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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Claim submitted to local county court today Taff x
  3. Letter received today stating this is their final offer and they won't be increasing it. Fine by me! N1 will be submitted to local county court tomorrow morning for the full £800. Will update as and when any developments occur bye for now! Taff x
  4. letter from capital one received today dated 3/8/06: sorry you're not happy, blah blah, we're right, you're wrong, etc. goodwill offer of £282. £282??? now Capital One, that wasn't what I asked for was it silly sausages???!!! :lol::lol: Letter will be written this afternoon reminding them about the other £518 that I asked for, and informing them of the LBA that's winging it's way to them (posted before this paltry offer received). Have the N1 ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Taff x
  5. no reply to prelim so LBA sent yest
  6. Thanks! Posting via recorded delivery this afternoon Taff
  7. Hi Clayts and thanks for the early encouragement! Am actually quite excited with this claim. Was v.nervous with Lloyds and at times was well out of my comfort zone, but got through it and it came good! (got as far as returning the allocation questionnaire and offer was made about 2 weeks later, joy ) okay, am about to put the prelim letter together and have encountered my first (probably daft) hurdle.... Where do I send it? lol I have 2 addresses in front of me; 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JJ, or PO Box 5283, Nottingham, NG2 3YG Thanks all Taff and crew
  8. Hi all After a successful claim against Lloyds TSB (£1040, repaid last week, already spent!) am now embarking on a claim against C1 on behalf of Mr Taff. So far: S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) sent 06.06.06 Reply received today 22.07.06 with about 200 (oh gosh!!) pages of statements, screenshots and abbreviation notes. After going through them it's calculated that they owe £800 :-o:-o had such a shock!!! Prelim will be sent on monday via recorded del, along with spreadsheet showing charges, interest etc. Will update as and when we hear anything. Many th
  9. That's FANTASTIC news! Wonder if MJ will be getting any more calls over the next few days eh? Seems to have worked for you! Well done and thank's for the really detailed thread, and the help you've given to me and many (MANY!!) others so far on this forum Congratulations Taff x
  10. I returned my AQ last week, deadline is 7th July. Lloyds still haven't returned theirs yet so I eagerly anticipate the postman every day with a lovely letter from MJ! I was thinking about emailing MJ along the same lines as you reload, but to be honest I'm a bit too apprehensive to intervene at this point incase it affects my case in any way! Taff x
  11. Reload you're such a star!!! Thanks soooooo much!!!!!!! (wish I could "click your scales" again lol - that's not code for anything either, just so mr. Taff's not upset!!!)
  12. HI all well received Lloyds defence, and now the allocation questionnaire from the court with a copy of the banks defence in it too. After reading throught the Allocation Help at the top of the forum my from seems to run a little differently. The name of the form is N150. Under section D: WHAT AMOUNT OF THE CLAIM IS IN DISPUTE? (is this the total amount?) HAVE YOU MADE ANY APPLICATIONS IN THIS CLAIM.. YES / NO E.G SUMMARY JUDGEMENT, ADD ANOTHER PARTY) (I think this is no?? WITNESSES: SO FAR AS YOU KNOW AT THIS STAGE, WHAT WITNESSES OF FACT DO YOU INTEND TO CALL AT THE TRIAL
  13. hiya Fizzbin, I too have been wondering about sending the AQ to the bank and have read lots of threads about it. I've been told that you don't have to send it to the bank but it's better to for a couple of reasons; first is that you're covering your own back, and second is that it seems from other threads that if you send the copy to the bank's solicitors they can see that 1st hand you're not kidding here! I'm awaiting Lloyds' defence right now but will be sending a copy of the AQ to the bank when it arrives. Sorry this isn't a foregone conclusion but I hope it helps a little!
  14. Thanks so much for merging my threads and thanks so very VERY much for relieveing my worries a little! Phew *sighs* AQ eagerly anticipated! Regards and good luck to all Taffy xx
  15. Hi there and thanks to all who come to my aid! I've followed all steps and submitted my claim form to my local county court on the 22nd May 2006. I received Notice of acknowledgement of service on 3rd May 2006 stating Lloyds Acknowledged on 1st June and intend to defend all of the claim. My problem is that I'm now very worried because I didn't include a list of all charges with my claim to the court, just the total amount claimed. Have I messed up here? If so how can I remedy it? Thanks so much for all your help and advice in advance A very worried Taffy well and truly out
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