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  1. With regards to this thread opened by jasiu2009,it would seem as dx says,there is nothing to worry about.Reading through,i would guess also your case went under the radar anyway.
  2. Sorry to bump in but,just a thought.....maybe the shortfall was never persued? I am wondering if some shortfalls perhaps for whatever reason,never actually get persued. Maybe someone on here will know or have heard of such a case.
  3. Oh yes.....please move it to the HMRC forum. Sorry
  4. There are 6 of us who use the same accountant and at the same time our tax returns were submitted. The tax office sent payments out to my 5 colleagues. Mine however did'nt arrive and my accountant said they would'nt tell him anything and that i needed to ring the tax office myself,go through some security questions and then i'd be able to request information about my refund. However after calling the tax office and passing security the advisor merely said that my refund is 'Pending' due to investigation.He was vague but seemed to suggest i had done nothing wrong and that i would eventually recieve it. Does anyone know how long this goes on before i recieve the payment......and......for what reason is it happening anyway? Kind regards.
  5. Thankyou for all your help...........i'll give it a try. Kind regards.
  6. Thankyou kindly.I think i can do that.But i'm working away,but i assume any Lloyds branch will do?
  7. Ok thankyou,never done one before.Sorry,but i presume i ring the bank,explain and give them the transaction number/reference on my statement?
  8. I used my Lloyds debit card,so the payment was taken instantly.
  9. I'm not sure if i'm 'allowed' to post the website? But the delivery clearly states first class and delivered within 3 days.According to the account i created with them,it was despatched almost immediately.
  10. Hi everyone.... In an effort to give up smoking i ordered online an electric cigarette and 4 boxes of refills which amounted to £44 something which was debited from my bank account on 16th January. The product was advertised as first class post,but never even arrived. I have tried phoning the company every day for the past week and all i get is a message advising me to email.So i then send emails but still get no reply. My next option is to write a letter to them and was wondering what i could say or whether to contact the cab? I'm not good at compiling letters. But surely this company cannot be allowed to take my money and not provide the service? Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards.
  11. Hi....... I would be grateful if anyone can offer me some advice on the following: I have been an ebay member for 6 years as a private buyer/seller and in fact only ever sold a few items. On 1/12/2012 i purchased a Ralph Lauren shirt.I was'nt too keen on it and resold it on ebay last week. The new buyer took the shirt to House Of Fraser who apparently advised him it was a fake and he's now taking the shirt to his local Trading Standards office. Obviously i was unaware it was not authentic and purchased it myself from another ebay seller.I cant claim back payment from the original seller because 45 days have lapsed but i'm happy to refund the new buyer. However i am more concerned what Trading Standards will do to me? I am really concerned so would appreciate any advice. Thankyou.
  12. Just to finally clarify... In 2 weeks time i'll take my mot,insurance and 'new owners slip' to the post office so that i am able to retax the car. At this time if i've not recieved the logbook,am i right to say there's a 'form' i can complete and send with it the 'new owners slip' to dvla who will send me a logbook free of charge? Thanks(sorry i'm a car numpty)
  13. Thankyou guys....... So i will use the 'new owners slip' i've got to renew the tax at the end of the month. Then if i have'nt recieved the logbook say 2 weeks after that,i can complete a 'form' and send my 'owners slip' with the form to dvla,and i wont have to pay the £25(i think thats what you meant crem). I just assumed that when i use the 'slip' to buy the tax i would automatically recieve a logbook without the need to apply. Hey thanks.
  14. Hi all, I would be grateful for some advice as i know nothing about cars. A couple of weeks ago i purchased a car from ebay! The seller had the logbook which he signed in front of me and i completed the front page with my name/address etc. The seller said he would post the logbook,as its his responsibility? I was given the small green bottom section,new owners slip? The part i recieved enables me,with the MOT and Insurance to tax the vehicle at the end of the month when the tax expires. I just wanted to know if: 1) That was the correct proceedure. 2)If the seller does not send the logbook to dvla(which can happen i've read),when i tax the car at the end of the month will dvla automatically send me a new logbook,or as i can only use the new owners slip once,will i have to apply for one. Thankyou in advance.
  15. Thankyou............ So being she has not worked,or claimed any benefits,or had any income for 3 years............seemingly she will not be deducted tax or NI on this income. Kind regards.
  16. Hi..... No she never claimed benefits of any kind.We/she assumed she would find employment quickly,plus i was taking care of things and then we went abroad for quite some time. So in theory after being self-employed for many years, the past 3 for several reasons she never got round to claiming benefits of any kind.Is that significant then?
  17. OK thankyou...............and no,she had no p45 because she's not worked for a few years and was self-employed before that.
  18. Being that my girlfriends not a member here,i'm posting this thread on her behalf....... Anyway she has just been offered,which she accepted,a job at B&Q, whish pays £6.40 per hour and she'll be working 20 hours per week. So this is surely £128 per week,which is £6.656 per year. B&Q took photocopies of her passport and national insurance card etc and said thats all they need and that she needs to do nothing further. So we presume she will get paid and her tax and national insurance will be deducted without her needing to do anything? Also how much national insurance and tax will be deducted on that income? Thankyou in advance.
  19. Thankyou. Yes i went to the website and it gives contact details etc. I found somewhere that offered to check class 2 national insurance..............though i have no class 2 number. All i have is my national insurance number and i cant see anywhere to 'type it in' All i have is my
  20. Thankyou for the replies. Apparently i never paid class 2 national insurance which would have been for 13 years.I guess thats alot of backdated money owed if thats the proceedure.Though surely the debt can only go back 6 years? The last 3 years i have been not working/not in uk. I dont want to be in trouble and want to know the worst case scenerios and amount of debt. Thanks again.
  21. Please help me people...........here's the story.............. I worked for 13 years within a public company where my wages were paid into the bank after deductions and i paid NI and will recieve a pension when it matures. Then for 13 year i went self-employed with a gang of builders and never paid NI,when i started nobody paid it and i was told 'we are self-employed and dont need to pay it'. For the past 3 years i have been in Europe and not living/working in UK. Anyway......................i am coming back to england and hope to start work in the public sector and will need to complete a P60? form when i start work.But my question is...........what about the national insurance what i believe should have been paid,will the arrears come to light.Will it be backdated,if so for how many years? Please advise me.
  22. Hey everyone, Not sure if i've posted this in the right area but i'll give it a go,any advice appreciated. Up until 2009 i was working self-employed. I left the Uk for 2 years,travelling/backpacking and arrived back in March of this year.I've not been claiming benefits and have been trying to find a job.After a successful interview recently,i have now been offered a job with a company.But obviously i have no P45 form. Anyone know what happens? Kind regards.
  23. Hi all, I'm actually seeking some advice for a friend,i've always been self-employed so really i dont know how the PAYE system works. Anyway he started a job last September at a university and has his national insurance and tax deducted before his monthly wage hits the bank. He just wants to know if he needs to fill in some sort of assessment form(only that my deadline for my own is today),or is there nothing he needs to do? Thanks in advance.
  24. Please excuse me if this thread is posted in the wrong place,and if so perhaps it can be moved? Ok so i have an online account with a large outdoor clothing company and made a large order of clothes and boots which although i'm from Uk,they kindly(for a little extra)posted to me in Poland where i'm currently working/living. Anyway all was fine except for a pair of Goretex leather boots which after a 5 minute walk and through a small puddle leaked water.The company told me to return them and they would exchange them, and just to write down the order number(which could be checked on my online account). So i posted them from Poland which is not our Royal Mail service and did not get any proof of posting and so due to the language barrier i let it be. Now the company has told me they did not recieve the boots,true or not i cannot prove of course. Sadly,would i be correct to assume there is nothing i can do? Thanks for any responce.
  25. Hi Guys, I Have Without Success Had 2 Worthless Phone Conversations With The Dvla. Does Anyone Know Of An Email Address Where I Could Write To And Perhaps Get A Better Responce From Them????
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