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    Importing a van

    Hello all, I'm looking for some advice concerning a van import from the Irish Republic into the UK. A few years back, while living in Ireland, I drove my van back to the UK on what I thought was a temporary visit. I notified the Insurance company and kept them informed as I was unsure of when I would return, and all was fine. When my insurance expired, I parked the van off road and when I decided to stay, I began enquiries into registering the van here. At this stage, the van was under ten years old and the process became extremely complex for reasons that I cannot now recall, but in
  2. Thanks for all the help and encouragement - El-lenn pm'd. Joxer.
  3. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I will definitely name the lender after the hearing, just don't want to give them any information yet. As you point out, it would be crazy to repossess just before a sale, but I had read that this particular lender have done this before and was not surprised when they informed us they were going ahead with the action. I will do as you advise unless anyone has any other thoughts - thanks again.
  4. Good evening, I am facing evicition on 30th May by **** after breaking the agreement of the court order by not making part of last month's and all of this month's mortgage payment. I split up with my ex, who is the mother of our two children and her name is on the deeds also. She no longer lives at the property, but in a rented flat with the children. The agreement was for the house to be on the market after the last hearing last July and after dropping the price in April we have now secured a buyer, who have no chain and the money waiting. We just need to get the survey done and th
  5. Thanks for that Conniff, lots of stuff I didn't know in there. I am surprised that they are talking of sending it to Bailliffs so soon, as it is for this year and I can pay if they wait. Having said that, will the council or Bailliffs send me notification that it has been handed over, or are they likely just to turn up? Thanks again, Joxer.
  6. Evening all, I have a Liability Order for unpaid council tax for the current year, 2011-12. I had not paid any council tax for the year when the order was made in September and made an arrangement to pay starting at the end of October. I made the first payment on time, but can not make the second payment due to my ex. taking over a third of my wages through the CSA. I telephoned the council today to inform them that earliest I could make the payment for November (30th) would be 23rd December. The council officer was not very helpful and just kept repeating that they would be in touch with
  7. Thanks for the interest Ford. You are correct, apart from that I paid £122 to bring the account up to date and stop the Agent calling (who called anyway!). It is CCA regulated. Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for the interest Ford. You are correct, apart from that I paid £122 to bring the account up to date and stop the Agent calling (who called anyway!). Hope this helps.
  9. Evening everyone, I'm looking for some advice concerning a CO (Restriction) and a Lewis Debt Recovery threat of Bailliffs. I have had a restriction on the house for over a year and had been paying regularly for a year, when my ex. started taking money direct from my wages through the CSA. This led to even more financial problems and I was unable to pay the agreed amount. I neglected to pay for two months and Howard Cohen sent me a letter demanding repayment of the full amount (about £8000). I called them and they said that unless I could pay them the two missed months and the third
  10. She won't go to court and the reason I ended up there last time was because she stopped paying! She says she will try to get legal representation, frankly I doubt her sincerity! Would it be beneficial if she did go - no chance of her helping to pay though.
  11. Thanks for the advice Lea. No, I wasn't late every month, but on the two previous incidents that I was late they did send the "letter before action". I can fully understand where you are coming from with the payments also, but if I do make them and then get evicted, I will have literally nothing to sustain me for 3 months and like yourself, I've a bad feeling about this. I will be able to comfortably make the payments from the end of July, due to the new job and I can also get a steady stream of students as I live in a tourist/student city. I can prove to the Judge that I had to cancel th
  12. I am able to make the payment, but that would still leave the payment due on the 1st July and I've just heard from the court that the hearing is on Monday. I'm reluctant to pay, because if I am evicted on Wednesday I will have almost nothing to see me through ( I will have to leave the country and sign on at home which usually incurs a 13 week wait!). I did not have a proper agreement with the lodger, just a receipt for the deposit, but I had confirmation of the students tenancy and how much I would receive for them ( 8 weeks at £155 a week each). Thanks. ps. my ex-girlfriend, who
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