure scribbled on the top in pen, notice said he would come back and enter my house even in my absence, and should I not respond they will take that as not willing to pay, which made me chuckle, as I've been trying to contact this guy for months and he has never returned my call once. I wrote a letter immediately requesting breakdown of all costs, and my future intentions as regards the debt., ie: that I will not be doing business with them whatsoever.
  4. I'm pretty sure there are better ways to collect debts than going into someones house and taking possesions. Most people know its their own fault they are in debt and try and do something about it, but strange men entering your house, taking your possesions can scar a family for a long time, they constantly live in fear of the doorbell ringing. There must be a better way. I have been self employed for years and I'm always having to chase debts, but I have never once resorted to intimidation tactics. Always found it more productive to sit round a table and thrash it out.
  5. Also told them that any future payments I will make to Council, not them..quoted "the law states I should pay this debt, but I'am not obliged to do business with them, and they should not take any further action that would incurr charges as I would be making all future payments direct to council"
  6. sent cheque to bailiffs, no I aint seen liability order, just a letter saying it had been issued. I now know shouldn't have sent it to them, I'm slowly learning from my mistakes. Did send a letter to council and photocopy of cheque and stated clearly it was for payment of CT arrears, NOT bailiff charges, and I expect it to be cleared on my account.
  7. ok, its a very long story, so I'll try and break it down. I owed council tax £196.00. Got a bailiff knocking at my door but didn't let him in, he left a letter saying I now owe £377.00. As it happened I had just sent a cheque for £196.00 along with a rather blunt letter stating that their charges should not be deducted from this, also sent a letter to council saying same. Have had various other problems over last 4 months too.
  8. I've been having problems with Equita for a while now, but can anybody tell me once arrears are paid up and only bailiff charges remain, do bailiffs still have the same powers to try and gain entry to your property for the collection of their charges, or is this a seperate issue, and will the courts see it as a seperate issue.
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