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  1. thanks everyone for the advice posted something similar in another consumer-related websites n those people actually suggested that there is no surprise to find a piece of bone in a meat product... im talking about a possible human tooth here.
  2. it is absolutely outrageous. it looks like a tooth broken in half. it is about 1x0.5x0.2 cm in size. its hard like your normal bone, it's more white on one side and and the other is sort of reddish/grey. it was in the middle of one from those uncooked meatball pack. i took a picture of it on my plate of pasta and had it wrapped by a tissue. Shall I just bring it to a local store and ask for a full explanation?
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. In fact he took 150+ pounds from my deposit. I have got all the bills with me which we have agreed to share, I guess I would need the rest of my flatmates to be 'witness' if I am really to prove he has 'stolen' from me. A rather tough one. Anyhow, thanks for the advice again.
  4. I am a university student and have been sharing a flat with 3 other students. During our 9 months stay we always deposited our part of the rent to one of the sharers (would call him A from now on) and he would pay the agent/landlord. So basically the agent/landlord only has his bank details which they returned the entire flat's 6 weeks deposit to at the end of the contract this July. When we first moved into the flat, all four of us agreed and adapted this system of buying communal things such as groceries, kitchen utensils, etc then splitting the bills in the end. We would normally clea
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