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  1. any ideas how a debt collection agency could find out your new address? im not on the electoral register and i dont bank with the bank who claims the debt (and havent done for a year before i moved). ive a strong feeling that something illiegal has occurred here...
  2. i received an answer to my cca request from nat west. needless to say, it wasnt a cca at all just a single, signed page from a credit card application form, with absolutely none of the terms laid out, i replied informing them they have defaulted the debt. actually sent the letter to the 'dca' - part of rbs. received a phone call out of the blue yesterday from a company called rma - it seems nat west, despite being told clearly they cannot do this, have passed the debt elsewhere. some chap rang me up asking me to confirm my details and couldnt quite get
  3. this has made me wonder something. benefits are set at a standard rate as 'this is the amount the law says you need to live off.' i once applied for a crisis loan, part of which was to pay off a bill i was being harassed for. i was told by the benefits officer 'you cannot use crisis loans or state benefits to pay off debts' anyone know if this is this true?
  4. another update: it just gets more pathetic. regal have actually sent a polite letter. this one reads... 'we have submitted your section 77/78 consumer credit act request to rbs.' [this is interesting as they claimed they were entitled to the debt, which obviously they are not] 'in order to confirm your identity rbs have requested that you forward a copy of your current driving license or any other form of signed identification.'[correction youve requested it, ive had no letter from rbs] 'once this information is available they will respond with a copy of your original agreement
  5. it seems that green & co is a trade name of the royal bank of scotland, which only covers solicitors they contract. what happens is that this letter is sent out by rbs (not by a solicitor) in a standard template, and they then contract a solicitor under that trade name if they wish to go forward. this is confirmed by the print at the bottom of the letter, that this is the 'practicing name of solicitors employed by the royal bank of scotland'. in other words they are not actually a law firm, and do not retain solicitors on staff, but any who are asked to represent rbs use this name
  6. another interesting point is that despite today being the 9th of october - theyve backdated the letter from green and co to the first - the date of my cca request. clearly they seem to be covering their backs (or so they think). any further advice on how to proceed?
  7. needless to say i did not react favourably to these. 5 minutes after opening them regal called me on my mobile. apparently this was vicky, and asked me to confirm my details. i simply replied asking if theyd received my letter. they told me no. royal mail say yes which is the proof. i dont like liars. anyway, serious? mere threats? helping my case more than theirs? as much as i am intent on slowing them up as much as possible because of their harrassment and because i simply do not have the money, i need to know that this is just threatening hot air. has anyone else d
  8. regal are even more annoying, this also arrived today, seems they cant get enough of me either. bare in mind this is the FIRST EVER LETTER ive had from regal. dear sir, we notice that the above balance remains on your account. we have the opportunity for a very short period of time to discuss a FULL & FINAL [their capitals] settlement with you that could result in us being able to negotiate a significant reduction in your liability to our client. to take advantage of this it is important that you contact us on the above number IMMEDIATELY. [their capitals and underlining]
  9. ok got another love letter from the girls at triton today. this one is from their solicitors green & co (sounds familiar somehow): dear sir/madam, (interesting start dont you think? i suspect a standard threatening letter) we are instructed by our client, triton credit services, who are instructed by national westminster bank plc in connection with the above liability. we understand that, despite formal demand for repayment, the above amount remains unpaid and we are likely to be instructed to commence court proceedings against you, without further notice. however
  10. suppose i could hand-deliver it to the 'officer'
  11. update: ok so these people dont listen do they? had a voice message on my parents phone. apparently vicky from their 'litigation' department (same office, phone number is one digit out) tells me i must call them back IMMEDIATELY (she really stresses this - it seems she believes this is urgent), otherwise theyre sending an 'officer' to my home soon to discuss this. just to be clear... i have NEVER had any letter from regal, regarding anything. i have NEVER had any letter from nat west informing me of re-assignment of the debt to regal. i seriously didnt appreciate the
  12. precisely what i was thinking. ive put a different signature on each.
  13. also ive decided to test the cca request to see how low these people go. would i be correct in assuming that a fake signature on the agreement is going to severely upset their legal grounds? because the signature on the letter i sent isnt mine
  14. thaks for the help everyone its very much appreciated. i had insurance for my credit cards, etc, but after becoming ill and losing my job they all refused to pay out
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