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    Importing a van

    Hello all, I'm looking for some advice concerning a van import from the Irish Republic into the UK. A few years back, while living in Ireland, I drove my van back to the UK on what I thought was a temporary visit. I notified the Insurance company and kept them informed as I was unsure of when I would return, and all was fine. When my insurance expired, I parked the van off road and when I decided to stay, I began enquiries into registering the van here. At this stage, the van was under ten years old and the process became extremely complex for reasons that I cannot now recall, but involved Type Approval. The van is now over ten years old and I am thinking about registering it here again, but I have just read that I should have registered it with the HMRC within 14 days and may suffer a £5 per day charge for not doing so! From my point of view, I did not (initially) bring the vehicle into the UK as an import and did not realise that I needed to register it with HMRC. Also, when I made enquiries with the DVLA Swansea and my local office, I was not informed of this requirement and nobody seemed to know the correct procedure. A few general points: The van is to be used for personal use. I think that the van was first registered in the North of Ireland, then exported to the Republic. I did contact the DVLNI before the van was 10 years old concerning UK registration and Type Approval, but they informed me that this did not exclude it from Type Approval. The van is now over 10 years old. I suppose my main question is what should I do about the HMRC? My second question would be how can I find out about the UK registration (I'm sure it was first registered in NI as new and then exported into the Republic) and use that information in my application to avoid the £55 first registration fee? Or is it just easier to go down the "vehicle over 10 years old route"? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Joxer
  2. Thanks for all the help and encouragement - El-lenn pm'd. Joxer.
  3. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I will definitely name the lender after the hearing, just don't want to give them any information yet. As you point out, it would be crazy to repossess just before a sale, but I had read that this particular lender have done this before and was not surprised when they informed us they were going ahead with the action. I will do as you advise unless anyone has any other thoughts - thanks again.
  4. Good evening, I am facing evicition on 30th May by **** after breaking the agreement of the court order by not making part of last month's and all of this month's mortgage payment. I split up with my ex, who is the mother of our two children and her name is on the deeds also. She no longer lives at the property, but in a rented flat with the children. The agreement was for the house to be on the market after the last hearing last July and after dropping the price in April we have now secured a buyer, who have no chain and the money waiting. We just need to get the survey done and the legal stuff. The mortgage and secured loan would be paid off through the sale with a little money left for my ex and I to start again. If we are repossessed we have been warned by the Estate Agent that we would probably not make enough to cover the mortgage alone. My ex spoke to ***** on Friday after we agreed the sale last Thursday and although the person in Litigation dealing with our account was in a meeting, she was told that if we could provide proof of the sale proceedings from the Agent they would in all probability call off the eviction. Today my ex was told by the person dealing with the account that they were only interested in going for the eviction! Obviously if we are evicted it has a huge impact on me as I will have no money to start over, no time to give my month's notice at work and nowhere to live (although I understand these are not issues that a court considers). It will have a bigger impact on my ex and the kids, as we will find ourselves owing huge sums of money to the secured loan company of around £20,000 each and maybe some to ****** too. She will probably be wiser to go bankrupt and this will cause her to lose the car that she uses to take the children to school etc. It is such a huge swing if the eviction goes ahead and it seems so senseless as we have a very keen couple wanting to purchase the house. My ex will have to deal with the debt and have all the stress that goes with it and this cannot bode well for the children. I am currently filling out the N244, but wondered if anyone has any worthwile advice or encouragement for us at this distressing time. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for that Conniff, lots of stuff I didn't know in there. I am surprised that they are talking of sending it to Bailliffs so soon, as it is for this year and I can pay if they wait. Having said that, will the council or Bailliffs send me notification that it has been handed over, or are they likely just to turn up? Thanks again, Joxer.
  6. Evening all, I have a Liability Order for unpaid council tax for the current year, 2011-12. I had not paid any council tax for the year when the order was made in September and made an arrangement to pay starting at the end of October. I made the first payment on time, but can not make the second payment due to my ex. taking over a third of my wages through the CSA. I telephoned the council today to inform them that earliest I could make the payment for November (30th) would be 23rd December. The council officer was not very helpful and just kept repeating that they would be in touch with the Bailliffs if the payment was not made shortly, as I had broken the arrangement. I asked him what would happen and he told me they would pass it over to the Bailliffs and wash their hands of it and that he could give me no other information. I pleaded with him to wait, as I will be getting some more funds around Christmas (the CSA payments reduce as the arrears were paid last month) and would be able to make the next payment, but he would not listen and just asked if I had any other queries! I would be really grateful if someone could explain what the process is from here. The council officer was not forthcoming with any helpful information and I am panicking that the Bailliffs will come knocking at the door, without any notice or any options for me to pay. Thanks so much in advance, Joxer.
  7. Thanks for the interest Ford. You are correct, apart from that I paid £122 to bring the account up to date and stop the Agent calling (who called anyway!). It is CCA regulated. Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for the interest Ford. You are correct, apart from that I paid £122 to bring the account up to date and stop the Agent calling (who called anyway!). Hope this helps.
  9. Evening everyone, I'm looking for some advice concerning a CO (Restriction) and a Lewis Debt Recovery threat of Bailliffs. I have had a restriction on the house for over a year and had been paying regularly for a year, when my ex. started taking money direct from my wages through the CSA. This led to even more financial problems and I was unable to pay the agreed amount. I neglected to pay for two months and Howard Cohen sent me a letter demanding repayment of the full amount (about £8000). I called them and they said that unless I could pay them the two missed months and the third month while I was on the phone they would send an agent round to the house. I did not have that amount in the bank and told them it would be about a week until I could settle, but they wouldn't accept this and told me they would send someone. I called them to pay when I had the money the next week and they told me that I would have to call the agent direct to stop his visit and the amount I would need to pay was now £122!! I had no choice but to phone the number they gave me and I paid. The agent came to the house when I was at work, despite me making the payment and left a card requesting I call him. I did this and gave him the pay date and amount and he apologised and said it was probably an error due to the backlog of people he had to visit! I was going to resume my monthly payments, but received a letter from Lewis Debt Recovery yesterday requesting the full £8000 or they may arrange another visit or get a Warrant of Execution! I would be very grateful of advice on the matter, as it is a very worrying time and I need to know what I should be doing and what will they achieve by their actions. Thanks so much.
  10. She won't go to court and the reason I ended up there last time was because she stopped paying! She says she will try to get legal representation, frankly I doubt her sincerity! Would it be beneficial if she did go - no chance of her helping to pay though.
  11. Thanks for the advice Lea. No, I wasn't late every month, but on the two previous incidents that I was late they did send the "letter before action". I can fully understand where you are coming from with the payments also, but if I do make them and then get evicted, I will have literally nothing to sustain me for 3 months and like yourself, I've a bad feeling about this. I will be able to comfortably make the payments from the end of July, due to the new job and I can also get a steady stream of students as I live in a tourist/student city. I can prove to the Judge that I had to cancel these as I have the confirmation letters and they should understand that these are easily got, especially at this time of year in this town. I realise that I'm in a bad spot, but thanks for trying to be factual and the DJ will only look at the facts.
  12. I am able to make the payment, but that would still leave the payment due on the 1st July and I've just heard from the court that the hearing is on Monday. I'm reluctant to pay, because if I am evicted on Wednesday I will have almost nothing to see me through ( I will have to leave the country and sign on at home which usually incurs a 13 week wait!). I did not have a proper agreement with the lodger, just a receipt for the deposit, but I had confirmation of the students tenancy and how much I would receive for them ( 8 weeks at £155 a week each). Thanks. ps. my ex-girlfriend, whose name is also on the mortgage is trying to arrange a solicitor - I feel this would be a huge thing in this instance and would be alot more confident going in represented.
  13. Didn't realise that about the lodger and students, I thought that I had a legal and moral obligation to tell them once I had an eviction date. I understand what you are saying about the protocol, but still think it was harsh not to send a letter before action. I have the job confirmation on headed paper confirming wages and this is from a small but well established local company, although I have never received a contract in my line of work (groundworks) and had to ask for the letter, as it is usually only a verbal agreement. Can't get the lodger or student back, but they are ten-a-penny where I live anyway, but that's no good to me in the short term. I'm very, very worried now.
  14. Brilliant Ell-enn. I shall do all the above and thanks for the budget sheet. Do you know if it is wrong for them to go straight for repossession without giving me a chance to remedy the breach? There was no mention of this being the case at the last hearing, so have they violated protocol by doing so? Surely this will be seen as harsh by a DJ? Thanks a million, Joxer
  15. Has anyone any more ideas? Thanks, Joxer
  16. Thanks so much Ell-enn, I'm on the case. Joxer.
  17. Last eviction hearing was in September 2010. I have paid every month apart from this and would have paid this month if they hadn't started proceedings. I can get the job confirmation in writing by tomorrow evening, but do you think I should hold back the N244 until I have it? Thanks.
  18. I must add that the solicitor only advised me on the telephone and is my solicitor for family law.
  19. Hi Ell-en, I don't have confirmation as it is in groundworks and you just agree verbally. I can get this information confirmed on paper though, if you think it would help. I was going to get it in writing for the hearing anyway. I haven't made the payment, as a solicitor advised me to take the payment to the hearing, as I am going to need all the money I can get if I am repossessed on the 6th July. This action has also already cost me in the region of £3000! As I have had to turf out the lodger (at a cost of £400 deposit return and £400 rent that was due on 23rd June!) and cancel two students I was to take for two months at £155 per week each! Thanks and any further advice is more than welcome.
  20. Thanks Ray, can't recall any allowance for them to go straight for repossession, but this is an execution of a suspended possession order, so they don't need another hearing. I am going to put in a N244 tomorrow morning and was just looking for advice. Joxer
  21. Good afternoon fellow caggers, I have had problems with paying the mortgage for several years and have been to court a couple of times, successfully defending two Notice of Eviction dates before. I was late paying my mortgage this month and was awaiting the "notice before action" letter, at which point I would have borrowed the money from my brother for the few days before I get paid by the lodger, when I received a letter dated 14th June from Santander Litigation informing me they were applying for a warrant for possession. I was amazed, as I thought they were bound to send the "notice before action" letter and it would be a case of borrowing a couple of hundred pounds for a few days! Instead, I have had to inform the lodger, give her the deposit back and cancel two students I had planned to take in for 2 months at a total loss of £3200! I have been given an eviction date of 6th July and am looking for some advice, as things have changed since the last hearing and I have been offered a job starting on 18th July, that will more than double my income! Bad points - my partner and children no longer live with me and do not contribute to the household income. Good points - My salary will more than double in a few weeks and this, along with one lodger/student will make paying all my outgoings very comfortable indeed. In fact, I can now live okay off my salary alone. Santander possibly not followed protocol? Can anyone help with what I should be putting on the N244 and if the Mortgage Company should have sent me a letter to pay before taking action, as in two previous months? If I am repossessed on Wednesday 6th July, I will have nowhere to go here and will have to take myself and my dog to Ireland, as I have family there. I shall not be able to serve any notice in my current job (possibly affecting my reference) and it will cause me to lose the well paid position I have secured in July. This will be especially sickening, due to the new job and increase in income. The main thing though, is that I will end up hundreds of miles away from my two boys and on Social Welfare, when I could continue working and being an active part of their lives. It would be extremely difficult to get suitable accommodation where I live, with my dog and bad credit rating and I have literally nowhere to go if my defence fails. I have asked Santander to send me the payment dates and letter dates since the hearing last September and told them that I will pay up to date if they drop this action. I have also informed them that my circumstances are due to change in July and that I will have no problems in paying on time. I have put this in writing to their Litigation Department. Thanks in advance, Joxer. ps - really want to get this in by tomorrow - sorry!!
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