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  1. sorry i should have mentioned before. By hardship i mean i may struggle to pay the bills. My medical costs have gone up as not only is there medicine costs there is also the parking charges everytime i attend hospital which is quite frequent.Any grievance i raise goes to my line manager however he is fully aware of the situation so is his manager who is overseeing the whole thing.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I have always stated to the company that i will pay the money back that is owed, however theya re being extremely unreasonable in the amount they wish to be paid back and as result i will be caused financial hardship. I have given the company my expenditures and this clearly shows i cannot afford to repay the amount they propose however they are standing their ground. I had to agree the amountthey proposed as i was told if i did not then my pay would stop till they recovered the money. I was also advised by a hr rep to increase my hours knowing i cannot as i suffer from an illness which disables me and i have to have weekly chemotherapy which makes me extremely tired. Thecompany is a very big company making millions in profit they are hardly going to miss a few thousands. i really dont know what to do.
  3. I wonder whether someone can help me. About months ago i reduced my hours at work from full time to 30 hours per week due to ill health. At the time my manager confirmed that he would put the change of hours through. A few months later my wages didnt look right so i contacted hr to say that my wages didint look right and i think i am being overpaid. I was advised it was all correct and i am being paid correctly. It has now transpired that the change of hours was not put through properly and half the systems were corrected and the other half were not and have to repay overpayment. I have given the company my incme expendiure and told them what i could afford to pay back however they have made me agree to an amount way over my means and i dont thnk i will be able to repay however i was told f i didnt make a decison wouldn get paid. I was told this month only my overpaid tax and national insurance woul go out and i would start repaying from next month, however i have now realised that they have started taken payments out my wages aswell without advising me. Can the company do this?
  4. papasmurf1cx...hope your tribunal went well. My brother lives with parents so not sure whether their insurance policy would cover him however will check. I do not think given the size of thecompany they would let this go to tribunal as there is a fear of negative press.
  5. ill have to check through his contract to see what it stated for performance. However when i looked through the disciplinary procedure it clearly states he would be invited to an interview, facts and figures would be provided. He would also be able to take a rep in with him. He would then get a decision in writing and then he would have a right to appeal. However none of this has been followed. as he is out of work at the moment would he be able to get legal aid?
  6. He had a temporary contract with the agency and due to his hard work, punctalit and performance he was given a permanent contract with a three month probationary period. If it was performance related they didnt even give him time to improve put him on a performance plan on monday and he was out the door on thursday. Brother is in bits he was out of work for quite a while before he got this job. He is totally depressed hence teh reason whi i am doing this for him.
  7. My brother works for a large company and has worked there for the last 16 months. Twelve months of that was on a agency contract and then he was made permanent. He has always been a good worker and last month won an award for high achiever. Lat monday his manager took him to one side and told him that he was not meeting his targets and would be put on a performance plan to be reviewed in a months time...Nothing was given to him writing. Thursday of that week he was called in to a meeting without prior notice with his manager and a hr rep and was sacked on the spot and escorted off teh building. Reason being he hadnt hit his target. He has not recieved any letters from the company with regards to the dismissal or right to appeal. He called HR this morning and was told there is no letter and he has no right to appeal.. He wasnt sent any letters prior to this informing him of this. He was not given an option of taking someone independent with him to the meeting. He has recieved nothing in writing at all. And he has been told he has no right to appeal. Please can someone advise whether the company can do this, and do you think he was unfairly dismissed.
  8. The delivery office maagers are very unapproachable. he can never get to speak to her.
  9. The area he is in is Leicester. It is the floor manager who has told him diabetes is not covered by the dda. He also went to his union rep who advised him he is not covered by the dda who also advised him any appointments he takes will need to be unpaid. a grievance claim has not been done yet as he is going to take the details he has recieved from here to his manager on monday and see what he has to say then. I am quite surprised though that he has not even been referred to the ohs.
  10. Thankyou for the above it has been really useful. As far as appointments are concerned whatever he can he takes outside of his shift however as you are aware hospital appointments are a little hard to negotiate. i have printed off the document from the royal mail website hes going to take that in to his employer...I will keep you posted.
  11. he has to make up his time for everything. He had an appointment last week in the morning where he was out for an hour he then had to go back to work and finish his delivery which took him over his finish time. His union ar C**p excuse my language they have told him he is not covered by dda and he has to make up all hours lost for appointments and sugar testing. however i have checked the internet and do know he is covered by the dda.
  12. thanks all i will pass on the details to him and see how things go. The only problem he has is the union at his place isnt all that and cannot get hold of a union rep when he needs to.
  13. I have looked up diabetes and it is covered under the dda however royal mail are refusing to accept it is. He has been told any appointments will need to be taken outside of work hours or unpaid.
  14. I have a friend who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He is currently on various medications. He works for Royal Mail who have told him if he is to go for appointments relating to his illness during work time he will need to take it as unpaid leave. I believe he is covered by the dda are his employers allowed to do this? Any help will be appreciated.
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