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  1. Hi All Another update; My employer responded to the et1, basically saying that he has been trying all along to pay me all the money he owes me, but i wont go and see him! he confirmed yesterday by email yesterday that he will be making a payment into my account 30th July, so will have to wait and see. No figures were mentioned, so at the moment we dont know wether he is paying the correct amount, ie 5 weeks notice and holiday entitlement, but hopefully i will be able to draw a line under this and move on. best wishes, Michelle.
  2. Hi, I am in the same predicament, have been off sick for 13 months now. I have a thread about it if you want to look at it all. I was sent my p45 in the post, no notice pay or holiday entitlement. I sent letters to my employer, after great advice on this forum, requesting it, but my employer said no to both(details are on the thread) I put in my et1 to the employment tribunal, 2 weeks ago, and to ut a long story short, my employer confirmed yesterday that he would be paying up on the 30th of this month. So, in answer to your question, yes, it can be done! best wishes, i hope you
  3. Thanks for that Antone, i had another letter telling me that im in the work related group, but nothing about when the sessions will start. I went to the first one at the jobcentre, and given info on the 2 companies that are in this area that i could choose from. One of them appeared in there leaflet more geared up for people with chronic health problems such as mine. I contacted dwp with regards to mortgage interest payments, i didnt realise they were only available to people on inome related esa, not contribution based as myself. can anyone explain why this is so, or am i missing something
  4. thanks for all your nice comments, it goes without saying, if i can help anyone elso, please ask. Erika, my username comes from my nephew, when he was younger, he just came out with it one day, lets just say i am a larger lady, its stuck now and i think its quite funny. xxx
  5. Update for all, My application to employment tribunal has been accepted, so my employer will be getting news of it this week sometime. I had a letter from him last week, asking me to go to a meeting, to resolve my greivances and did i want reinstating seeing as my application to get my ill health retirement was unsuccessful!. I declined this meeting, having already stated my greivances twice by letter. Two further messages were left on my answer mahine last friday, requesting the same, and another letter yesterday! I think this may be bordering on harrasment now! Have managed also to get
  6. Hi all, I commented on a previous thread about how my assessment went for ESA, the dotor was pleasant, seemed genuinely interested etc. I did point out on the other thread that i was under no illusion that i still wouldnt acheive the magic 15. Wrong! I got the letter today, saying that i have or can be treated as having limited capability for work!, and i do not need to send anymore sick notes in. I have already been in to the jobcentre, to see an advisor and an action plan drawn up, so im not sure what happens now. Im guessing i will have to go for more of these interviews, ive had noth
  7. Just another up date for you all. I have completed the online tribunal form, and sent it.So for now its watch this space. I wouldnt have got as far as this without the help of Mariefab. she has been ab fab! she has put so much work into my case, and given me hope and confidence. Still awaiting the medical notes from atos re the the medial notes for the pensions people, again will keep you up to date. best wishes, Michelle.
  8. Hi, I went for my assesment last sunday afternoon(nice to see the dwp are saving pennies by working the drs on a sunday!) I had gone well prepared, my husband came with me, and recorded the whole thing on his mobile, as well as take notes, (for my benefit, im forgetful due to my medication). the Dr (and he was ) was really nice, chatty, met me in the waiting room( i know he was looking at me for mobility etc). He asked me what i did for a job, and when i told him i was a nurse, and knew my consultant etc. He did a small examination, and did seem genuinely interested, pointing out things th
  9. Hi all, just an up- date for you all, i replied to my employers letter, following some legal advice from a solicitor. I outlined that i realised my employment would have ended sooner or later on capability grounds, and wasnt disputing the date, just wanted the correct proceedures to be followed as regards notice pay, holiday pay etc, and asked for the monies owed to be paid by the 30th june. I fully intended to progress to filling in the employment tribunal papers,knowing that they had to be submitted by 2nd july, but wanted to see if he would send any other correspondence to help my case. I
  10. Hi All, Yes he is a real charmer- not! I can remember seeing the passage, and signing it, but thought that the written notice to terminate my contract would follow on, as advised by the occy health dr. The leaving date on my p45 is 02/04/10. the date the p45 is 'signed' is 23/04/10. My wage slip shows salary - nil overtime (58.50hrs) 423.54.. I paid no income tax or NI on this, but 21.18 was stopped for my nhs pension. The bottom of the wage slip says Notice -final wage- 58.5 hours annual leave. Our pays is paid directly into the bank on the 30th of each month, this went in on t
  11. Hi All, have received a response from my employer; Dear I was somewhat suprised to receive your letter questioning the date that your contract of employment is terminated. You should note that in the application 'consideration of entitlement to ill health retirement benefits seen and signed by you on 23/03/10 it states likely date of termination 02/04/10. This date was chosen (a) the application states 'mrs xxxx' feels that even with the change from nurse to prescription clerk she is no longer able to return to her role or other administrative role within the practice. (b) you
  12. Thanks Honeybee and Mariefab for sticking with me. I have sent the letter to my employer asking as suggested, so i await his response. I shall contact acas again tomorrow, because i wasnt aware of the p60u at the time i spoke to them earlier today. Depending on my employers response and ACAS advice, i will look into claiming unfair dismissal. Of course i will keep you informed, and no doubt will be asking you for your input/advice. I have had a letter from the nhs pensions, to say they are dealing with my application, and have written to my consultant for further info on my condition. Be
  13. Just a quick update; I contacted ACAS today, they said that just because he has sent me a p45, does not mean that he has terminated my contract. They also advised me to contact my employer, asking why he sent me my p45. Obviously if he has terminated my contract, then it would appear that i had grounds for unfair dismissal. In the post today, i received 2 letters from the dwp, wanting to know if i still worked for my employer, to enable them to update their records, as i am in receipt of WTC. Accompanying this letter was a certificate of pay and taxable benefitand tax deducted/refunded.
  14. Thanks HB, Yes there is a partner responsible for HR, so i will copy them in as well. Many thanks.
  15. Thank you so much for that letter. I did consider that this would be the first step to take, but wasnt sure how to go about it. There is no HR, it is a doctors surgery, with the 6 gp's all being partners.Would it be wise to send a copy to the senior partner? In response to your question, my contract states four weeks notice, plus 1 week extra because i have been there 6 years next month. (1 week for every year above 5 years) Thank you again, i will keep you informed of my progress. best wishes.
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