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  1. Where Do You Begin With This Company If You Telephone Them As Soon As You Give The Reference In The Office They Either Transfer You To The Bailiff Or Put The Phone Down. These Are The Rudest Bunch Of People I Have Ever Met. Whilst Handing Over My 550 Pounds I Told Him I Wsnted My 2 Pound Change He Told Me I Should Leave My Children Waiting For There Tea And Go To The Shop And Get Change, If I Did Not Do This Then He Would Not Accept The Money And Would Still Take My Car. He Only Went The Shop Himself When The Police Finally Took My Side And Told Him To Go The Shop Himself This Very Rude Man Is Called Mr Haddock And I Hope Nobody Else Comes Across Him
  2. gets better i came home from work today to find they had clamped my car on the drive. the fee at this point went up to 548.00 pounds the police then were called to prevent a breech of the peace. My 3 children were in the house i had the dog on the drive so they couldnt get in but we were threatened with arrest and so just had to pay 548 poubds for release of my car. this cant be justifiable!!
  3. the baillif came out with a letter in auguast which is when I agreed to pay half in August and half in September. How can the bailliffs suddenly charge an extra £200 when they have not even been out with the van yet. where did this extra cost occur for them.? I am going the CAB this afternoon, I have also faxed them a load of info this morning proving that Im not at my mums address but am i going to have to pay this anway??
  4. Can anybody give me some advice, In May I received a letter to my mums address (where I havent lived for 16 years) from Wirral Borough Magistrates stating that they were going to take action over a 53 pound fine for failing to identify a driver in 1999. I phoned the court to query what this was and why I had heard nothing about it in 10 years and they said they could not give me any precise info due to there computer systems having been updated since then. I also quiried this debt as being unenforceable as it is 10 years old. There reply was that it is a court fine and hence does not expire in this way. In August Marstons baillifs posted a letter through my mums door stating it has now gone up to 103 pound. I called Marstons again querying what this fine is for, still nobody can give me any other information other than failure to identify driver. Nobody can give me info of vehicle etc. So I paid 30 pounds over the telephone and said i would pay the further 70 pounds in september. I was advised by Marstons to just pay and then take it up with the courts later. So i called Marstons today to pay the remaing 73 pounds and was informed I now owe 248 pounds as I am 10 days late making the payment. I again went through the story with them and told them I no longer live at this address and it is my mums house, the bailliff said I must make full payment today or does my mum have receipts for all her goods as they are attending the property with a locksmith. I again said I dont live there and I can fax info such as council tax for my mum to prove it. He said unless I give him my new address the fax wont make any difference and he is going ahead with the action in the morning. I offered to pay him 100 pounds but he has said full payment or nothing. HELP!!!!!!!!!1
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