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  1. For my sins I have had to have several loans with Welcome Finance. I had several now paid off loans which would have had charges and PPI added. I took out another loan in 2006 with PPI added and extended this in 2007. Loan was rewritten as they call it several years ago - (when I was struggling). I am currently paying this loan at £385.00 per month by direct debit with no arrears. I have been royally shafted by these clowns and would love to claim some of my hard earned money back!! I presume my best course of action is to SAR them and see where we go from there? I do have various paperwork/agreements which I will find to try and make some sense of it all. Is it worth considering a claims company? I know they will take a hefty slice but can they sort it better and quicker than me? Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.
  2. Hi Shadow. There would not be an overdraft facility letter that I do know as was unauthorised overdraft!!
  3. I received a reply to the CPR 18 Request originally but was vague and not much use, will try and find it again and post up. I submitted my defence in Feb 2011 and heard nothing and then claim was stayed. Has been stayed until now. The letter I have now received claims to be my CPR18 response, has been posted up a few replies back, hopefully readable! Are they allowed a second response 14months later? Now been told I should have asked for case strikeout as not responded to CPR but too late now? They now enclose a copy of the loan agreement with PPI. There is a history of the loan payments etc. Also there are some bank statements relating to the current account showing the overdraft amount, no agreements or signed docs of any sort though. I did email them yesterday to acknowledge receipt of their letter but they haven't afforded me the courtesy of a reply yet!!
  4. Unfortunately I made several payments in 2007 (under duress as they were particularly nasty to deal with and I didn't know any better). After stopped paying ignored them until Court Claim arrived December 2010 (conveniently over Christmas). I asked for CPR info etc and submitted defence. As they didn't reply claim was stayed Feb 2011 until now when they say they are going to lift stay and apply for summary judgement. Statute barred doesn't apply I presume? Many thanks.
  5. Thinking about this yet again. I had a response from the clowns claiming to be my CPR PART 18 response before I submitted the defence in Feb 2011. This latest letter claims to be the Part 18 response as has taken 'considerable time' to obtain information. They also only have a few bank statements relating to the overdraft debt, is this enough in court? Got to make a judgement call soon as 16th is their imposed deadline. Presuming they apply to lift the stay what sort of timescales are we looking at fro proceedings to continue? Thanks again.
  6. Thank you for that. Trouble is time is marching on! Letter reads as if they would come to an arrangement and repayment plan. I was offered a £5000+ settlement some time ago but was not in position to sort at the time. That also led me to believe they were on shaky ground or why offer such a discount? Many thanks.
  7. Hopefully that letter copy is now readable, nice to have finally mastered how to post it up!!
  8. Thanks for your help with this fiasco! Just to recap a little. This debt originates from 2000 onwards. Consists of a current account with approx £9000 overdraft and a loan of £5000. These two accounts with Lloyds were amalgamated into one account circa 2004 and assigned to Crudders in 2006. They chased me for a while and in 2007 I did make several payments (under duress I might add as they are not nice people and I didn't know any better). Stopped paying and had usual round of threatograms etc until Dec 2010 when they tried to obtain a CCJ for debt. POC were vague and I asked for details under CPR18. I did receive a vague reply and they said they were trying to get full information etc. I submitted my defence on basis of poor information received and they didn't respond in time so claim was stayed as of March 2011. Now they have just written informing me that they now have the CPR 18 information (not quite within 14 days!!) and intend to apply for summary judgement under CPR 24. The CPR info consists of a loan agreement which I did sign, loan payment history and bank statements for current overdrawn account between Oct 2003 to September 2004. They have given me until the 16th to make contact with proposals for repayment or they will proceed to lift stay etc. Couple of things that come to mind. I did not realise they were still intending to reply to CPR18 albeit over 14 months late!! Does this help? Loan agreement has PPI premium of over £1000 listed, can I reclaim? They knew it was no use to me as was and still am self employed? No agreement was ever signed in respect of overdraft or amalgamation of the accounts! Many thanks for all advice so far.
  9. Sorry always seem to have this problem. Any ideas how to make attachment larger? What am I doing wrong?m Cheers
  10. Hopefully this should attach the latest letter from these clowns! They appear to have a copy of the loan agreement and payment history. Also enclose bank statement for period stated. No paperwork to show how or why accounts merged etc.
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