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  1. Dear All, Okay where do I start, in 2006 I obtained a Marbles Credit Card, in March 2008 I was made redundant and unable to maintain payments which up until this date payments were made every month without fail and on two previous occasions complete balances were paid off, so you could say I was a model customer. However after being made redundant I contacted Marbles by phone and letter staing the current problems and asked as advised by the Consumer Credit Counselling Service to reduce payments to £1 per month and suspend all interest until I got back on my feet. Marbles made several requests for Income and Expenditure sheets all of which were created and supplied by the CCCS along with proforma letters, afetr several months the interest continued paymenst were not made and Marbles continued to drag there heels staing they had not received anything, phone calls were almost 5 a day demanding payment, along with letters every couple of weeks with one demand after another, I have copies of every letter to and from Marbles along with Royal mail recorded delivery proof, yet Marbles still insisted they never received anything, I made several complaints after my account was passed to a collection agency and further threats, which led to phone numbers both mobile and home being changed, according to the complaints department I had agreed to pay £128 per month and I was apparently in breach of this agreement and no further agreements would be made? when asked for proof of this so called agreement when I had already provided them CCCS Income expenditure and a £1 per month letter and stated I was unemployed! I was ignored, a further letter wass ent demanding a copy of my so called letter agreeing £128 to which the Complaints department stated they upheld the previous decision and were not prepared to comment further! funny that seeing as the agreement never even existed! Since then the account has been passed to 3 seperate collection agencies, 2 of which are chasing me now! one by the name of Rob something and another called Capcom! I was sent letters this week by both of their alleged solicitors demanding payment in full, and HL Legal or should I say Capcom sent me a letter on the 26th December (boxing day)! staing all land registry checks have been done and they were going to apply for a charging order to my house. I have sent each Credit agency CCA and SAR requests along with requests for all communication between myself and Marbles and Marbles and Credit agencies all of which has fallen on deaf ears, yet they continue with the threats of CCJ, whats next guys any suggestions?
  2. Hello all, Okay I am in need of sound advice, I currently have 2 MBNA Credit Cards, since March I have had non stop phone calls from them, after several written complaints they have stopped to just about 1 per week, the problem I have now however is that they are demanding money from me that I simply do not have. I have made them offers as per the Consumer Credit Counsels Advice however they have refused this offer stating they cannot accept anything under their operating laws which take more than 70 months to clear. I have been offered an early settlement with them to write off 70% of the debt. How can I request a copy of the SAR, and what is a CA? I dont understand all this.
  3. To the Abused and Muffin Top, thanks for all the info, both accounts were opened online over 2 years ago, I have never missed a payment since being with them until March this year, even though my Interest rate strated at 14.9 and steadily was increased to over 33% something wrong there me thinks! Your also right about the figures combined total for both cards is £5971.06 of which £1087.69 are interest and late payment charges since writing to them in March stating I was in difficulties. They want me to pay £2090 to write off the balances. I have every letter including Post Office recorded delivery receipts. How do I ask for this 'Subject Access Request' are there any pro forma letters or exact wording I should be using?
  4. Think i've got it? - Okay last year 2008 I was made redundant 3 times the last being Nov 08. Up until March 09 I continued to pay all my credit cards thinking I would find employment before then. This did not happen, to date I have received an unprecedented amount of calls from MBNA/RMA/Aegis or whoever or whatever they call themselves, I have written to MBNA in March supplying them with a Income and Expenditure sheet along with an explanation to my current circumstances. I made it clear I would only communicate by written letter and not by telephone, yet the only letters I recieve from MBNA is please call us to discuss your account! I have now sent 7 letters to MBNA in the past 6 months all of which NONE have been answered, I have recieved threats of court action, threats of bailiffs, etc etc you name it they have done it, on two occasions my wife answered the phone to be told and I qoute "we will continue to call you and harass you until you pay up" comment made by James of MBNA. I have now received yet further calls stating that if I do not pay today the sum of £88 because my arrears will be 6 months MBNA can no longer hold the account and will sell it to debt collections company! If I paid today they will hold the account for a further month whereby I will be able to go for a settlement sum of on 35% of the total value. This in itself sounds good trouble is I dont have £2000 to pay in one lump sum! Further still I have still have an ongoing complaint with MBNA into how the have handled my account, I am continuing to pay interest and late payment fees now totallying £1087.69 over th epast 6 months even though they have been supplied with Income and Expenditure and letters from the CCCS to stop interest and accept token payments, yet they still refuse to respond in writting stating they are an interent bank and there regulations only permit them to respond and discuss my account including my income and expenditure over the telephone! I'm now at the end of my tether with these people and simply cant take anymore of this can someone out there please help so I can get these cockroaches of my back. PLLLEEEEAASEEE!
  5. Not sure what im doing on this forum, or how to post a call for help!
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