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  1. Hi all and thanks for the replies....And i have decided to continue ignoring the threat letters and see what happens next, keep you all posted lol I was hoping someone else had had dealings with this so called Ethical Debt Recovery lot, just in case they were for real! Watch this space !
  2. Help!! I have had a parking fine in 2009 from lidl carpark for being 7 mins over limit. I decided after reading your forum that the best thing would be to ignor them and all was good until last may i got several letters from that Graham lot solicitors. I decided again after reading some great advice here that the best thing would be to ignor them in the hope that they just go away; this worked for another few months and several other letters. but today i have had 2 letters from 'Ethical Dept Recovery Services Ltd', Has anyone heard of these and are they anything to worry about?? The letter
  3. LOL i really like your answers lol at least you made me smile xxxxx:lol: i will keep you posted and let you u know what happens from here x
  4. well as iv asked for evidence and if they do happen to have a photo of my car or me driving in or out what do you think i should do then? They said it may take a couple of weeks to get it too me. so i will wait for that i suppose and get back to ya lol
  5. thanx for that quick response DBC. To be honest i didn't think they would go so far as to find out my phone number and call me at home...what a cheek! If they call me again i will take your advice and just hang up and see if this stops them.
  6. Its me again! Just thought id mention that it was that Graham White solicitors that called me at home. Can they do that?
  7. Help and Advice needed here guys i got a ticket for staying 10 mins over in the local lidil car park. I checked out this site and your advice was to ignor them which i have done...no contact at all. Today, out of the blue i receive a phone call from some solicitor guy asking me all about it. I just said i don't recall any ticket or letters etc, and for them to send me photo graphic evidence to the offence. What do you think their next move is gonna be and what should mine be??? do you think they are going to take me to court? I know you will give me some good advice on this so t
  8. LOL Thanks Letshelp I'm so glad that there are really great people out there like yourself, with good info that are happy to help out others in the same situation. Thanks again for taking the time to reply, take care Dee
  9. Thanks TFT and everyone You have all been wonderful and have really put my mind to rest over this. Thanks for your time and the great advice and i will take it all and pop the pesky letters in the draw for useless information lol Will let you all know if any more comes of this but in the meantime, keep up the good works and you information is invaluable. Dee
  10. Wow, you were so quick, Thanks. Not to sure what you mean about location etc and i didn't keep the ticket as i was disgusted and chucked it at the little guy in the box who hands out the tickets, Oops! I don't know if pictures were taken or if they had cctv cameras or anything similar but the previous letter didn't mention anything like evidence. The letter i got today just say's they're client who are LDK Security Group and some reference numbers, and FINAL WARNING splashed on the top of it. What would happen if they did take me to court? Any ideas? Dee
  11. Hi there don't know if you have come across this but i received a parking ticket from Lidls. I was 10 mins late back and found it attached to my window. I decided to ignor it after reading that they are not enforceable but after receiving more letters from them saying they had got my details from the DVLA (what happened to the data protection act?) Any way, today i got a letter from Graham White Solicitors threatening court action. Now i am more concerned......What should I do? Pay up?? The fine is now at 140 plus fees and charges. Hope someone can help Dee
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