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  1. thanks for the info again Gbarbm, to be honest I thought this had all been sorted, so I just phoned the customer service dept, they have told me a "standing charge" is applied to pre paid meters, the period was for 15th dec -25 Jan, there has been no attempt to contact me ( they had my contact numbers and home address) and it it looks like they farm it straight out to a debt collecting agency. Even after being assured this would all be taking care of , I am spitting feathers... if this has affected my credit I will have to see what avenues are open to me to take action...
  2. Hi well, just when I thought this had been done and dusted, I receive a text today which says "MR K. XXXXXXX please contact P.D.C.S on behalf of scottish power urgently on 0844 xxx xxxx case number xxxxxx" a little bit of research shows they are a debt collecting agency for Scottish Power. Any comments Scottish power rep?
  3. glad to say this seems to have been resolved, Thanks for everyones help/ advice, very much appreciated!
  4. I still have yet to hear from the scottish power rep , I see they were on earlier today. If someone could get back to me and acknowledge my PM , I would appreciate it
  5. hi I have tried to email Graeme from Scottish power but am getting failed delivery msg. If you could PM me your email address that would be great.
  6. I cant PM as I have less than 10 posts...just realised this on the 3rd attempt to send to scottish power rep....MARTIN3030, can I forward to you and you send on for me?
  7. thanks so far for the helpful advice, a 24 hour sickness bug has meant I have missed the first call from the service manager. bit of an extreme way for a new years diet, but it works!
  8. Thanks for the replies so far, very appreciated. I am still struggling to believe the cost if this should not be met by the tenant and Scottish power chasing and enforcing this. So my next avenue to Persue then, is to make sure Scottish power followed this procedure to the letter, so would anyone know the process they would need and evidence I would want to see to show they followed the process clearly? I don't even want to go into how incompetent the letting agent has been( legal action will more than likely be taken against them). The tenant owes £6.5k and this Scottish power debacle is just the cherry on top .. Thanks in advance
  9. What I find hard to understand though, is that the tenant should not have been in the flat. He was ordered to vacate 4th nov, do he wasn't a tenant then(?) the point i am arguing with Scottish power is he had no right to be in the flat so should not have let them in, the agent would have taken over the flat and this wouldn't of occurred. Does that make sense?
  10. hi all I'd be very happy if I can get some advice on this, as I am speaking to Scottish Power tomorrow basic story: I had a tenant who stopped paying rent in March, Finally got a court judgement for him to vacate 4th November. (He didn't) He finally left 15th December, but a pre paid meter was installed 5th December as he had arrears with Scottish Power. I have been asked to pay just under £200 to reinstall a normal meter, which I'm not happy about. I have been on the phone with various call centre staff and have been told the following "if you had informed us , we wouldn't have installed the meter" although they cant answer the question of how was I to know 1)Scottish Power was the supplier 2) There were arrears on the account. I am on my 3rd or 4th escalation now, not sure how high up the food chain I am at the moment, but do I have any action to avoid paying this charge and getting a "normal" meter installed. what little hair I have will have fallen out after this whole epsiode! thanks Billy
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