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  1. Will try the CCA approach first I think. Just to see what reaponse i get. I assume I will find out about any PPI too. I don't mind you asking. I am able bodied and work full time earning ok money.
  2. Hi. I could try and see what offers for f&f settlement I could negotiate. Basically I have been in debt since I was 19, I'm 29 now and I'm sick of being held back from saving money for a future. I just want to be debt free asap.
  3. odetter Yeah, I know what you mean. When I started this thread, I was trying to get ideas of ways to pay my debt back quicker, if there was any way of getting some of it wiped off etc. But to be honest I don't know if any other solution is better then what i'm doing at the moment with my DMP.
  4. odetter The interest was frozen on all of the debts in my DMP. luckily as I have read a few peoples stories where they have paid back a lot more then the original debt. Thanks for your input.
  5. Thanks Will send a CCA to the older ones. Regarding the PPI, I no longer have any of the original paperwork so I do not know if I ever had PPI. How do I find out? CCA? I have been paying £274 a month to my DMP with CCCS for a long time now and if i'm honest, I would like to reduce it becasue you are right, I am struggling to afford it. However, I am so desperate to clear the debt, I am reluctant to reduce the monthly payment. Urgh, hate debt!!! Capital one and vanquis cards I got because 'I would not default one these this time'....that old story! Do you think it's possible to a
  6. With the debts that I have listed earlier in this thread. Is there any specific things I can do for each of these debts? Thanks
  7. I was just thinking...is it possible to get my creditors to freeze the interest if i can manage to continue paying them the same payments as i am currently? therefore paying back the debt a lot quicker. let me know your thoughts. thanks
  8. The loan with lloyds is about 2 years into a 5 year deal. the credit cards i have had for between 2 and 4 years. I have in excess of £1000 to claim back from lloyds and most likely other charges from the credit cards too. However, i was advised the national debt helpline that although it is worth putting in a claim, it is unlieky that it will be sussessful as the banks are contesting the decision to refund charges in court.
  9. Hi, I have been with 3 mobile for about 3 years and am 6 months into a new contract. I am in debt and need to cancel my contract. I am happy to switch to pay as you go but do not want to pay the contract cancellation charge. Can anyone give me any help on how to approach this as i am expecting 3 to be very un-helpful as i have a contract. thanks
  10. Hi, This is my first post and im in need of some help. I have between 25-28k debt that has built up over about 5 years. it is broken down as follows Lloyds unsecured loan - £8000 Lloyds overdraft - £7700 Family loan - £8000 Credit cards (3) £2500 Joint account overdraft - £1300 I have been in contact with the debt advice helpline and they were very helpful and sent me lots of information. I am thinking that a debt management plan is my best option but i am concerned about how long it will take me to pay back all of my debt. I can afford at least the required £100 p/m re
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