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  1. In the UK, it has always been illegal to make a copy of a tape, record, cd, dvd, computer game etc etc. Tecnically, video recorders were illegal but there was some leeway given. Of course, copying a cd for your brother wasn't the same as making a copy then flogging them at a car boot, but it was and still is illegal to do. The 'merkins have a better system, you are allowed to make a copy for "fair use" but even that is difficult given the stupid DRM system and copy protection technologies included on nearly all forms of digital media... They may have struck a good balance here but with
  2. Not heard nothing since. No doubt they will pass it back to paypal whom will send it on to another dca. I'll just wait and see... as far as im concerned, job done.
  3. Yeah i know but i dont really give a toss. They can keep em coming and i'll keep winding em up. My goal is to cost em more in admin and hassle chasing me than the value of the debt. Then i'll offer some derisory offer of a pound a week and that they must send a payment form, which i shall post, with no stamp. I'll cost em thousands!!!!!!
  4. I've just spoken to them and recorded the entire conversation.It basically just de-stresses me to wind these twunts up. The silence at the beginning is me after deleting my reference numbers. So, there we go. did drop a bit of a clanger, i miss read the date of the letter and told him it was the 21/10/09, it was actually 2/10/09. Still, dropped a spanner in their works. Oh, and course, #31# from a mobile or 141 from a landline to stop CLID before calling them and dont give them any details. Untitled2.mp3
  5. Well, i've printed my "prove the debt" letter and will post it shortly, will post replies on here.
  6. Bet its a right old laugh trying to remove that blemish from your credit file. Surely there must be legal recourse if they do this, and if they do, must they inform you???
  7. Can they do this? in a previous life, i was dealing with NCO as i had/have a dispute with paypal, when i questioned NCO about this (NCO were paypals old DCA) they told me they couldnt affect your credit rating unless they took you to court and you defaulted.
  8. Sorry, only offering sugestions.
  9. tell PP you were in hospital or something and couldn't get net access.
  10. 'effin hate how paypal side with the buyer without question. Promise to investigate and do F all, which is why i feel a lot of people take umbridge at having to deal with the cretinous DCAs'
  11. I guess its worth taking you to court for that much, but, whats with the watch? why has the buyer filed a complaint?
  12. I too have had one this morning, oddly much the same circumstances except the phone i got back was different from the one i sent. I think PP have changed their DCA as it wasnt this bunch of muppets. It was NCO. i guess they are about as powerless as each other and depend on scare tactics.
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