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  1. I have not done this. I shall do this first thing tomorrow. Thank you! Card Services are part of Barclays... Just a different department. They seem to be bouncing me because no one wants to deal with the issue. Its a really sorry affair!
  2. What would i need to do to put the account in dispute? When do you advise that I complain to the FOS?
  3. I think that you may well be right!! Do you know how I would file for a refund on the charges?
  4. No, I didnt sign anything. I havent ever even seen the bailiff. This seems to be what they have done. When he listed my car, it wasnt even parked outside my house. Me and my car were out sorting out something. I hadnt even had a 1st or 2nd visit (to my knowledge), although the bailiff said that he had called before, yet he didnt leave a notice stating it! So what exactly is a levy/seizure? Im planning to definately send a letter to get the fees sorted out. Im also trying to get the actual amount that i owe sorted out as well. The council are asking the bailiff to col
  5. According to the above quote, the bailiff HAS TO BE CERTIFICATED, right? If he isnt (which is the case of the bailiff who is dealing with the collection of the council tax that i owe), does that mean that the levy he has placed on my car is invalid? Also, how and when is the levy lifted once the debt has been repaid? How will I know/find out that it has been levied?
  6. This query is regarding Waltham Forest council getting Chandlers Bailiffs to collect council tax for year 2009/2010. Im sorry for any confusion. Its just that Hallowitch, was asking whether I was in Scotland due to the mention of the Sheriffs department, who were the original bailiffs who seized the car for rent arrears, so i replied to that query. My apologises for the confusion.
  7. Im confused again!!! Does that mean that my goods are still 'levied' then? When does this 'levy' get lifted?
  8. No, I am in London. The High Court apparently sent the Bailiffs from the Sherriffs to collect on rent arrears of £10,100. They are trying to collect £13,567 from me in total (inclusive of fees)! The court gave me 2 weeks to pay the £10,100, even though I gave them a copy of the incoming and expenditure that the CCCS (debt management) gave me, showing that every month I go into debt by £1200!!
  9. Ive held my barclays account since they took over all of the Woolwich accounts. January '09, I took out a couple of Payday Loans. I would repay them back, only to have to take out another one to live on for the month. I got into a vicious cycle. Financially I got into a mess, so contacted CCCS, who advised me to write to all of my creditors, and offer them monthly token payments to pay off the debts (as every month Ive been going into debt by £1000+)! I did that. One day, randomly, one of the payday loan companies swiped out £356 from my account - using my card details (I had jus
  10. Thank you so much. The link helped me with my confusion!! One question though... Because the bailiff in question is not certificated, which makes the 'Levy' on my car invalid, does that mean that it is automatically removed? Why I am asking this, is because there was supposed to be a 'levy' on the car, Im unable to sell it. If it is invalid, I want to get rid of it ASAP, buy something cheaper and register it under someone elses name so that the bailiffs can take their eyes off the car and will accept payment arrangements. Any advice is very much appreciated!
  11. He told me that the Sheriffs Office have lifted their seizure, due to me being evicted on the 6th. He knew all the details without me telling him. I didnt tell him who had the seizure or what it is for. He had all that information already! Do you know how he would know that? Also, how would I be able to verify if it is true? The Sherriffs office were due to come back on monday to remove the car and my property for sale at public auction last Monday, but I have not seen or heard from them. The same day they were due to come, this new bailiff from Chandlers came and put a seizure on my c
  12. Does this mean that they cannot put a levy/seizure on my car/goods? What if the council wont take payment and are adament that you deal with the bailiffs? Can they not take your car or break down your door if they keep coming back?
  13. Hi, Im really in need of some advise, as I am scared and confused! A couple of months ago, I got a letter from the council/court, asking me to fill out a 'Deduction of earnings' form to pay my council tax. I filled it out and have been making payments dirrect from my salary for the past 2 months. Last week Monday, I got a letter THROUGH THE POST (post marked 18th Sept. - took a while for me to finally get it), a 'Final Notice' stating that they were gonna be "... calling from next week to remove you goods and chattels". As soon as I got the letter, I gave them a call to advise them
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