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  1. I was pleasantly surprised with them this time. They took forever with my sister's sar but sent everything to me within two weeks. But then again, I never had more then two charges on there. Don't know if that had anything to do with it. I also sent it to the address Bosund gave.
  2. PMSL I thought I was seeing things! It's good to laugh after a long day. Thanks elpulpo. PS I don't know the answers to your questions.
  3. MBNA have - refused to acknowledge receipt of the SAR even though it was sent recorded. - Neglected to comply with the SAR for the first two attempts. - Eventually sent a three page document showing 'all charges' and when compared to my own statements, they did not add up. - Ignored most of my letters for SAR and refund. (sent numerous letters!) - Eventually offered a good gesture of £86 (MBNA A&L) even though the claim is for over £1800 - and that's with the statements I did have (needed the money and couldn't delay claiming any longer.) - Had the same issu
  4. My brother in law is on a dmp and he's asked them to stop the interest and charges. They have done that. Might be worth sending a letter to ask.
  5. Update: Abbey finally sent everything in statement format. This number is definitely the one to get them to take notice. ;-)
  6. Update: I telephoned Egg yesterday and today I've had a letter in the post, dated 5th. I think it's their standard reply ..We would like to draw your attention to some of the points made by the OFT in the statement issued on 6th April 2006, at the conclusion of its investigation into default charges on credit cards. The OFT stated that default fees should not be equivalent to the threshold. The OFT stated that the presumption of unfairness in relation to the charges over £12.00 would apply where there are exceptional business factors. They therefore acknowledged that in those cir
  7. Thanks Mistermind. Will check out the thread.
  8. I sent my letter. No response. Now the time allowed to refund the charges has passed two days ago. Shall I complain without any further notice? What would you experienced Cags do?
  9. _hennessey

    MBNA offer

    I accept as part payment only and continue with my claim? Or return the cheque?
  10. If they don't sent everything in time, I will be keeping her number on speed dial.
  11. I might beable help to you. I looked on the contacts page, (THANKS jonni2bad!) and spoke to 'a live person'. She told me that they held all data in that department and will get the business to send out everything I had requested (see it to believe it ) 01908 344061 - Data Protection Act Non compliance She did also say that Abbey can't send data as far as the account was opened and I told her I knew that was not the case but that's for another day.
  12. _hennessey

    Abbey SAR

    Abbey have not sent me all data on my account as asked in my letter. Instead they have only sent me from 2007-2009. This is the second time I have sent the SAR. The first time was in July 2009. And after a lot of chasing, I forgot about it (other stuff going on). This time round they have returned my cheque and write that they have processed my request. The last time I phoned them on at least 4 occasions and the staff said they didn't know what I was taking about. Does anyone have a direct email or number to chase up the SAR? The name on the letter is Saundra Ruttledge, O
  13. _hennessey

    MBNA offer

    Shall I cash the £125 cheque and write I accept as part payment? Or shall I return it?
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