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  1. I am sorry to hear about your case Londonkid. I have a similar issue with mbna which is in the courts at the moment. The case has been allocated to FT but as usual mbna are not following the order of the court for disclosure. Unliike yourself I lost my id i believe whilst living in students accomodation in london around 2003 and I only found out about 3 years ago when I returned back to the UK after working oversees for awhile. Even though they know I did not use the cards they say I have to find the person and prosecute them.They seem to make the law for themselves as they go along. their def
  2. The British legion in a perfect world would be a good ally to help to lobby, however, it being a charity it can not been seen to use its 'limited' resources especially at a time when hundreds of soldiers need their help to fight an undefeatable opposition. I spoke to a volunteer briefly but the concensus I gathered is that they hear of such cases from time to time but it is not rampant enough to warrant their effort. Even the ex-met commissioner Sir Blair said before the previous elections that the government is not doing enough to combat id theft and the issues it causes to victims but again,
  3. Richard, I tried over 2 years ago to get some help from my local tory MP but he suggested I speak to the British Legion for help when her secretary realised I was in the british forces previously. Its a joke I would say because it seems like a 'disease' which if you have not experienced first hand you tell yourself, it is due to the victims life style etc. A solicitor I spoke with 2 years ago actually told me that his current partner had experienced ID theft whilst backpacking across Asia in 2006, and when she got back to the UK and tried to buy a flat she found out she had been default
  4. Thanks Richard, the down side to claiming for damages is that 99.9% of time the case will be transferred to the fast track. Mine was and just today, a mate of mine who was in court for an allocation hearing had her case allocate to fast track even though Amex and her both requested SCT. That might be what is holding some victims back.My friend was even told by her solicitor that it was too complicated a case to try to win. This just shows the level of interest and knowledge solicitors have on consumer laws. Are you able to say when your appeal is being heard in England?Also any other case l
  5. Durkin I was in court a couple of weeks ago for pre-trial hearing, to seek damages against a bank reporting inaccurate data(default) on credit file. The DDJ referred their representative to your case to rebuff their attempt a SJ. So well done for trying for the general good.I know I can use your case as reference.cheers
  6. hi.been through the same with mbna. i have a pre-hearing on 1st april at my local county court. I will keep you posted as I know how you feel.It took me over 14 months to get default removed after alleged debt was sold to DCA. I took them to court and won. I am taking mbna to court for compensation but their defence is prove this, prove that etc. Its a joke
  7. I used the Payment Service Regulation which came into force last nov to replace the banking code.A copy can be found on the opsi website.A link to the website is below. The Payment Services Regulations 2009 No. 209
  8. I have summarised my case on thread below http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/dca-legal-successes/263435-got-compensation-had-default.html?highlight=compensation+default+removed
  9. My case is quite complicated.Its to do with i.d theft,invalid dn and missold ppi.Basically when i found out abt the card having been used by someone else without me knowledge the bank did not want to know because i did not find out for several months.The bank sold it on to EC,I made a complaint to the FOS,but they said i should make payments to EC or the bank as it will be easier(for who i dont know), which i thought was complete b.s, so basically I made a claim using N1 form with my P.o.C almost like a WS without any case laws, enphasising the fact that there are several penalty charges,the d
  10. well I can finally give you more info.I can reveal i took EC to court and today they have removed the default from my credit file.Its been a long year fighting with everyone's fav bank and EC.Ec stated that they would not be trying to set aside the judgement as the bank dont have a copy of the default they sent to me.In my P.o.C i stated the date the DN was written and the date I received it.Since the bank sold the acct to EC a week after the date on the DN, I guess it put them on the back foot and according to them for commercial reasons it was not worth defending the claim.I must add that,in
  11. you should do to bring the case to a close,otherwise it will be hanging over you for several years.that is what i did with my case.next stop, EC for processing my personal data without my consent.
  12. Its been 15 days and no reply.i guess i have to get the baillifs on them meebroke, basically they sent me a defective dn requesting full balance after they had put default entries on credit file. So i wrote to them to request a refund on ppi, but got no reply so i issued a lba and then a N1 form.they did not defend the claim so i won by default
  13. unfortunately they didn't.it just stated compensation i requested
  14. I served a claim unto mbna for an unlawful default entry on my credit file but they failed to defend the claim after acknowledgement.Subsequently I won by default.Can any one tell me how to get the default removed as I believe the CRA's will say mbna have to tell them to remove it.
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