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  1. Hi, Just thought I'd up date you re:Link. After using much of your advice and letters, link have not sent me a demand letter since I put the account into dispute beginning last November! I sent back all their letters with my letters highlighted in bright yellow marker pen what consumer act they were breaching just in case they couldn't read well or didn't understand the law. Seems to have worked, all is quiet. Link have probably sold my account to some other poor bugger, which of course they shouldn't do because it is in dispute. Should anyone else rise to the surface demanding money I sh
  2. Hi again, yep its me! I have had no reply from link re above, they had 21 days to reply and this was up a week ago, however they did send a letter from their accounts dept asking for the direct debit payment to be reinstalled. I sent them the mandate back with a copy of the above letter. Having not had a response from 'questionable agreement letter' what so you suggest I do now? many thanks
  3. 'Possible letter when a questionable agreement ' is now winging its' way to Link. Will be in touch after I receive a reply. Cheers 8-)
  4. Thanks for replying. The photocopy Link have sent is almost unreadable so I have not scanned it again. I have looked closely at the paperwork they have sent and compared it to your list. First of all the paperwork link sent was two separate sheets. The application for a virgin credit card was the first sheet. This is mearly the request for the virgin card. On here are the normal details for an application address, employment, DOB, finance, bank, etc. The data protection is shown in a box. There is only my husbands signature and a small box stating your right to cancel. There is nothin
  5. Sorry about scan I did my best! but I can confirm it is the original application form to apply for the virgin credit card. The only signature is my husbands. A copy of the T&C's have been provded along with this appilcation. I am getting confused as some of my letters have crossed over with replies from link and I am not really sure where I am at legally with link. Basically this is what has happened so far. I sent a letter of formal complaint and a request for the CCA on the 13th August. Link failed to supply the CCA request within the allowed time. I then sent an 'account in dispute
  6. How managed this is a miracle! I know it is upside down but I got it to this page! Anyway the T&C are attached as a separate page but I gave up trying to get this image aswell. I hope this helps you to tell me whether Link have any right to use this original document as their right to pursue me for this money - thanks once again without your help I would have ended up in the looney bin
  7. Is anyone able to clarify whether link can use this original application as proof they own the debt? either way what would I do next?
  8. Is anyone able to clarify whether link can use this original application as proof they own the debt? either way what would I do next?
  9. Glad to know that I'm not the only one and it is interesting to read other peoples stores and how they have dealt with Link:-)
  10. Thanks for replying - It is the a copy of the original application form to apply for a virgin credit card. There is a small box which staes they will send information to cancel, which I can't ever reember receiving. I am spot-on with paperwork and filling because I ran a business for some while. I would have been aware of this right to cancel if it was ever sent. There is no signature on this application form from Virgin only that of my husband. Sorry I could not get copy any bigger and I have never used tinypic or photobucket unless you can point me in the right direction. Anyway I hop
  11. This is a scan of the original agreement betweeen my husband and Virgin, sorry hope you can do something with the picture I sent, I'm not a whizz when it comes to computers - thanks
  12. Sent failed letter and deadline to respond was today and have not received anything from link. I have received a letter dated 18th September which I received yesterday, I can't confirm post arrival to my house because I have been away since 15th September and returned yesterday. The letter is a response to my formal letter of complaint along with my request for CCA. The 12 day deadline for the CCA was 27/8. The letter basically is an apologie for all the errors they have made regarding postal addresses and ignoring my requests etc. plus they have attached a copy of the original signed appl
  13. Can you tell me what an AID letter is? do I send this instead of a failed letter or both together? also I cannot find AID in the templates could you link me to it thanks, sorry to be a pain just never done this before.
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