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  1. Hi everyone. I have a question, but first let me explain the situation. We had a contract for Assured Shorthold Tenancy where there was 4 names on the contract. There was a only one standing order from my account. Sometimes other people used to pay me in cash sometimes via Bank Transfer. As one of the guys broke up with his girlfriend, he has moved out, but there was quite some rent outstanding and I just kept paying for both of them while there where out of work. First he did admit what he owes us, but then he came up with all sort of excuses just to not to pay. All the bills where coming in my name as well. My question is - if there is four people on the contract is there a legal sort of requirement for them to share the rent? He only paid some 700 quid with bank transfer out of total over 5k of his share. So can I attempt any legal action against him? At the moment I want to use that just to try to get my 1800 quid back, but if he will not pay I would like to have some back up plan. Thanks to everyone in advance. Eugene
  2. Didn't sign new AST, but signed a letter to transfer the deposit. The letter was initiated by new agents.
  3. Thanks for reply. Just to clarify, which agent do I take to court - old one, as they haven't registered deposit, or the new one, as they hold it? I just need to know where I stand...
  4. This is not professional advice, but my own thought as I'm in similar situation now: I had a chat with one of the landlords (not my one) and he said that everything falls under fair wear and tear unless it can be qualified as a damage. For example: That could be either a result of low quality paint and labour or bad conditions, that are caused by absence of proper ventilation. With walls - if you have made an extra window , that is a damage, but only some small marks and fainted paint is normal thing when you live in the flat...
  5. First of all I would like to say thanks to all the people in this forum for huge amount of usefull information. Just by reading the forum I've got answers to most my questions. But my situation is quite complicated so I would like to get some advice. First of all I will describe the background of the case: We (4 people) signed an AST contract in first decade of november 2007. We have paid a deposite - over £1000 pounds. 15/07/2009 we gave one month notice and gave up the keys to the property on 14/08/2009. Around 25/08/2009 agents gave us the copy of check out report, that was carried out on 21/08/2009. Based on that report they sent us a list of deductions. Here is a brief list: 1. Marks on walls - report sais "heavily marked" - I would say normal usage if you have light color walls. They are trying to deduct 400 quid towards £2000 invoice for repainting. Considering the flat has got perfectly streight wall made of plasterboard I would asume they are trying to repaint Buckingham palace for my money... 2. Puley not working on one of the blinds - £70. Same Blinds cost £20 in B&Q. Labour is two screws. 3. They are trying to charge me £1 to replace a bulb 4. £100 to replace sofas, that had holes in arms when we where moving in. We have it in check in report aswell, but check out report sais "tear to arm now worse". What did they want after 21 month and £23000 of rent money. 5. "traces of unknown white substances" on the table - no comments Some interesting facts: 1. We didn't sign check-in inventory, as no one ased. 2. We didn't get a gas certificate. 3. A year later agents phoned us to arrange time for gas equipment check, but we haven't seen anyone and didn't get any certificates. 4. Check-out invetory was made without our presence and is not signed by any of us. I think that's all the details regarding the flat. Now situation with deposite. 1. First and most simple question - we were four people, but now we are only three, as one guy moved out january this year. He still owes us quite a bit of money. Considering bankers draft for deposite and all the rent payments where comming out of my account, do I need any sort of permission from him to fight for the deposite? 2. I have found out that the deposit wasn't registered. BUT!!! Some time this year landlord has changed managing agents (who was holding the deposit) and new agent only received my money after we have moved out. Both new and old agents can't give me any details on deposite registration - as I mentioned it was not registred. Who do I claim compensation from??? (deposite is deffinately not with landlord, but with new agents now). And most important how do I get my deposit back? 3. After givin A notice and paying one month in advance I have forgotten to cancel Standing Order. I have overpaid more than £1000 directly to landlord (that's where money were going all the time appart from first 3 months). I only have Landlord's address in spain, so all the communication is done through agents. They keep saying "next week" or "in two days" for two and a half months now. Is there any special procedure to get that money back??? Thanks to everyone in advance.
  6. Hi, Couple of quick questions: 1. I already found that when I was moving in to the property (AST) I haven't signed Inventory. I assume that check-out inventory is not very usefull without that. Am I right? 2. Even If I ever did, check-out inventory took place 7 days after we gave up the keys. No person representing tenants was present. Does the check out report have any real power? Having said all that I don't want to do any [problem], It's just my managing agents are trying to rip me off. I am going to offer them fair deduction of around 500 - in one room we left some marks on the wall (considering wall are made from plasterboard and are perfectly streight, no plustering needed), plus property requires professional cleaning. They insist on 1000 saying they would have to pay £2000 for property repainting. It's a two bedroom flat, not a Buckingham Palace. They've also said that replacing blindes (simple plastic ones) in one room is £70. The most expensive venetian blinds I managed to find in B&Q are £60 - but that's wood, The ones in the property cost around £15. There are some other disputable prices, but I would like to have a last line of defence. Thanks in advance.
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