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  1. OK I have actaully read through all these posts (much to those who don't think I would) because 1. I am grateful to the kind people near the start of the thread who helped me get off the fine/ban 2. I am not such an a**hole as some of you make out. Before you persecute me I would like to point a few things out. First look at the road itself. That road is a major road, the limit of 30 is artificially slow. In praticular look at how wide the road is. That is a major road out of the centre of Oxford. Second, consider the time I was driving: in the small hours of the morning
  2. How come you're all so helpful wtih this guy who did exactly the same speed as me in the same zone, yet I get treated like a pariah by a few of you!!
  3. see i got rather mixed responses here, sorry for any undue offence, i did say above i was grateful, if you don't think the speed was appropriate i'm sorry but you shouldn't be so judgmental, it's not speed that kills it's bad driving and you knew nothing of the road conditions on the day, i'm a very safe driver never had an accident.
  4. Just got a reply from the Thames constabulary, they have let me off the charge along with a snooty message at the bottom about how I need to drive at a safe speed in the future... my ass! I was driving a perfect speed, i was just unlucky to get caught. glad i got off, cheers for your help.
  5. Yes, ignore. I have got 5 or 6 private parking tickets - you will get a whole rainbow of letters - none of them more meaningful than the last!
  6. I've sent a letter to Thames valley police as well as a photocopy of the enveope with the postmark encircled which proves I could not have got the notice in time. In the meantime I'm not sure whether to respond to the Notice Of Intended Prosecution! Hopefully it won't come to that, and they'll respond promptly... fingers crossed!!
  7. OK I have found this template letter which I will send off http://www.clearlicence.co.uk/caught/response_letter.doc It looks like i've got away with it this time. Cheers Johnny
  8. WOW. It looks like the letter was POSTED on the 21st according to the postmark. I wonder who I go to wtih my defence? this is great news
  9. Yes the camera flashed, it was white - just like any other camera. Straight in my face! However if it is infra red maybe it was something else. How odd... Grrr - it's so frustrating, I waited 14 days, nothing arrived, and I thought I was off. I didn't expect it to arrive in twice that time! OK well thanks all - guess I've done the crime so I will have to do the time!
  10. Well yes & no - it's discretionary apparently. I'll get banned either way if I am done for it! I know 56 in 30 sounds fast but it was late with very little traffic and the road is quite wide so you don't feel dangerous - very un resonable!
  11. Hi, I was caught at this stupid speed camera doing 56- cowley road - Google Maps In a 30 on the Cowley Road in Oxfordshire. I would of slowed for it but I wasn't familiar with the area and also I didn't think speed cameras could flash you from the front? (I assumed it was doing the traffic in the toher direction) It flashed me before I had even passed it. I did brake a bit but it wasn't enough as the camera was just round a bend as you can see. Also the letter arrived 25 DAYS after I did the offence, athough the date at the top of the letter is less than the 14 day limit.
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