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  1. yes i sent both of those last week. so i can just tell them to do one if they turn up again then. fantastic
  2. thank you. do you think they will stop now then? what do i do if they keep coming to the door?
  3. hi all i have previously cca'd robinson way for a credit card debt and got sent a print off of some terms and conditions with my account number written at the top - no actual document with a signature. so i sent them a letter saying that they had not sent me an enforceable document and until they did so not to try and collect. i had a letter back saying they thought what they had sent me was sufficient. i ignored this as obviously their 'agreement' was worthless. all was quiet for a few months then last week i had someone leave a note through the door saying they were from robinson way and to call them. i sent another letter regarding their refusal to provide a valid agreement and also the one to stop doorstep calls. that was posted special delivery last thursday so they would have had it on friday, but yesterday they called round again. my wife answered the door not realising who it would be and they asked for me. she said i wasnt home then when they said who they were she told them i had sent a letter to the company. he asked that i call him on the number he had previously left and said he would call back. so my question is what is my next step. do i assume that they have just not actioned my letters? or are they ignoring them? is there anything else i can do to stop them knocking the door? thanks for any advice.
  4. thanks. how do you go about reporting them? is it on the trading standards site?
  5. thanks siverfox. so i can just ignore them and the most they can do is send me letters?
  6. hi all i previously posted on here the 'contract' that robinson way sent to me after i cca'd them. i have attached this. i was advised to write to them saying that this was clearly not a valid contract and for them to cease all collections against me which i did. this morning i have received this reply In regards to your recent letter, please note that we feel the documentation provided does fulfill our obligations. Even if we were unable to provide copy documentation it would not mean this debt does not exist. We require your payment proposals within 10 working days. I assume that they are just trying their arm with this. But what is my next move. Please advise me on the next step that i should take with them. Thanks all. You have been invaluable to me so far!! Thanks to the advise on here i have had 2 debt cases closed already!! robinson way cca reply (2).pdf
  7. yeah both were cca'd and thats what i got. just wanted confirmation that it was a load of crap really lol. do i send the account in dispute letter or something else?
  8. actually just noticed i have posted the wrong thing for aktiv kapital here is the right one aktiv kapital cca reply.pdf
  9. hi toad i believe the robinson way one is a credit card debt. any help is much appreciated
  10. hey have had a couple of cca replys that i dont think are enforceable but having very limited knowledge of all this could someone please check them out and see for me. the robinson way one looks to me like they have just printed out the t&cs and added my name and account number at top the aktiv kapital one is just a statement - not a contact whats my next move? thanks for any help. hope the links come up ok! robinson way cca reply (2).pdf
  11. fantastic. thought as much but wanted to check! thanks all.
  12. i have one that has sent me nothing at all. then there is another that has sent me a statement but no contract. is it the same letter for both?
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