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  1. Hi Old CodJA, I am unemployed, but not on benefits. I am a US national, here on marriage to my English husband, who supports me at the moment. Does not being on benefits negate my unemployment status being taken into account?
  2. Hi Old-CodJA, Thank you for your response and for clarifying the difference between the "fine" and "costs". That number is staggering. On the Statement of Facts sheet, it says "Compensation for the outstanding fare avoided of £4 is claimed, together with the sum of £120 as a contribution towards prosecution costs." You said in your experience, the maximum total is £314, varying at the discretion of the court. At the time of questioning, my investigator asked about my employment status, to which I truthfully replied unemployed. She said something to the effect of "if a fine shou
  3. Hello Everyone, An update for what has happened so far - after getting stopped back in October, I received a letter several weeks later to which I was unable to reply to because of complications with the owner of the card (my friend) and his job. I was urged not to try to appeal or ask for a settlement until he was able to sort things out with his job. I have now received an official magistrate court summons with the charge reading "that you did attempt to travel on the London Underground Railway without having previously paid the fare and with intent to avoid payment thereof."
  4. Hello everyone. Thank you so much for the wealth of information on this site. It has been an immense help to me. I just had a question for UNDERGROUND, and anyone else that might be able to help. I would appreciate it so much as I am absolutely terrified. I dont live in London; I came down to London to look after a friend's house and pets while they were away on holiday. As he works for the DLR, he lent me his staff travelcard. It's so incredibly naive of me, but I didnt know that it was illegal for me to use it, especially since he would know, and he lent it to me. I was stoppe
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