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  1. There were 10 regions and us 10 managers. They changed the operation structure and made 5 bigger regions instead of 10. Then they asked us that to comply with operational structure we will have to follow the same route. They told us that instead of 10 Finance Managers there will be 5 Financial controllers and they be reported by 5 Finance Managers. Finance Director phoned each of us and said that there will be no job losses and we were happy that even those who go for Financial Controller and not successful will stay on Finance Managers job. They put me in two regions, one was London and
  2. May be I wasn't clear. How could I go for the lower paid job when the job was not vacant. They were just trying to cover their back and even if the job was there then it was based in Lincoln and I am in London.
  3. No I didn't appeal as I was told at consultation that there is no job for me and I was given redundancy form to sign within two weeks. In the consultation pack it was written that if anyone made redundant will be offered substitute but I wasn't. What I was told is that if I want I can apply for another person's job and if successful will have to work with 20% lower pay as I explained above. But it wasn't a substitute job offer as they were saying.
  4. Also the selection process was conducted by my two senior managers and not even HR person was involved where as with other job interviews in other departments there was HR person involved.
  5. Yes, this is what the problem is that they had their mind made up already, otherwise how is that possible that I am doing the job since years and no negative points against me other than I was criticizing their centralization policies. What I am trying to say is my redundancy is not due to I wasn't successful at interview as I had great interview, but more to do with criticizing their policies which has lead the organization to spend more rather than savings.
  6. Yes correct, they gave the job to the staff on 15% lower pay. There are 10 managers doing the same job. I did not ask for any redundancy and they forced me to accept. How is that possible that employer can just run the process and give my job to someone else for no reason. There was no vacant job, they asked me if I want they can put me against another manager and we can compete which I refused.
  7. They have used the process just to make me redundant but there wasn't any need for redundancy and this what my claim is for.
  8. We were given consultation pack 1st draft and then revised 2nd draft and at risk letters. And after the interviews there was consultation with me as I was the only one in my department who was made redundant. In the consultation they did not offer me any substitute but was told that I wasn't successful at interview and I must sign "Voluntary Redundancy Form" to be eligible for redundancy pay. I didn't sign the paper as I didn't volunteer for redundancy but I was told they only give this form and I wouldn't get any redundancy if I don't sign it.
  9. Basically, my region merged with another region so they gave all my work to another employee who is 15% lower pay. Then they asked me if I want I can apply for another region but pay will be less. They wanted me to go for another region so that they can get rid of the person in that region as he was giving them trouble and at the same time they will cut my pay 20%. They were so sure that I will go for 20% lower paid job that when I declined they were shocked and they made me work till the notice period ended so that if I changed my mind they can place me into the job,, whereas in ot
  10. They will pay all my dues including redundancy by end of this month.
  11. Hi, I have been made redundant through the process and my job have been given to someone else. They wanted me to apply for another person job as they were not happy with his performance. The problem was pay which was 20% lower than has I had. Therefore, I refused to go for that job. As they had given my existing job to another person who is also 15% lower than me. My question is can I take them to tribunal on grounds that I have been made redundant due to lower cost of new employees and they tried to exploit me by asking me to apply for the job which is 20% lower.? Can I als
  12. Thank you very much for the template.
  13. Hi, I have recieved agreement signed by me from Sainsbury and need your opinion please. sainsbury's agreement.pdf
  14. Thanks very much for the template and your help, I will send it to them and see what do they say.
  15. Thanks, I will re-ove the attachement.
  16. Hi, Could anyone please help me go through the attached agreement and letter sent to me by Sainsbury's against my credit card balance. I don't think it is right but need an expert's views. Thanks
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