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  1. Yay! got my phone back today. oh wait doesnt charge. gone back. will send letter. apparently its only £120 to take someone to court.
  2. er. The PATIENT allocation liaison service (PALS) DOES have the patients concerns at heart because they certainly dont support the staff. to make a formal complaint you can write a letter but doing this you will ultimately receive a letter of apology and a list of events and why the actions were taken. if you are expecting ££££ then this is not the way to go. Even if your after advice pals is a very good starting point. as for the vac dresings these are awesome. i have seen them close so many different types of very nasty wounds.
  3. I work at said hospital and we are the cardiac center for the midlands and it is a center of excellence in coronary care. i wouldnt worry about paying for treatment as you would have been told whilst he was in hospital, they are very quick to pick these things up. from experience i receive a phone call from that department within 8 hours of admission to the hospital. also you will never get a dr to sign a letter saying he is fit to fly. if anything goes wrong the dr will be accountable and now that it is easy to sue the nhs they wont put themselves at risk. we can advise but it is
  4. hello. sorry to drag this up again but i still havent received my phone. It has been sent to samsung twice and they have sent it back saying it is fixed but it isnt. it has been 6 weeks since i took it in for repair. do you think it is reasonable that i should start threatening legal action yet? should i try to get some sort of compensation? the phone shop never rings me to say what is going on, they leave it for me to ring them. the service is terrible. also this shop which advertises itsself as an authorized repair center doesnt appear on the samsung website, it says there isnt a shop
  5. I know the phone was working because i was using it in the shop when i gave it to them. my network provider should be able to provide a letter saying that i was using data and making calls and texts on that day if this goes legal. I knew it charged because the phone is 6 months old and i have had it from new. also the glass has been cracked for 2 weeks and has been used daily with no problems, now payday has arrived i can afford to get it fixed. the screen itself was working fine, there was no bleeding of the lcd display as it was the protective glass that was cracked. every shop i went
  6. Hello I had a small crack on my galaxy note, i took it to the official samsung repair shop (not a samsung shop but a shop with authorized samsung technicians) and they said that it needed a new screen £150 please. so i agreed and they said it will be done within the hour. They made me sign a piece of paper saying that the only fault was a cracked screen, my imei number name address ect. when i collected the phone the man tried to turn it on and it wouldnt, tried to charge it and it wouldnt. he took it back upstairs and the technician came down with my phone in one hand and some bits in th
  7. Hello i am on the nursing bank which is an internal agency at a hospital and have been for 3 years. during this time i have been paid 4 times due to managers not signing forms. my last lot of wages was august 09. in june 09 i was apparently over paid and when queried the said it was a mistake and everything was alright. on the letter it said that the money would be taken in the next months wages. 2 months go by and when my payslips come no money was taken. I have now recieved a letter saying i still owe the money. The pay people dont know why i have been sent it and neither do
  8. I am brand new to this so i dont know if it makes it any easier but the chappie on moneysavingexpert.com says it does. PPI Reclaiming Guide: £1,000s for missold loan insurance... his template has it included.
  9. i have just finished reading them thanks. I think the first letter will be in the post tomorrow using the template from moneysavingexpert.com full of enthusiasm at the moment but lets see what happens.
  10. Hello. I had a look at an online statement for my hsbc credit card and found i was paying £5 a month for insurance i dont think i need. I have been paying this for roughly 3 years and didnt realise i had this policy. As a complete novice to any of this i did a quick web search and moneysavingexpert.com says because i had no idea about the insurance i could have a valid claim. I am wondering what the general consensus is here. i have had a look at posts and they all seem to be loans or ongoing, i have no idea about sucess rates but i am willing to try. I have a templ
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