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  1. Hi andyorch, thank you I didn't know that I have news and so have come back seeking more advice! Court have received acknowledgment of service. The issue date was 30/5 which makes the day of service 4th June which gives me until 2nd July to do defence. I have sent the two letters off to IDR Finance on 12/6, delivery of/signed for on 13/6. £1 cheque cashed 19.6. Letter received today from LINK FINANCIAL instead saying: You have recently made a request under section 77/78 for copies of various documents. As you are aware IDR Finance UK II Ltd purchased your debt from Barclaycard
  2. In England, thought I would contest so if the requests come back with paperwork I can go to court locally and argue. In a previous case I changed the jurisdiction the claimants didn't turn up and the judge struck it out so hoping for the same!
  3. Thank you! Andyorch - why should I not contest jurisdiction? SabreSheep - who should I send the subject access to - barclaycard or idr?
  4. Hello, I need some advice! I am helping a friend with their debts and although have done this before for someone else about 5 years ago I am rather rusty and not sure what has changed! I have been through the site reading threads and have now got some templates but want to make sure I'm on the right track and to get some advice on the POCs as I haven't come across one this long!.... Claim form received - date of issue 30th May Northants CCBC Claimant: IDR Finance ~(London address) Claimant contact for all paperwork - IDR Finance (Scotland address) POC: The claimant
  5. Hi, Got Cohens to confirm by email as soon as they had told the court yest avo which they did. But like you say, the court still needs to be called. Going to do it on Monday as partner not here today to call, if they have screwed me over then I really will flip! Thank you so much for your help, I felt a bit of a muppet giving in as I have seen my other cases through but had a bad feeling on this one...like you say it's just tactics not game over I will do a SAR and post back on here what I get back and maybe something in my favour can be found! So complicated taking on these people!!!
  6. I just didn't dare take the risk on this one, a CCJ would finish us off
  7. Morning all, I regrettably admit I had to give in and phone Cohen's - they emailed me a form to sign and email back to agree £4 a month from now on. Am so cross, I hate backing down but am trying to see it more as buying myself some time!!!!! What should my next step be? SAR?
  8. Well, it is on Friday...! Everything was supposed to be sent/received to all parties by the 26th March. CL Finance sent their paperwork through on 31st - phoned the court but said it was down to judge's discretion. I didn't send anything because I didn't know what to send and got the general consensus not to send anything because the buggers never see it through!!! Seems I have lucked out this time! The defence I submitted I got from a post on the forums and tweaked accordingly: (annoyingly I think they have sent everything I have asked for) The Defendant is embarrassed in plead
  9. Thank you very much for taking a look! I did raise the issue of the debt recovery letter post-summons in the statement to the judge section of the AQ. Part of me wants to go for it on Friday but I don't know if we really dare - esp as it could end up with a ccj. Just not convinced they will turn up but as has been said, if they don't then the judge can still make a ruling in their favour. Think we are all in agreement then that I should make the dreaded phone call and set up a new payment scheme, even if it's just temporarily? Is it worth doing a subject access request still?
  10. Here we are, all 4 DN's: default notices cl finance pictures by ilovetassimo - Photobucket I've just noticed they never put a signature on the letter?
  11. From the eurodebt statements I paid GE: July 2006 £5 August 2006 - £2 Sept 2006 - £2 Oct 2006 - £2 Nov 2006 - £2 Dec 2006 - £2 (Then it jumps, not sure why - missing statements or (probably) missing payments) Collector is now CL Finance: March 2007 - £2 April £2 June 2007 -£2 August 2007 - £2 Oct 2007 - £2 Nov 2007 - £2 I'm guessing any missing payments instigated the defaults?
  12. In May 2006 a horrible little man from Eurodebt Financial Services came to the house and screwed over my partner by coaxing him into a debt management agreement... I was exceptionally cross about this but that's a different story. They then 'took over' all of his accounts up until Nov/Dec 2007. For the first month or so all the creditors letters still came to us and then automatically went to them. Looking back over all the paperwork I have found: a final notice from GE dated 2nd june 2006 demanding payment otherwise court action will be instigated, Then a letter from Viking collecti
  13. Ok...lots to answer, thank you so much for helping me! I do have the original default notice dated 2nd Jan 2008 and at the bottom I have written that I paid them £4 on the 5th of Jan which covered Dec and Jan payments...don't know if this has any importance as they sent a default but then I started paying them again up until the latter part of 2009?
  14. Thank you for all your help over this, I am in a bit of a dither as it has all blown up in my face - you said I have done it the wrong way round - just out of curiosity what did I do wrong?!
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