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  1. yes mate all the insurers dvla etc all have 100% correct name. What they did you may call it "name invention" as i see it purely to enact a delay in the dlelivery of funds owed. These situations can be rectifified in 3 days, 14 days is ridiculous period and they have atated the case won't be looked at for 14 days..Guess who own Aviva yes you got it RBS my tax now being used to help companies pull off these tricks. I have written to my MP also... not holding breath RealBadDeal
  2. Thanks Beccus I appreciate you tried to get some action from aviva on their incorrectly printed cheque we have changed the name above to one that is less offensive to your company. You said you would approach the executive office . I can inform you that as of 11.45 am 2 oct 2009 no one has been in touch. I have asked a company to remove the car that is threatning my mothers safety they are doubtful it will be today and may be monday thie storage charge will be added to the particulars of claims issued on the 8th Thur Oct 2009. I am sorry your efforts were to no avail. The summons is
  3. Also the first women i spoke t said it could be exchanged in 3 days and then passed me to a gentleman that said absolutely nothing will be done for a minimum of 14 days .I am veryreasonable and would have lived with the first option having questioned some solicitors i know 14 days is entirely unnacceptable offer. It will be resolved some where between the summons and the hearing.. Just be warned Avoid Aviva
  4. I really do not mean to sound condescending but in a nutshell IT systems accurately hold a persons personal name and address, these are often cross referenced beteen dvla other insurance companies etc Letters are done usually in some sort of mail merge fashion. I have had experience of this in court before and the wrong name on an adrress can only be explained by the **edit** manual intervention of a human and in my case a gross intervention. I hope this helps your understanding... this is partly why they the insurerers have to produce guidelines for underwriters and claims handlers in c
  5. A **edit** cheque means that they have intervened into an automates system containing my name and address and adjusted my name to make the cheque impossible to cash I had a simiar issue with an insurance company a few years ago County court judges are aware of the interinking that goes on in It systems and yes I am being completely fair by calling it **edit** . Also underwriters and claims handlers have written direction to double check the correct names assigned to cheque but thank you for your comment have a good day
  6. I have been completely disgraced by this companies behaviour and have instigated county court proceedings against them with a 7 day LBA...READ BELOW From ************** *********** ********** To S Saravade On Behalf of Aviva Insurance 8 Surrey Street NR1 3EA 30/09/09 7 DAY LETTER BEFORE ACTION To ************* On Behalf of Aviva Insurance 8 Surrey Street NR1 3EA 30/09/09 7 DAY LETTER BEFORE ACTION Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to inform you that a small claims summons will be issued in The Huddersfie
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