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  1. dya think thats best DD? only previously u advised me to send subject access request. did u look at cca?
  2. The debt is so big if i pay at a rate i can afford i will b paying it till the day i die!!! will send the SAR see if i can buy more time as it becomes statute barred in March.
  3. well they didnt send me any notice before they put it on my experian file. i checked my file say about 6 months before and it had the debt on there but from the original lender and was down as satisfactory and that was 6 years old in april as soon as it came off dca put debt on as in default. Apparently date original lender had down was the date i renewed loan so it was due to come off six years after that. i guess they had it down as satisfactory because they had sold it to dca but i havent really had much correspondence from them until recently
  4. not sure if i have and prob jus thrown it away. Who would the default notice come from the original lender or dca? dca put a default on my experian file in april this year. up until then i hadnt really heard anything from them for years!!!
  5. Thanks ida. Any suggestions on wot i can do next? the dca is rockwell and they were sending me mad before i found this site. I was advised by caggers on here to request cca and it allowed me to breathe for a while and today i get it and find out its enforceable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the last time i made a payment is feb 2004 if that helps think i should just hold out now? how long do these things normally take to get to court? (that was my most recent letter from dca final letter of court action)
  6. No ppi. dont remember receiving default notice. could have done though and thrown it away. I dont think there are any charges here that can be put into dispute. I was so excited when i found this site and had high hopes till i received this cca!!
  7. any of the above links are to CCA. Please take a look if you kno anything about them.
  8. not the greatest at this sort of stuff. did it through photobucket hope its adequate. can you tell me if its enforceable and advise on what i need 2 do next please. Pictures by stressedfemale - Photobucket
  9. Pictures by stressedfemale - Photobucket I could only load CCA it by photobucket please look at this link and advise.
  10. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so they have responded (within 7 days) and sent me a copy of CCA. I am trying to load it on here. If i succeed, could i get some advice on whether its enforceable and what to do next please.
  11. Would definitely be happy to send that final letter, perhaps not your version!! ha ha Have sent it off, will keep you posted. Thanks again
  12. Ok thank you for your time. will let you know how i get on.
  13. thank you so much for your help. Last thing now honest . im assuming i send the cca letter 1st.
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